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What Real Estate Photography Tour Company Do You Use?

Published: 22/03/2019

Chip in Minnesota says:

I'm looking for a tour/client portal solution for real estate photos, 360 panos, 360 tours, etc. I do both residential and commercial work. Is Tourbuzz still a viable solution? Any other solution for a real estate photography client management, publishing, sharing platform?

I think that Tourbuzz and RTV are still the most popular tour companies used by real estate photographers.

There are a lot of past posts and user comments about here on PFRE. Tourbuzz started out as a tour company but over the years, it has evolved into an all-in-one real estate photography support platform.

I have personally been using Tourbuzz since about 2007 and found it to be very well designed and supported, and a great value. I'm not aware of any changes that have occurred at Tourbuzz since they've been purchased by UrbanImmersive.

I would recommend trying out Tourbuzz. It's very easy to try out and you will see if it addresses your specific needs. Only you can determine if it solves your most important needs.

What are others' experiences with tour companies?

Larry Lohrman

14 comments on “What Real Estate Photography Tour Company Do You Use?”

  1. Maybe it is just me, but a lot of these recent posts, seem to be just an advertisement...

    Who is responding to these "Questions" ...Larry or Brandon? There never seems to be a signature on these recommendations.
    Own it.

  2. I do not want to name names but a lot of tour companies seem like a slide shows to me they are not 360s.
    I offer 360s and stills and a real 360 virtual tour of each room.
    stills are delivered asap two files one sized for the mls the second for print, most of the time within 12 hours the tours take up to a day to produce and upload.
    Hot spots are an extra charge but may clients like the simplicity of the my tour, it loads quick shows quick no extra bs.
    People that are actually looking for a house or property don't want all kinds of extras they want to see the property and decide if they want the property or not and move on.
    They are not purchasing a house just because the tour has hot spots cluttering up the scene my presentation is clean, crisp and quick.
    So I produce my own tours I am not a Realtor, I am a photographer, I don't want to spend hours behind the desk doing floor plans and extra stuff that does not matter to a person looking for a house.

  3. I have been using TourBuzz and have somewhere over 1,000 tours on their platform. I almost left them in the year before their sale to UrbanImmersive due to a poorly performing and quirky mobile interface during the move to all HTML5/JavaScript and away from Flash. Those issues have been resolved.

    I have looked at other platforms and haven't found anything that I like better, and the pricing is fair. I couple TourBuzz with Stripe for collecting payments. It is really great to be able to to deliver a tour and let the platform handle the payment. The customer receives an email that the tour is ready and payment due. They cannot download the pictures until payment is made. My customers love this and so do I. It completely eliminates the whole headache of tracking payments/invoices/late pays etc.

    TourBuzz also has an inbuilt order form and scheduling system. Both, in my opinion, are crap and I don't use either. They do work, but they are not friendly to you or your clients and are not overly pleasing to view.

    Instead I use Acuity Scheduling - very easy to use, always up to date. I use it daily to go from apt to apt.

  4. @Jerry - I can shed some light on this question, because it was I who asked. During the off-season I've spent a ton of time looking for a platform that could handle everything I wanted like: uploading/sharing, feedback, 360 hosting, scheduling, payment, etc. In the past I've done it the old fashioned way (Dropbox, PayPal, etc). Now I'd just like to simplify things.

    Tourbuzz constantly pops in my research and looks the best, BUT I am concerned about their recent sale to UrbanImmersive and where that solution might go. UrbanImmersive is promoting copy-writing services. On their About Us page, they refer to themselves as a "Immersive Article Portal". This raises questions for me as a photographer platform provider. I'm also very familiar with RTV, but I'm not too keen on their "skin" (UI) designs. I'm looking for something more up-to-date.

    That's the reason for my question to REFP...

  5. I have been using Tourbuzz for many years now and it just gets better over time. I have not tried others since Tourbuzz works so well for me. I just use it for hosting the photos, video, flyer and description.

  6. I use Viewshoot
    $100 per month for unlimited tours and it is simple, and works well.
    For us, we do about 250 houses a month so not having to drop $15 or whatever per tour really helps reel in the cost associated with doing that many

  7. @Jerry Miller - I wanted to respond to your comment that "no one is signing these posts". Almost everyone seems to miss it but every post here is "signed". In the very bottom and far left of each post, it says who wrote the post. While you are reading this it's the line just below the row of social media links. To the far left, it says "larry in Tours" that means larry wrote the post and it's in the Tours Category.

  8. I use HDphotohub recently, they do a great job and are a bit more modern then some other services I found. I can always get on the phone with customer service, and they include a lot of marketing extras which is super attractive to clients.

  9. I have been using Tourbuzz for a couple of years now but mostly for photo delivery and payment prior to download as my clients don't seem to like the slide show. I have had a couple of technical issues lately that have not been resolved via email and all I ever get with phone support is a recording.

  10. I keep going back and forth between Tourbuzz and HDPhotoHub. They both have their problems. However, the guys at HdPhotoHub respond lightning fast. No so with Tourbuzz. The Tourbuzz user interface looks 10+ years old. Their music tracks are also stale and too short. They need to re-build that thing from the ground up. HDPhotoHub is way more contemporary with way better music tracks and tour players, as well as lot's of great marketing options. But they both have a long way to go in my opinion.

  11. @tom jelen. I totally agree on the misnomer between a "virtual tour" and a "360 virtual tour". It seems like realtors are confused about that as well... most think a slide show with transitions from one room to another is a "virtual tour". I call it a slide show...

    In any regard, do you host your own 360 tours or are you using a 3rd party host to do that for you?

  12. I've been at this business now for 38 months. I kicked the tires with TourBuzz and RTV. Tourbuzz is pretty and has a lot of features and RTV has too many features in my humble opinion. My biggest complaint with RTV was that it took forever to properly get one tour rolling. Time = money and missed sleep, so that wasn't very cool.

    I hate to share my secrets and so far I have resisted many urges to do so. My hands down suggestion is Full Frame. You'll get super High Quality, efficient simplicity, wow factor, and a nimble fast workflow. Customer support is fantastic, and new tools are rolled out constantly. You can upload and integrate matterports, floorplans, custom video and so much more.

    These guys are damn good at what they do, but if there were something better I would consider it. I always go for the best. I believe Full Frame offers the BEST service and product, bar none.

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