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This Week In Real Estate Video #68 - Video And A Stunning Aerial 360

Published: 27/07/2013
By: larry

IndianRiverRoad5345 Indian River Road British Columbia by Jacob and Jaimie McNeil PlatinumHD Propvid Canada: In North Vancouver for Clive Benjafield and Steve Mitchell at Sotherby's International in Vancouver, BC.

I think Jacob and Jaimie have done a great job interviewing the current home owner and getting her to describe the artistic decorating and remodeling that she's done. This kind of thing is harder than it looks and not every homeowner can do it.

Notice the effectiveness of what appears to be UAV shots (but are actually full scale helicopter shots taken with the doors off) at the beginning of this video. These fly-in style shots are extremely effective for beach properties like this one. It gives viewers a perspective that you just can't get any other way.

The other stunning marketing for this home is the aerial 360 shot done from that same chopper. Now THIS is an effective use for a 360 shot!! What a fantastic way to show off a beach property! Jacob says that the current Canadian laws for UAVs are a hassle to deal with and since they frequently work close to US airspace, and worry about getting the FAA worked up, they just use full scale choppers and bypass the problem.


12 comments on “This Week In Real Estate Video #68 - Video And A Stunning Aerial 360”

  1. It's the video that will sell that place. Clive and Steve's website has some great pictures and information, but the narration of both videos add so much more. The aerials are spectacular as well as the every shot in the video - but that's what we've come to expect with PlatinumHD.

    Emotions. As a father, the shot of the kids on the beach did it for me. The thought of raising kids in that home and to experience all those wonderful things will drive a buyer to that home. And all within 30 minutes of one of the coolest cities in the world - SOLD.

  2. fantastic video. the moire on the aerial are a little distracting. I guess anyone would tend to not send the high dollar camera up on an rc helicopter.

  3. Great video! The wide shots of the kids on the beach appear to have time-lapse on the clouds and real-time on the beach. Am I mistaken and Canadian clouds are just that dynamic? If there was matte-work (or green-screen) taking place, how was that done?

  4. The video is nice, short and sweet. The narrator is excellent which is usually a complaint I have with other productions. In the market I usually work in, I discourage agents from even thinking about video. It seems so simple in a production like this one to get it right when in reality, it takes a lot of talent.

    I do not like the stills presentation with the "Ken Burns" effect. I find it annoying and there isn't a way to disable it that I could find quickly.

  5. The video is amazing. Unfortunately we almost only see multi million dollars listings here. They only account for a very low percentage of sales and commissions. I wish I could have more "normal" houses examples.
    Hiring a full scale helicopter to do an aerial video vs a drone. That's so overkill. No need for that really.

  6. @Pedro - I disagree completely that hiring a full scale chopper is overkill. In most situations, in Canada anyway, the cost to hire a company to fly a drone can cost anywhere from $600-$1600 for a few hours. To get up in a full scale heli is around $750-$1100/hour depending on the machine you are flying in. We've been in situations where a flight plan to fly a drone took up to 3 weeks if the company does not have a Special Flight Operations Certificate. That to me seems a bit overkill. For this project I called the pilot and we were airborn in 2 hours.

    I think they both have their advantages, for us it feels better being hands on in a chopper. Just personal preference really.

    Thanks for watching.

  7. @Jacob @Pedro - I haven't used a helicopter for RE work, but I have done 5 shoots for airports and commercial estates where being up in the air made the process much easier. It seems to me that the process was much faster using a full sized aircraft. The projects were all large areas that would have required landing, moving and relaunching a drone. Given that UAV/RC aircraft are banned from commercial operation in the US, it's pretty much go big or stay home. I don't see how an agent selling a standard single family home could justify even a UAV photo flight at $600, but having an aerial option on your menu of services is a great idea. If I can tack $250 on top of the cost of the flight, my $/hour is very nice even if I only sell the service once or twice a year.

    I wonder if it might be possible to get a better price on air time if you can adjust your shooting schedule to that of the aircraft operator. Getting up with 2 hours notice is great, but if you can get a half-price deal by flying when they have a blank spot in THEIR schedule it might come into a better fit with the client's budget. If you get one customer ordering aerial work, you might as well canvas all of your other clients with properties in the same area and see if you can fill up the flight minimum.

    The last time I checked, hiring an aircraft for commercial work requires that the pilot holds a commercial license and insurance. Anybody looking to offer aerial photography should be aware of any those types of requirements. It was all handled by my customers previously, so I just showed up and went for a ride.

  8. Unfortunately so much has been made about the legality of using drones that in the U.S you aren't supposed to do it at all but they both have their place.

    I fly and do both, I'm a helicopter pilot and I have multirotors, for most of the aerial shots in this video a multi would have worked great depending on the camera and weather, also depending on the lens I'd guess that the full size helicopter used here could have been much lower and closer to people than would be allowed here in the U.S. Its a trade-off. Also, here in the U'S I believe to get the lower aerial shots would require a permit.

    @ken Brown, its not likely that you would get a much better rate because of scheduling, helicopters are expensive to fly, maintain and insure no matter what time you fly them.

    Its too bad that our perspective governments have intruded so much on this sort of thing, this video is a great example of the benefit of using aerial as part of such a well produced property video, how the footage is obtained shouldn't be a concern to anyone other than the people shooting it.

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