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Coming Soon... Tour Of My Snoqualmie Ridge Home For Sale

Published: 13/12/2011
By: larry

Herb at gave me a free tour to contrast how tours look and function differently than the tour I'm using.

I have to say that design wise tours are the very best looking still tour design that I've ever seen. No exceptions! If you are using just still photos tourfactory has the best looking tour.

On the downside, I've never liked the monthly charge pricing. It's always felt over priced to me. The other problem I find is that does not host real video. There is an option for the tour owner to download a video of the still slide show (Very low quality) that one could create a YouTube video or send to some one but to me this is of little or no value. If I'm going to use video, I want to use real video and I want it viewable as part of the tour.

What do you think about the various aspects of compared to the way I have my tour done at Herb would like your feedback.

Update: The techie trolls fixed my tour as you can now see Malia's video is set as a introduction and plays when you first hit the tour. This is awesome, exactly the way to use video... play it first and then move to stills. I also noticed that the video into even works on my iPhone. Thanks Herb, this is a cool design!

11 comments on “ Tour Of My Snoqualmie Ridge Home For Sale”

  1. The TourFactory version did not work on my iPhone so I am unable to comment on it. The PFRETOUR worked great!

  2. Hi Larry, I've been told local Agents that don't use real video use TourFactory due to the superior analytics it offers them. According to them, it allows them to send their clients an impressive weekly report, very quickly generated, showing they are on the hunt for buyer or seller. I helps separate the achievers in real estate from those that just stick a sign in the ground and forget their clients, which I hear is all too common.

  3. My problems with Tourfactory, at least as I could gather it, because I've had a great deal of difficulty finding info:
    1) There's nothing on their website regarding how photographers can sign up; I've tried to contact them regarding using their tours as a photographer, with no success.
    2) They're overpriced.
    3) From what I have read and gathered from other agents, they only sell directly to agents, unless agents use the "official" local provider. From what I can tell, they don't offer multiple branding like photographers would use; the person who signs up is the sole user, whereas Tourbuzz lets me use the tours for any agent.
    4) In Austin's case, the "official" local provider is a dirt-cheap, low-quality run-and-gun company and Tourfactory has expressed that they are not interested in adding any additional photographers in my area... this is the only subject on which I can get a returned email.
    5) They're overpriced.

    If they catered to photographers, I would offer it as long as agent's are willing to pay for it. I do have a few agents that have their own TF account, although I think I about have them sold on Tourbuzz (still cheaper for them even with my mark-up, and less work for them).

  4. With TourFactory is there any control over the pan and zooms they use in the slideshow? Many of the pan and zooms pointed to the ceilings :(. I did like the full screen presentation and the quality of the photography in the presentation really sells the house. As a presentation platform I would give them a 7 out of 10. There wasn't anything about the platform that absolutely blew my socks off.

  5. I agree with Ron - the Ken Burns effect on both tours tends to zoom into ceiling corners, not the main focal point of the room. Tourbuzz will automatically zoom all pictures as you initially set up the tour, but you can then go through and quickly change the zooms that don't highlight what you want to call attention to - even make some stay on the screen longer or NOT zoom at all for variety and emphasis.

  6. Hi All,

    There are several misconceptions that I need to clear up - let's do them one at a time.

    First and foremost, the issue of "real video". We support authentic real video in the tour. I'll get Larry's very cool video added to the front of this tour so you can see how that works.

    There are some limitations to this feature, and we haven't gotten the quality issues totally perfected, but like everything, it's an iterative process.

    Using our simple photo editing tool, Darkroom, you can set the focal points for the Ken Burns effects - so you don't wind up zooming in on a ceiling. You can also set the speed of the motion.

    Admittedly, we don't work as well as I'd like on the iPad/iPhone platforms - yet. Some of the cool design effects that we have in our tour are only available in Flash, so they work well on desktop platforms, but you have to pay $5 for iSwifter to see them on the iPad - something I know very few consumers will have done. We don not have an official ETA on when we'll have a better solution in place for this, but it is definitely on our radar screen.

    On the issue of local photographers - we won't allow any market to get oversubscribed with official TourFactory photographers. This is because we want to make sure that our marketing efforts keep the people that we've got busy enough to keep them in it full-time. I am sorry Casey, but Austin is one of those markets. We have several others like it, but we also have several markets where we need people as well. Anyone interested in finding out about opportunities to get orders directly from us can call us to find out more - ask for Dave (1-888-458-3943).

    We don't offer a white label solution, but with our certificated photographers, we do credit the photographer on the tour and provide a link to the photographer's website.

    Are we overpriced? Well, we're not cheap - that's for sure. I have no intention of competing in the race to the bottom. We never have, and we never will. After all, what happens when you win that race? 🙂

    By the way, I'm loving this brutal feedback - keep it coming! So far this morning, I've learned that the UI in our website has totally failed to communicate our video feature, the zoom point configuration is too hidden, and the iPad issue is a hot button - all excellent feedback. What else?


  7. The Tourfactory is WAY better. Your PFRE tour just looks like a slideshow pro slideshow. I have not used Tourfactory but it seems nice. It would be interesting to see Tourbuzz in the comparison as well. I currently use Tourbuzz and just started using them and I have been getting great feedback. Each has its plusses and minuses. Thank goodness we have a choice!

    Great discussion.


  8. TourFactory is not JUST a Virtual Tour…. It’s a total INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTION!

    I was reading the above posts on and wanted to add my two cents worth to this conversation.

    I have been using TourFactory for several years and from what I been reading above most photographers have
    the assumption that TourFactory is just a virtual tour! but they are far more than that you guys, they are a complete Internet Marketing System! Let me explain.

    You can put in still photos, partial panoramas, 360’s and/or FULL MOTION video into the tours or a combination of any and all of the above. I have never seen any virtual tour provider offer the combination of full motion video with photos anywhere else besides in a TF tour. This combination is really effective in marketing a home with their virtual tour. You can also control the speed and direction of the photos. Their backend system has every tool an agent would ever need to market their properties and here is a list of just some of them.
    The best distribution to major real estate sites I have ever seen “around 26 of them last time I looked” to get you the exposure your properties deserve including making a free video tour from your photo tour to feed websites like and others..

    Beautiful graphic designed seller reports that make the agent look like a tech savvy wizard which include information like how many hits, how many people, what websites they came from, what areas of the tour they looked at and much more information like this which keeps your sellers informed.

    350 plus Flyers already designed and built for you in 30 seconds or less.

    Once photos or videos are done it takes just minutes to build a tour.

    Hundreds of Post Card templates.

    A FREE agent website for every agent that uses their system.

    QR codes for every tour created for you and even put on the flyers if you want.

    Free CD’s or DVD’s with the tour including beautifully designed labels and covers of your CD’s or DVD cases, a great piece to give to your sellers as a reminder of their home and all you have to do is print them off.

    Domain names to point to your tour, small fee for this $14.95 per year.

    Free Facebook app to get all your listing to your Facebook page.

    Free Music on the tours.

    Voice layover with TF Voice.

    Capability to add attachments and websites to the tours.

    You can even add sponsors to help pay for your tours.

    A mobile tour app for cell phones.

    Open House tour designs and dates that you have it open.

    Tours professionally shot go on Google TV for FREE.

    Free photo editing software in DARKROOM.

    Free photo stitching software in DARKROOM.

    I could go on and on but I just wanted to point out some of the real value that has to offer. I have been using them for years and they make it easy to win almost every listing presentation with the tools they offer and besides that, their tours are just beautiful tours and they make the sellers and me look good. I hope this information helps you photographers real know what has to offer.


    P.S. For less than $1 a day all this is a STEAL! Thank you TourFactory……..

  9. Wow. I'm impressed Tourfactory. I love the way it loads quickly and launches into the video. Then it's an easy transition into browsing the pictures. I'd like it to be a little easier to toggle between the two - go from pictures to video and back and forth without trying to find the one picture that launches the video. But it looks great Herb - good job!

  10. I have to say Tourfactory easily have the nicest tour's around...such a simple, elegant design. They offer the whole package minus a good mobile solution. I'm not sure I'm a fan of having the video blend with the stills....especially when you are blending that style of video with a Ken Burns took me a awhile to realize the video ended and the slideshow began.

    Fred Light has converted me to his style of walkthrough video.

  11. TF has its plus and minus in a major way.

    One of them is loosing quality control. Herb mentioned that they try to limit the photographers in a area but I beg to differ. In my area TF is run by a family and pretty much keeps it that way it has nothing to do with the work load or keeping them busy daily( in my experience). All though I did meet with my local rep and I was offered a position to be a TF photographer I would of had to travel out to the beach out of my area to shoot for them which is not what I wanted to do. I wanted to take lead in the area and even most of the state for luxury homes for video as my local TF "family" does not offer it yet and its a massive market where I am since there are so many luxury homes. (Florida) I have the paper work sitting on my desk for months now.

    I have a lot of agents who use my service and then buy the TF tour but not their photographers. The ones who do video have been really not happy about the promotion they got from Tf stating the HD video and so on when there is so many limitations and kinks with it still.

    It is a great platform on the back end for agents in making it simple.

    I know it's just a matter of time before they get the video issues figured out then I may recommend to my clients to use that platform. The ones who use it now do because they are comfortable with how it works and they like the stats and little things it does on the back end.

    Herb I would love to chat with you directly and by pass the middle man in my area who is part of "the family" and really help you guys step into video in my state, you can view my website and youtube channel to see my work. In all honesty I have taken a huge chunk out of the luxury homes TF has been shooting in my area simply because these are the types of homes that need high end video and they simply do not offer it and won't allow me to get my foot in the door since its the family gig locally and any time I have tried to contact corporate they just refer it back to the "rep" in my area...

    If the TF photographers from my area are on here no hard feelings business is business

    Herb pls send me a email too

    Thx for the comparison Larry

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