January 24th, 2016

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  • Jim Bolen says, “Tried a few and like TourBuzz the most. I only have a handful of clients that do tours, but they are really happy with the ones I do. Pricing is reasonable, too. Lots of customizable options too for tinkerers like me.”

  • Bob Mitchell says, “TourBuzz has what I need and is easy for me and my clients to use.”

  • Chuck Hersh says, “TourBuzz. Excellent product and services. They are designed and set up for Real Estate Photographers. They have a client panel that makes it easy for the realtor to tweak and customize their tour.”

  • TourBuzz.

  • Michele says, “I have used Tour Buzz and VeewMe. Tour Buzz is has been great and their availability and support is the best in the business. I really liked the ability to purchase tours in bundles of credits. I had several clients ask me for a more modern look and I found VeewMe. Their team has also been very responsive. They are still evolving and so far I am very happy. You cannot go wrong with either of them.”

  • I use RealTourVision. I’ve been very satisfied so far. Support is outstanding.
    If I didn’t put this in the right place, feel free to remove it.

  • Jerry Miller says, “I started using several years ago and now have several hundred properties loaded. The team there has always been very responsive and helpful. System is super easy and it takes only a couple of minutes to load a tour. I have looked at Tourbuzz and am planning on using that platform for upgraded tours, one that will incorporate 360 with the stills.

    The tour package is a add on product that has been a very good source of income. 20 to 25% of my agents regularly order tours with their assignments. The other agents like the idea of saying yes to their clients if asked to provide a enhanced marketing package for them.”

  • Tour Buzz is the Virtual Tour provider that I like and use for my clients. I like the features, the pricing options and the responsive service. Same day response to a question is typical. I also like that is innovative with their designs and features. My clients like the weekly click through reports to share with their sellers!

  • Tour Buzz hands down; exceptional product and the service provided is the absolute best. I couldn’t do what I do so well without them!

  • β€œI use TourBuzz and VeewMe. TourBuzz has been great since I started using them over 2 years ago and their support is the best in the business. I also use VeewMe just to mix it up a little. Their team has also been very responsive. I am very happy with both and you can’t go wrong with either one of these great tour providers.”

  • I have been using Tourbuzz for 5 years. It has become an integral part of my Real Estate Photography business. Their service and support is excellent. Any and all technical issues are addressed immediately. I owe a great amount of my success to my relationship with Tourbuzz!

  • Big thumbs up for TourBuzz. I’ve been using them for years and they have been a essential part of my service offerings enabling me, an independent business person/photographer, to compete with the likes of CirclePix, Spotlight, RTV, etc. They have continually improved their service adding more features and improving performance. They also provide excellent support.

  • For about 5 years we have been using for almost all of our tours. We do about 1100 tours a years and has been great for us. They have a great combination of service, features and value for the price that works well for our business. It also seems easy for our clients to use on their end as well.

  • I have been using Tourbuzz for over 6 years. Their service and support is EXCELLENT. Tours are quick and easy to set up. Quality is excellent. You can’t beat the price. All my Real Estate shoots I include a Tourbuzz tour with no add on cost, the real estate agents love it and their sellers too!

  • I have used both PFRE and Tour Buzz. I loved the price point and simplicity of PFRE and would highly recommend them as they always were available to answer questions and the platform is simple to use. However, I switched to Tour Buzz as I am in Canada and at the time PFRE just couldn’t use my domain to brand the tours to me (it’s a .ca). I’m over the moon with Tour Buzz and am happy with the switch. Being able to customize the tour appearance is a huge win as my clients appreciate having their unique look. The Customer Service is fantastic and the options that go along with each tour is a great bonus.

  • Tour Buzz, period. Though, I should admit I haven’t even looked at another provider. Too busy, and just too darned content, with happy clients. I continue to WOW clients with what’s available in a tour package, photo quality, and ease of using the client panel. The absolutely best people to work with; always available, always patient and extremely helpful and efficient. Love!!

  • Hands down and 2 Thumbs up without a doubt – Tour Buzz. Tech support is amazing. Quality of tours is amazing. Once I came across them – I have not looked any further.

  • I highly recommend TourBuzz. I have been using their tour platform for quite a few years and have found that they keep up technologically with changes in the market. For instance, one can easily incorporate video clips with still, partial pano and 360 panos, as well as voiceovers. TourBuzz also accommodates Matterport tours. Their customer service is super with quick response and helpful answers.

  • I have created over 350 tours using TourBuzz. The product is outstanding and the service is even better. The speed with which Paul and his staff respond to service requests is nothing short of amazing. Obviously, I am a client for life.

  • The first company I used was iLookAbout. Back in the day they offered good service and support. They have since moved on and fortunately there was Tourbuzz that I found and have been using ever since. They got me up and running the same night! Solid reliability, clients love the features and it is very affordable. On the few occasions I have a problem, they get back to me in record time. They are the best!

  • I have been using Tourbuzz for several years now and have found it to be an outstanding platform for tours. The tours are quick and easy to set up and many features are easily customized by both you and your client. As others have said, their customer service is outstanding and they are very open to feedback and are consistently growing and improving their services. Highly recommended.

  • I LOVE Tourubzz and tell all my clients why I use Tourbuzz and all the great aded features it offer to them. They all love it, love the weekly reports on their videos and how they get branded, IDX and plain. Best product I have found and easy to use and set up for your clients! Been doing this for almost 1.5 years now and have done 301 Tours! Also if I ever had a problem, they fixed it right away!

    Love Tourbuzz!

  • We have been using Tourbuzz for about two months now and we are very pleased. The customer service is excellent and responses are very quick. Coming from Obeo I have found found Tourbuzz offered pretty much all the features and extras Obeo did and more. The site loads also quickly and it looks great on mobile.

    My clients have also been very happy with the change over. The backend of the site is easy to use and straight forward for both my clients and my office manger. We are averaging about ten tours a day already in a heating up early spring market in Alberta.

    Minor complaints include a lack of a Spec sheet or Feature sheet type property report where Realtors can list the price, sq ft, room sizes, etc. But they are working on it. And the price has been hurting us on the exchange with the low Canadian dollar. But no one else offers anything close for a better price anyway.

  • I should also note I love how I can use a subdomain – with Tourbuzz so that it looks like we are the ones who have all the great technology πŸ™‚

  • Tourbuzz is outstanding! My clients love how beautiful and polished the tours are, and how simple it is for them to customize their tours. I can easily upload my photos from LR (through their Plug-in), and it’s easy to add domains and videos of the tour, but most importantly the customer service is almost ridiculous it’s so good. I am typically able to get a hold of someone within a minute if I’m having issues. They definitely make my life easier. Thanks

  • I love tourbuzz!!! I had used another tour company before finding tourbuzz but it simply wasn’t as good a product. I love being able to add an interactive floorplan. It’s not something I use very often but nice to have available. Also the ability to see the photos full screen is valuable in our business. The customer service I have received through tourbuzz has been exellent. They are always quick to answer any questions I have.

  • I have shot just under 800 tours with tourbuzz and have found the platform to be excellent product, extremely user friendly with more features being added all the time. Not only can I use still high resolution images but I also use Matterport’s 3D camera, incorporate floorpans, and a drone for video. More importantly the customer service is outstanding. When I call Paul answers every time and if he is busy he calls me right back right away and helps me deal with any issue right away keeping my real estate clients happy. I have seen many many products and have found them to be inferrer in more way than I can count. But mainly tourbuzz brands the photographer and not themselves allowing us photographers to build a pretty lucrative business.

  • Tourbuzz is great! Customer service is very responsive. The platform is very flexible and I love that they continually strive to improve their service/product with enhancements.

  • Tourbuzz for sure! Agree with Sean very responsive and Tour Buzz is the full package that our realtors need for their marketing collateral.

  • Easy choice… Tourbuzz is definitely the best. Tours look great, but what I love is the backend, I do all of my scheduling, email and tracking through the Tourbuzz system.

  • Tourbuzz. Great Service. Always quick to answer any questions or resolve issues. Platform is very reliable.

  • I’ve been using TourBuzz for over eight years now. Paul and Alan are top notch and offer top quality products. They answer all questions and concerns immediately. Always improving too. Love the new Fit designs for portable devices. Sorry it took so long to write in.

  • Real Tour Vision is the Virtual Tour provider that our company currently is using… I have looked at other platforms and even used a couple of different ones… Our customers set the stage on what we decide to use. The RTV Brand has tons of extras that you can add on to any invoice and looks awesome with the tours… Easy to customize the viewer. Our clients rave about their Virtual Tours. From weekly, biweekly or monthly statistic reports to AstroZooms to Video… Its a no brainer for our company to use RTV.

  • I have been using Real Tour Vision for a few years now and am extremely satisfied with their service. I love all of the features of the tour platform – especially the Single Property Site. Their customer service is outstanding! My issues/questions are ALWAYS handled in a timely manner and Jason is always accessible to bounce ideas off of. I also love all of the webinars and training videos. My business increased 49% last year and RTV played a large part in that. Thank you RTV!

  • I have been using Real Tour Vision for over 10 years and the quality and platform is outstanding. My clients are very satisfied with all of the Platform features and Branding capabilities. The View has several options, is user friendly yet sophisticated and is a very professional representation to my clients as well as to my business. The Support and continuous “training” via Real Tour Vision is very interactive and informative and of course always innovating. Hands down Real Tour Vision is my company’s choice to use!

  • RTV (Real Tour Vision) The name says it all, for me it means much more. I’m new to Real Estate photography but not new to photography. I started my business a little over two years ago in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. RTV started working with me, they moved me through the ranks and I now have a growing business. I not only use all their services I also shoot as an independent professional photographer for RTV.
    OK, now let me say what RTV means to my clients. RTV is professionalism, service, technology, educational, responsive to my needs, and expectations, family. Competitive pricing is cost effective in my business model and they offer all the bells and whistles the other companies offer and much more.

  • Being new to Real Estate Photography, I have now been working with RTV, Inc (Real Tour Vision) for a year now and can say with confidence that they are an incredible company with a team that surpasses all expectations! Always available by phone and there to assist thru all the learning processes, they have helped to make my transition to this profession as smooth as possible. When you sign up with RTV you become part of a family of team members that provide education and support on a regular basis thru their regularly aired live webinars and training videos. These guys really want to help you grow your business. Their Virtual Tour Fusion software and technology offers all features the most discriminating realtors and business owners could want. I highly recommend calling them and getting on-board! You will be glad you did!

  • I have been with RTV for 6 years and they have by far the most options to offer on a virtual tour. I love the fact that every different agency has their own interface to distinguish them from the others. And the support that I receive from them is 110%! I cannot say enough good things about this company they truly care about being the best virtual tour company out there and they care about your success.

  • I have tried other vendors for my tours and came back to RTV. They are innovative with their back end software as well as the experience using the front end. The support team has always provided me with excellent help with answers and direction. My clients love the fact that they have a back office to make changes to their tours.

    I’ve seen many changes to the RTV team and it gets better every day. Jason will take my calls and has called me on a number of times. There isn’t anyone there that wouldn’t help a dealer in becoming successful. After eight years with RTV I wouldn’t consider making a change to any other company.

  • I’ve been with RTV since 2009. They continue to improve their products and services to meet the needs of real estate photographers. For the price, it’s the best virtual tour platform I’ve seen. Customer service is impeccable. Jason has helped me grow my business from the beginning and actually cares about the RTV dealers.

    RTV also provides me with many leads throughout the year via their relationships with corporate national companies.

  • We have use Tour Buzz about one year. And we are satisfied with its service.

  • It has been awhile since I commented here about this subject, so the update is that I still use the and while it is not as robust as TourBuz, I find it very easy to use, no more than 5 min to make a tour and it makes my clients happy. I now buy the tour credits in lots of 100 and have no idea how many I have completed, although I do know that this add on product adds several thousand to my bottom line a year.

    Everyone keeps looking for the new widget, gadget, etc. that will wow the clients and that is all good, but there is also something to be said for the tried and true marketing piece that gets the job done as well.

    Bottom line, if you are going to try to host your own “Tours” today, now, then you really should think about another line of work. Back in the day, years ago, we had to, but now the cost benefit does not compute.

  • TourBuzz by far surpasses all your needs. Their team is open to suggestions. They have so many templates and editing capabilities that no two virtual tours are alike. You can build a portfolio / web site using the template Fit. There customer service takes care of you 24-7. The admin area for your clients takes a lot of work away from you.

  • about 7 years ago, Larry gave me the contact information for PFRETour, which has worked well, and I do order my tour credits about 20 at a time.
    They have been wonderful to work with and any issues that might have come up, have been solved fairly quickly.
    The only issues and feedback I get from some of my agents, is the lack of additional music choices.
    I sometimes use Slideshow producer to create some very wonderful videos for clients who want me to produce you tube videos. it is not an easy program for some people, but there are some amazing movements, and transitions that you can create and many interesting music choices.

  • I’m a design snob.. I built each property site using a template on wordpress.. but after 5 years and 1000’s of sites… it became a server issue πŸ™‚ I went through a bunch of tour providers looking at the design etc.. in the end I went with tourwizard and so far very happy…

  • I use tour buzz. Excellent tour provider.

  • I use TourBuzz on every job I do. It is part of my workflow. It is very fast and easy and their customer support (which I rarely need) is awesome. What I like the most about TourBuzz is that everything they do promotes my business name to my clients, not the TourBuzz name.

  • I use In my opinion they have the best looking tours and flyers of anyone. I’ve looked at them all and think theirs are the best. You can customize their tours to have floor plans or not have them and there is a bunch of flyer templates to choose from. Price to photographers is $19.00.

  • I am an RTV dealer. Real Tour Vision! I started in 2010 using the platform and while I have looked at other platforms, the RTV system is always staying current and on top of the ever changing technology changes. They are a leader in the industry. When I was first looking for a product, this was the ONLY company that returned my calls. I am a full time Real Estate photographer producing in excess of 1200 Virtual Tours a years along with property photos and videos.
    If you want to be in this market, use cutting edge technology from the industry giant – RTV

  • So, this is an update for anyone still interested.

    While I still use and like the platform, I have started to use platform and have nothing but good to say about it. The customer service, features and all make it a platform anyone would benefit from. Worth the time to check out and see if it will fit your situation

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