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This Week In Real Estate Video #99 – New Ideas In Property Video

Published: 22/02/2014
By: larry

GoogleGlass1- Google glass is coming to property video. It's already happening in the UK. The Telegraph had a couple of examples of what agents in the UK have already done: here and here.

I have mixed feelings about these. While I can appreciate that this two person walk-through is casual, informal and has a natural feel, but I'm not a fan of the fast erratic head movements throughout both of these. Probably takes some practice. I assume that there's a glass App that combines video from two glasses into one video stream. What's clear is that there will be agents all over this as Google glass becomes generally available and cheaper. If they do it with SmartPhones they will do it with Google glass!

Apparently Google glasses will be available later in 2014 for less than the $1500 beta testing/lottery access that you can get now. So look out as the price comes down agents will be all over this. Thanks to Chris Wood in the UK for the links.

2- Create and sell lifestyle video to agents in your area. Mat Van Emmerik in BC passed along his latest idea that he recently implemented. Matt says:

As I told you at the beginning of last year I was starting to implement lifestyle at a higher level into my real estate videos. I took things to the next level and spent all summer archiving video of the entire Kelowna and West Kelowna area and produced 14 lifestyle videos. I will now start marketing these videos to every Realtor at a subscription price annually. This way I won't get a lot of cash from each client, but overall I should get a lot of clients! I’m giving you two examples of the 14 videos in the area. (here and here) I took each of these areas from google maps and also well known specific areas that are targeted by realtors. This is I think an incredible tool to have on your website if you’re a realtor as people really want to see where they are going to be living or this could help them choose ultimately where they want to live. I thought the other PFRE readers might like to implement something similar in the area they live to give them an edge on the competition and generate another revenue stream that continues to flow in. It is a LOT of work to get this done, but once it’s done, it’s done!

Sounds like a good idea and it should work most places where video is popular with agents.

15 comments on “This Week In Real Estate Video #99 – New Ideas In Property Video”

  1. Video tours with Google Glass is a solution in search of a problem, besides you don't need Google Glass to produce this sort of video if that's what realtors want. I'm guessing that because realtors aren't beating a path to our doors requesting this that they don't really want this style of video.

    Mat, nice work, you have some very well done property videos on your website. I can see where this would garner more business for you, but are you going to offer this footage edited into specific videos for realtors or are you offering all the same videos to anyone who subscribes?

  2. They could just leave the video out! The "conversation" that takes place does offer an informal view of the property but the video is so horrible it is hard to watch. I have no doubt that a lot of agents will jump on the bandwagon since they think that technology is the "answer" to their lack of marketing skills. Viewing such terrible video (in my opinion) will lead to a splitting headache. A professional video with the casual tour and discussion could be a good alternative but would certainly cost a bit more.

  3. I'm sorry, but a marketing gimmick does not a quality video make. I couldn't watch it because of all the shaking, etc. Started to get a headache. Quality videos will still win the day.

  4. fine if you want to show a prospective buyer the property. Even though there are still obvious better ways to do that, maybe with less "wow" factor. Maybe they ask you to go out and preview it for them. Only a moron will try to use this for marketing a listing! However Larry is correct, the smart phone shooters are those morons. I couldn't get past the dining room table without feeling like I would lose my breakfast!

  5. Phone video, drones, go-pros, now google-glass -- even more ways to create tons of crappy video.

    Actually, I liked the google-glass walkthrough better than I thought I would -- maybe good for showing client previews -- assuming the workflow was easy. One would have learn not to jerk around so much.

  6. @Chuck - Thank you very much. The way I offer these videos is the same to each client, but I obviously change the in and out graphic plus floating watermark. This is what stops them all from just linking to someone else's copy online. It makes it look like they spent the money to get them done which impresses their clients and in reality it hardly cost them much at all.

  7. I'm feeling a bit sea sick after watching a minute or two of each video and I like tall ship sailing and roller coasters. A consumer HD camcorder (not bottom market) would be much better quality and it could be mounted to a tripod not to mention, cheaper.

    We gesture a lot with our heads as we speak. Even if one was trying to be as steady as possible, I don't think that the video quality can ever amount to much. It's driving nails with a pair of scissors.

  8. I agree in general except for the comment on drones. A good pilot with the right equipment can blow your mind. Many of examples just look around.

  9. Matt: Many thanks for sharing your well produced & stimulating videos, & your marketing ideas. I'm working on these for our area. Also watched the beautiful images on your website. Congrats all round!

    Thanks Larry for a such wonderful resource.


  10. Matt very cool idea! I can see where some clients might want unique content and I'm sure you would offer that for a price, yes? Or do you just decline the work? I can see explaining to them that the cost is so low because the price of the content/work is being spread amongst multiple clients. It gives folks who don't want to pay much, a way to have high quality videos on their site.

    I like the annual subscription idea so you aren't constantly hitting them for money. But what is your plan if they don't pay the following year? The video resides on their website correct, so you don't have control over it? Or do you post the videos to your Vimeo channel, then they embed that version so if they don't pay you could just remove the Vimeo video?

    By the way I like how the examples you gave are simple. Nothing fancy. They were very easy to watch, and informative at the same time. Great job.

  11. It just looks like cheap video to me. There is no cinematic quality or refinement to it. You could just do the same thing with strapping a GoPro to your forehead and still look just as silly doing it.
    It's almost so informal that it cheapens the whole effect of having video. Not a fan.

  12. @Doug - You're very welcome. Just remember as you're putting in many hours it will pay off in the end.

    @Lance - Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed the videos. I thought so too and thought it's an incredible way to have quality video content as a starting up realtor or established. If a client asks for something specific and different from the original videos I charge more of course, which usually has them settle on the originals. Realtors are learning video content is HUGE for generating traffic to their sites, and most just upload junk, but the quality realtors realize quality video is much more important because getting the traffic is one thing, but keeping it there is essential to make it work. I was going to do annual subscription only but decided to sweeten the deal even more by offering 1, 2, 3 and 4 year payment terms with 4 years being the best deal which is proving to be the most popular as they also don't want to be dealing with it each year and want to save money any way they can. The video can reside wherever they like. If they don't pay for the video that would be very foolish as I would just report them to the board. I've also been doing this since 2007 and know which realtors are the ones I don't want to work with and for that reason I don't.

  13. That use of google glass is as stupid as using a cell phone to take photos.
    You can buy glasses with a built-in camera with much better quality for a very tiny fraction of the price of the google glass (from 20$). Also it has been available at least since 15 years ago.
    Like this was anything new.

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