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What Do You Think About Photographer of The Month

Published: 03/07/2008
By: larry

I'd like more feedback about how you feel about the current PFRE photographer of the month process. I've created a poll for you to give me feedback on the right side-bar below where the July nominees for photographer of the month are listed. Also feel free to send me e-mail on this subject. I want this feature of the blog to be positive although I'm not so naive to believe I can please everyone.My purpose for doing the photographer of the month is simply a collaborative way to decide who gets listed on the links on the limited amount of space on front page of the blog. I've taken a lot of heat about who is on or not on this list so I want to use a collaborative process for getting listed there so I don't have to take all the heat! I have to admit though, I've had fun just unilaterally making the choice myself.

9 comments on “What Do You Think About Photographer of The Month”

  1. Hi Larry
    I have kept out of commenting because one of the rules are "you must have a web site".
    I understand and appreciate the professionalism of having your web site up and running, and using it as a vehicle for promotion, downloading etc.
    However, in my little old world, I have put relationship and rapport with agents as my number one priority. They are my bread and butter, and they wouldn't go near a prof photog web site!
    When I do get my web site running, I want it to be spot on, and not a half baked effort. At the moment I cannot justify the cost of creating the web site. I took the same approach with creating my marketing brochure "Show your property in its best light", which you would be familiar with, instead of rushing just to get "something" out there.
    So how many other pro photogs are out there who are "ineligible", but may be taking supurb photos??
    Cheers Milton

  2. Milton- I don't see why a flickr site wouldn't do just fine as a substitute for a website for the purposes of the photographer of the month competition. And I'd be happy to use a link to a flickr site in the list of "Distinctive Real Estate Photographers" on the left side-bar.

    In the long run a web site is essential to promoting your work and business because real estate photography is mostly about making properties look good on the web but a flickr site is a close second.

    I can see where in some geographic locations a web presence may be less important than other areas.

  3. It could be that a unilateral choice is the best way to go. After all, no one ever erected a statue to a committee!

    But if there's sufficient involvement, the current system could be really good. I was hoping to see more discussion of the nominees and their styles in the discussion boards.

    What about flipping it around, so that the format more closely matches the wildly successfuly (and fun) American Idol method? A panel of "experts" renders their judgement on the nominees, in a very public way, but ultimately it's the people's choice that matters.


  4. Scott- I'm not a American Idol follower... But I assume that method is to have everyone (all blog readers in this case) vote. I'd thought of that. I could just build a poll for the voting.

    Frankly, my inclination is to pull the plug on the whole thing since there is such a high percentage of readers that find the whole idea of this kind of competition distasteful.

  5. @ Milton
    The next time you've got some free time, do a little shopping around for a host. There are companies out there that charge as little as $5/month, with no start-up fees. Also, some of these hosts have easy-to-use Website Builder software that's included at no charge. I have no experience building websites, and was able to build mine all by myself with professional-looking results.

    @ Larry
    I'm not 100% clear no how the new system works. I see where you can nominate someone. Is there also a place for members to vote for the nominees, or do you simply make a selection from the group of nominees?

    I think having group participation in selecting the PFRE Member of the Month is a great idea. You should keep it. Recognition from Larry is great, but recognition from your peers is even better. I have an idea with similarities to Scott's idea that may encourage even more participation. How about selecting two or three nominees in the first half of the month (based on shots recently posted), then posting a discussion board where members can blog about them, then having a vote at the end of the month.

    You, or your "expert panel" can be responsible for selecting the nominees. The members can be responsible for choosing the winner.

  6. "...But I assume that method is to have everyone (all blog readers in this case) vote...."

    Not exactly. By having a panel of "experts" making pronouncements on the work, the voting public is strongly influenced. On "American Idol" (which is great, by the way: wholesome, fun, pretty good singers, hearkens back to the old variety-show format of Ed Sullivan and Lawrence Welk), the contestants perform a song, and the 3 panelists review it, saying what they like or dislike about it. They reference the previous performances by that contestant, and encourage them to improve for the next round.

    The PFRE version could look something like this: people who want to be the Photographer Of the Month would nominate themselves. Each week they'd be required to submit a themed photo for review - for example Week One would be a Living Room, Week Two would be a kitchen, etc.
    During the following days, the panelists would comment on the photos (all of this would happen in a single continuous discussion thread on the existing PFRE forum).
    At the end of the month, you'd use PollDaddy to get the people's choice. That poll would only be open for, I dunno, 48 hours or something like that.

    It's competitive, but it's not as if anyone is required to participate.

  7. Scott's got a great idea there. PFRE Idol! Could be very fun, enlightening and encouraging.
    Larry, with regards to your comment, "The whole point in my mind is that roughly 40% of readers don’t like the competitive aspect of photographer of the month." That also means that there is almost an equal percent that do.
    With Scotts suggestion, those 40% that don't like competition, don't have to participate.
    Great ideas!

  8. Linda- Thanks for you encouragement. Yes, I like Scott's PFRE Idol idea. It solves most of the objections to the current process.

    People have a choice to participate or not, it's a group discussion process and everyone that wants to gets to vote.

    I have to go watch American Idol now to see what I've been missing!

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