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Video of A Luxury Condo In Rio Shot With Only A Phantom 3 and DJI Osmo

Published: 29/04/2016
By: larry

A while back we discussed the shortcomings of shooting inside with a DJI Osmo. Zoltan Prepszent of in Miami saw that post and sent me another example of what he did with the DJI Osmo.

Zoltan says:

The reason I am writing you is that I remember an earlier article when someone was analyzing if the DJI Oslo was a potential candidate for architectural video or not and I think the verdict was rather not.

A month ago I flew to Rio on a work assignment to photograph and film a Penthouse there and my main gimbal which would work with my GH4 would not work properly and I had to use my Osmo which I brought only to film our outdoor adventures. Well, I think the Osmo did a good job and I do believe that it is a worthy candidate for low budget or add on videos for anyone. Here is the link to the film.

In that video, all the footage was shot with the Osmo. The client had 2 apartments in the same building and I started with the lower one and got hardly any footage with the GH4 as my CameTV-mini2 gimbal was not working. So by the time I got to the PH apartment (featured in the video) I was only using the Osmo. To be honest, even with the Osmo I had issues... whenever was panning with it, by the and of the pan the Osmo lost the horizon... this is something I yet to find a solution for. But I am pleased with the video quality of the Osmo, it has a nice dynamic range just like my Phantom 3.  As for the drone, I was using the Phantom 3 Pro drone with the built-in camera.

I like it! While you can find some minor faults with the interior video I think it is very acceptable. It would also make a nice ad for DJI. Demonstrates what you can do with just DJI gear. I think it is a great presentation of this special property. Can you imagine getting this kind of aerial footage just a few years ago? Drone technology has come a long way very quickly!

13 comments on “Video of A Luxury Condo In Rio Shot With Only A Phantom 3 and DJI Osmo”

  1. Nice video, and very beautiful location.

    I am using a Typhoon 500 4k drone, and have only been shooting stills. The Typhoon, also comes with a removable camera and has a hand held gimbal which I have not tried yet. I am being asked by my agents for some videos of their properties, so I want to start incorporating video into my tours.

    Is there a video editing software that is intuitive and does not have a large learning curve? What are most of our members using to edit video?

  2. @Eric. I would say that if you're already using Adobe Photoshop the controls in Adobe Premier are probably the closest in terms of familiarity. Sure there is a learning curve, but once you master it you have a fantastic control in the same manner that you have with adobe Photoshop.

    I am also using a typhoon 4K drone, and I would say that these types of cameras work well if you have lots of windows in the daylight like in the example posted, but less well in lowlight. When these cameras compensate for low light, it works like turning up the gain in audio, and you end up with lots of noise. I wish they would put some manual exposure control on the software of these cameras and then they would be more useful for this type of work. Just changing the EV isn't enough to really exert control over the final product. You end up with muddyness.

  3. I'm very impressed with this footage. I'm curious about the low light performance, and I would also like to know how the video creator was able to push that much dynamic range out of this camera. Those shots going from interior to an exterior view through the window were really nice. If this camera is just capable of that kind of performance out of the box, I may have to get one.

  4. Hi,

    I've been using the osmo and a phantom 4 recently in my video work. Which lens was used on this video shoot? It looks to be higher quality. Was the X5 used?

  5. I totally agree I can't see how those inside to outside shots was done with the X3 lens, I've used one and I couldn't never pull that much clarity between the outside view and inside. If you can share more info on this that would be helpful.

  6. I agree with the above posts about the OSMO and dynamic range. I bought the OSMO with the X3 and I get blown out windows when I simply walk into a room. I was trying to wait for the X5, but for the $2k fee, I didn't think it would be worth it. Assuming the producer used the X5, I should have waited.

    Anyone receive confirmation if he used the X5?

  7. @Casey @Colley @Patrick @Aaron @ Matthew @ Robert
    Thank you gentlemen for your comments. As surprising as it is the camera is the very basic Osmo as it comes from the box without any modification on it. I agree with Kevin, the presence of large windows must have helped the situation tremendously in getting the most dynamic range. With small windows and off white walls it would have been an entirely different situation. The Osmo (X3) has a pretty nice dynamic range though as does my Phantom 3 as I have mentioned earlier but you have to be selective where to use it. We use the Osmo mainly as a camera to get exterior shots in places where flying the drone might be too dangerous and it works great. At the night shots the iso maxed out at 1600 and I was shooting at 24 fps to maximize the exposure. I did not use any noise reduction software in post.
    One thing I did use though and it is for me the BIGGEST DISCOVERY since I have started using drones. The thing I hated the most was always the effect I got when I was shooting at a faster then desired frame-rate (almost always) and the footage often became jumpy, like you are missing frames from the footage. The solution I found is to slow down the footage to 98% and then apply "Optical Flow" in the Video quality settings in FCPX and it makes the footage smooth without and jumpiness in it. The difference is tremendous.
    And if you guys still doubt that it was the Oslo X3 that took the footage I uploaded a screenshot of me passing by a mirror during the shoot 🙂
    Thank you again for your comments.

  8. Wow, very impressive, I love the extra's, the model, the TV, the blinds going up...all of those little things that make it unique. Wow I can't believe you did that with Osmo!!! One point about the FA A, their guidelines strictly prohibit flying over "unprotected persons". Consider shooting people from an angle instead of straight from above, they don't send out fines for flying commercially but they will nail you to the wall for flying unsafely (if you are flying commercially, exemption or not). No reason to get involved with them if you don't have to. Great work!!!

  9. Have any of you Typhoon users figured out a way to playback your video within the CGO3 app? I like to playback my footage (CHIMPing) while the craft is still powered up so I can decide if I need to re-shoot. Waiting until I download to my computer isn't my first choice. On the DJI products you get a nice playback feature as you would expect.

    @Zoltan: is the "Optical Flow" setting available on the Phanotm 3 Pro app?

    Thanks so much.

  10. That apartment is fantastic. Then you add a bikini girl getting in a sauna? You could shoot this place on a 30 year old VHS camcorder and it would look great.

    But if I had to nitpick, I'd say the Osmo is not the best choice. I use a Sony A6300 on a gimbal, which will beat an Osmo anytime. But an Osmo is only $500, while the Sony combo is more like $3,000.

    But overall, the video is beautiful because it is tastefully shot and edited, and the apartment is, well, perfect. I'll take it.

    The building was designed by Oscar Niemeyer, one of the world's great architects. That helps too.

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