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This Week In Real Estate Video #82 – 17 Captains Court Raby Bay

Published: 02/11/2013
By: larry

ChristineChristine Bickley has been shooting for her husband Graham for several years. Graham is an Estate Agent in Cleveland. That's the Cleveland that is just south of Brisbane in Australia, not the one on Lake Erie.

Christine sent me one of her recent videos to share with you. A couple of things caught my attention:

  • The first is the nice job that she did with the Google Earth fly-in. This kind of fly-in is always a nice touch to orient the viewers where the property is. My only complaint would be that during the last part of the fly-in it goes so fast that I can't pickup exactly where on the Queensland coast Raby Bay is. Not a big deal, I just wish it moved slower.
  • The second feature I noticed about this video is that Christine judiciously uses stills mixed with video sequences for some parts of the video. Some video purists complain about this, but I think she has done it pretty well. Frequently with interiors, it is very difficult to tell the difference between a panned over still and a panning video shot. I think the only place in Christine's video where I'd rather see video than stills is the evening shots of the boardwalk pub shots.

Feel free to give Christine feedback on her property video.


7 comments on “This Week In Real Estate Video #82 – 17 Captains Court Raby Bay”

  1. This is such an interesting video to me because I usually dont like so many stills in and I almost always hate narration. Furthermore, I really dont like when homeowners are telling the story of their own house because the first thing I think is "if your house is so amazing, why are you selling?" But!!! The story of this location is so well told here, the gentleman telling the story sounded so genuine, and he says why he is selling in the end and it makes perfect sense. There are a few flaws, but this video does a really nice job of explaining the community. It sounds like an amazing location.

  2. There might be a few too many still photos in this particular video, but using them sparingly for indoor shots can often improve the overall look, as in the case here. It would be nice if someone could provide a blow-by-blow explanation of how to do the Google Fly-In.

  3. Larry I agree with your comment about the fly in with google earth. It was not only too fast but very jerky but still a nice added touch. To save time I'd skip the globe shot and just start with Australia, that way you don't need to speed in to make up time.
    I don't mind the odd still image only if it's a MUST have and something was missed at the time of the shoot, but there are way too many in this video and the transitions are very abrupt and there's too much movement in the stills in my opinion. The reason there was no video of the piers and public areas was because that all takes a lot of time to shoot and she probably had to draw the line at some point, but it's always better to have video over stills. I may be wrong but quite a few of the lifestyle still images appeared to be taken right from google street view which is not a great touch.

    Ok what I absolutely LOVE about the video is the narration by the home owner himself. I think this is how it should be done every time on larger properties. The reason being, it really connects the potential buyer to the home and it's current owners and answers the number one question asked "why are you selling?" Nobody wants to hear a lame excuse through an agents mouth, so when you can connect the home owner which comes across genuine like this it's going to put a lot of peoples minds at ease. The fact his voice was soothing and easy to listen too made it even better and in my opinion carries the entire video and kept me watching through to the end. If it wasn't for that I would have stopped due to the still images and jerky transitions but I'm not a potential buyer so I'm sure you have no problem keeping your viewers attention. Very few changes to make a rock solid video Christine!

  4. This is the perfect balance of still and video IMHO. It moves along well. Tells the home's story. Shows the buyer just enough but leaves room for questions for the selling agent. The pace is just right and the framing of the shots - still and video - is great. This isn't an indie film after all. It's an infomercial about a house.

    Well done!

  5. Thanks Larry for publishing my video. I get so much value and inspiration from your site and read it every day! Thanks Anders, Michael, Matt and Bob for your comments. I appreciate any feedback because I am always trying to improve my work.
    Yes, the seller did a great job without notes or rehearsals and is so good that I would like to use him for my future narrations.

    On the subject of using stills I think it sometimes comes down to the agent’s choice. My husband had these comments “I am trying to make the house look as attractive as possible to attract buyers. When you have rooms with nothing moving in them at the time, I can’t see why you would use video footage that is hard to get anywhere near as good lighting, coloring and window pulls, as you can get with stills.” That’s his preference.
    The locality shots were all my own, not Google Street View but some were very old and I am not that proud of them. Anyway, something worked. He sold that property in 20 days. A very short time for this market.

  6. As a real estate broker who also shoots my own video and stills, I must agree with the comment made above that what we are creating is an infomercial about a house. Video "purists" need to quit thinking that video is all it takes to tell the whole story about any structure or locale. Have those who feel this way ever asked the home-buying public what THEY like to see and what is most helpful to them? Probably not. I get to talk with the actual prospective buyers who call me after viewing my marketing materials. I've never heard one of them say anything about the number of stills mixed in with the video. Professional image vendors would do well to learn more about what works to help buyers make a purchase decision and harp less about what THEY think. It actually matters very little what you think. What matters is whether or not the "marketing materials" you provide to your realtor client get the job done or not.

  7. Michael, google earth pro ($400/year) has an option to record your movements or a path you create in google earth. Its somewhat simple, but you wont find the option in the free download.

    Jim, sorry but if the option is available a video shot will ALWAYS be more powerful than a still. Yes buyers are never going to be as picky as professional photographers, but when watching a motion picture, the energy and emotion comes from the movement combined with sound. Also, a bunch of photos with ken burns effect are not a video. That's a slideshow. That being said, as real estate photographers, we have to work with all kinds of constraints. ie budget, time, weather, agents directions, homeowners directions, etc. So sometimes we have to make due with what we have. In the case of this video, the narration was so genuine and powerful, it trumped the flaws in the video.

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