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What Social Media Works Best for Real Estate Photographers?

Published: 17/10/2018

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Alan in Bellevue, WA asks:

How important is having a current LinkedIn page for getting new clients? Is it even important at all?

Some real estate photographers don't use any social media, while the majority use at least some social media. More important than just having an active page on various social media is how much time you are going to put into being active.

I always refer readers to the post we did recently on the way Ethan Tweetie uses social media in his real estate business. I think Ethan's approach is a good model.

Larry Lohrman

10 comments on “What Social Media Works Best for Real Estate Photographers?”

  1. I'm a tiny minnow on Instagram and I still get some business from it. Many of the local brokers live there. In the Northwest, at least, I think Instagram is king by a long shot.

  2. It's a great topic, the point of the matter is you need to do them all. You never know what social media people are on and cross pollination on all of them is key. When I post I hit them all using a link from my blog etc. I have all of the SM links I use next to each other in tabs so I can quickly paste to each one rapidly.


  3. Linkedin may be useful to some, although I have never heard of anyone saying so. Linkedin used to be a good place for groups, but they destroyed that, now they look like a boat in the ocean without an oar.

    That said, I have had several new contacts from Yelp. Never paid for any ads, yet I was contacted several times for shoots. I have not gone through and paid for the extra "Help" they claim that will get me more, but maybe if things slow down, I will think about it

  4. Social media is extremely important to the success of a business, especially in this day and age and even more because the real estate industry is mostly all online. Agents are marketing themselves online, there are thousands of real estate pages to "like" in your area. You can friend them and start posting relative material that applies to them and is useful. I get 20% of my business from social media. Posting a simple photo of a recent shoot, a photography statistic, before and after (editing), all the services you offer, etc.... It's all good stuff!! Even if you need to hire a teenager and pay $8-10/hour they would be more then happy to help you build your brand and create content! Goodluck! feel free to check mine out.... @AntisPhotography on Instagram and @Antis Real Estate Photography on FB.

  5. I agree that SM is crucial, but what baffles me is how many agents don't use any at all. I do searches a lot so I can tag them in a post, and so many times they have no page, or don't have any activity on it.
    I have tried to do all kinds of SM marketing, but with tiny success. Maybe it's just my area?

  6. I think one very important platform that has been missed in this discussion is It is very easy to create a free account under the Photography section. You can create as many "Projects" as you like featuring your best work. I have received several photo assignments from my Houzz account. The trick to keeping visibility on Houzz is to get your clients to write you a review. The more projects and reviews you have the higher you rank organically.
    I have also received a couple of jobs from Instagram @ronsprophoto where I post on a regular basis. I have made many friends on IG that are real estate photographers.
    If you are looking to connect with interior designers, architects, and home builders I also suggest LinkedIn, especially if you are appealing to the high end or looking to move into doing more architectural work.
    Have a great day!

  7. I haven't been on LinkedIn in months. It's never shown me anything positive, mostly I see posts that talk about things that have little or nothing to do with me. Now, if I was more active on it, perhaps it could be used to further my business. Perhaps.

    I've been really bad about updating my Facebook business page too, but that is changing recently. I was not an Instagram user for a long, long time until I read about many photographers gaining exposure through it that Facebook can't provide. So I changed my personal profile around, made it a business profile, changed the handle, and try to post 3-4 times a week now. The right hashtags really get more eyes on your posts than Facebook can, without paying for promotions that rarely work and which mostly only your friends can see--your friends aren't your potential clients right now. I had a realtor DM me on IG this week actually, no business from that yet if ever, but if I keep it up I hope to get more interest and turn it into business.

    It's funny though, Aubrey touched on something above that I want to reiterate--get teenagers or college students to help you out. The number of realtors I see on IG (my own parents included) misusing hashtags blows my mind. Hashtagging their own group or team is a common thing. If you've got tons of clients and exposure on IG where hundreds or thousands of people see your hashtags and you do business with many of them, that's one thing. But so many of them are associated with only one or two posts and no one is seeing these posts through the hashtags because these users aren't active enough on IG to have developed a following through a hashtag they essentially just made up. What they seem to not be doing is searching for and using hashtags that have thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of posts associated with them, and their posts just languish and advertisements go to no one but those who follow them. If more realtors hired a student just part-time I think it would tremendously help. The student could do only social media for them and get paid a decent figure for what amounts to maybe an hour or so of work that can be done at any time of the day and the kid would be able to do it from their house, apartment or dorm room.

    @Ethan Tweedie - I'm no expert by any means and just admitted I've almost criminally under-utilized social media. But, when I was searching for a way to make Instagram posts from my PC without having to upload photos to dropbox, go into my phone's dropbox app and save them to my phone's camera roll, I tried many things that didn't work until I came across a little thing called BlueStacks. It's an Android emulator that runs on your computer, you just download IG or Twitter from Google store and it lets you upload multiple photos just as you would on your phone--once you take the photos you want and upload them to the media manager in BlueStacks. If you're not telling IG to share every post you make to your Facebook business page and your Twitter page, you should link it so you don't have to do all that copy-pasting. I did have to go into my BIOS and tweak some hardware or software acceleration so it didn't slow my computer to a crawl. But again, maybe look into that, or at the very least telling IG to post to all other platforms for you.

  8. On a mac you can load photos to Instagram by enabling the Developer tab in Safari's preferences and then choosing the user agent to be a mobile device.

  9. @Charles Lynch

    Yes, you can do the same with most browsers on a Windows PC. However, what you can't do is upload multiple photos using this workaround, for whatever reason. I tried multiple things and then went to BlueStacks as a last resort (I'd heard some negative things about it) but I figured, what the hell, I don't need to use it for anything other than Instagram. So far it's been great. It takes a lot of resources, though, and you have to go into the BIOS and change a setting or two to optimize how it runs and mitigate slowdown. Even with that, when BlueStacks is running, typing in it or anywhere else sometimes doesn't register keystrokes, double registers others, and is generally slow to keep up until you turn off BlueStacks. But, I don't have much to say on IG other than hashtagging and a short sentence or two, and hashtags at least pull up suggestions so I don't have to type the whole thing out. The only other annoying thing is having to upload photos you want to use on IG, already on your hard drive, to the emulated Android OS's media manager because IG can't find them outside BlueStacks for some reason. It's literally just a virtual machine running Android.

  10. These days (semi-retired and NOT actively seeking new clients) I don't do ANY social media. I call it ANTI-social media.

    That being said....
    When I first started out, I would have FLOPPED without Facebook.
    Sending a "hello" message along with my website opened many doors and kick started my business.
    It's hard for me to hate FB as much as I do and recommend it to others, but there is a value if you need new clients.

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