January 24th, 2016

Suggested Tour Vendors



HD PhotoHub

MLS Delivery


FullFrame Systems




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51 Responses to “Tours”

  • Thanks Jerry Miller! I didn’t know about PFREtour – I like it and just created my first one!
    Before I went to the site, I signed up on Tour Buzz but they won’t activate the trial until they call me first and I’m still waiting. Other photographers my clients use also use TourBuzz, and I’m familiar with the site. I wanted to offer something different.
    I’ve been using Virtually Show and like all the features. The only problem is I started getting complaints that the tours cannot be viewed. Black screens having to do with the flash platform. This is what I was told “We are in the process of eliminating flash but it is a long process since our site is mostly flash based.”
    Unfortunately they do not know when the process will be complete.
    So, without changing the settings for every computer it could possibly be viewed on,…..which is an infinite number through various channels, I have to change tour providers. One of my best clients complained yesterday about this, so I just sent him the PFRE tour I created!
    Thanks again for the tip about!!

    Some of the other providers mentioned are just not financially feasible for me at this point. I can only afford around $25 for VT’s….and not looking for a subscription service. :-/

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