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This Week In Real Estate Video #48 - Share This Video For A Possible $20,000 Referral

Published: 09/03/2013
By: larry

5 Leinster Woods 1 near Dublin, Ireland, By Brian MacLochlainn: Brian says, "This is my 4th attempt at a video. Over here video is yet to reach its true potential for marketing high-end properties. It is a fun new market that I am trying to create here as it really is not something that has been done before in Ireland." I'd say this is good work for Brian's 4th video.

SHARE this Love Story and if your referral results in a sale at ELEMENT by Scott Wagner, you will be paid a $20,000 referral fee. The buyer will need to use the word ROSE when he or she contacts Scott. Regular readers of This Week In Real Estate Video will recognize this as a production. Those crispy sharp water droplets on the rose have something to do with the RED Epic camera they use.

How do you use online video to sell real estate? This question has come up many times this week from agents and photographers/videographers I've talked to. The issue that comes up again and again is, "I can't link to video from my MLS!" or "The syndication sites link to tours/video are too hard to find!" or "what good is video if you can't view it from traditional marketing sites?" I'm going to visit this subject more in the weeks to come because I think it is key to the successful use of video in real estate. The answer is in the opening sequence of this the reel that Brett Clements sent me. The key words are "The combination of online video and social media is atomic! Nothing in the history of advertising can touch it." I can believe this but this means agents have to use video outside their usual marketing channels and promote it via social media.

14 comments on “This Week In Real Estate Video #48 - Share This Video For A Possible $20,000 Referral”

  1. We currently can link videos to our mls as long as they are not branded and we educate our clients about the rules and follow them carefully. We create broker hosted videos where the broker simply does not disclose their name or company and it has been a great communication tool for selling properties. Our videos are not about the broker as some would assume and we work hard to create messages that will help buyers understand the value of the property.
    Putting people in videos creates a more interesting and powerful communication when it is done well and after creating over a hundred broker hosted videos we and our clients are more convinced than ever that this is the future of real estate marketing.
    We are however, getting some push back in the form of brokers who do not use video lobbying our mls board to restrict the ability to link videos on the mls.
    I see this as brokers who resent the fact that their competition is doing a better job than they are and trying to change the rules to stop it.
    Creating good real estate videos is hard work but it is simply the best tool we have for showing real estate online. Efforts to stop or restrict this tool will fail over the long run as buyers demand video to preview homes and can't find it on the mls they will seek real estate video elsewhere and the mls will loose some or all of it's relevance as a source of information about properties for sale.

  2. Larry -- I look forward to the posts on using video in the alternative marketing channels...
    I am wondering how its done too... take Scott Wagner from your post as an example -- he seems to be a prolific user of's video services, yet his social media channels are undeveloped in terms of subscriber numbers -- linking out from, he has:
    > only 79 likes on his Facebook page
    > 1 subscriber to his YouTube channel
    > 13 following him on Twitter
    > and 135 connections on LinkedIn
    Not a big social network... so how is he utilizing his videos' so effectively?

    Scotts website is so simple -- its all about the Video's! And the success the video's are bringing by marking them with "SOLD" signs. But again, how are the Video's getting out there?
    Could you call Scott Wagner and interview him to find out how he is getting the videos out there and incorporate his responses in your posts on the issue?

    I can see how a great video for a "dream property" (like those often featured in the PlatinumHD vdeo's) could generate some viral interest, but how does it work for a good, but ordinary home that will have no viral capacity?

    I look forward to your coming posts on the issue... I have much to learn!


  3. Brian, this is one of my favorite videos Larry has featured here! I love the pace of your video presentation and how things flow from one scene to another. Subconsciously, I was engaged the whole time. As an agent myself, I found my self trying to figure out how to move from the US to the type of lifestyle you painted here. It's fantastic! A motivation for me to be more creative in my own presentations. Love the use of focus, and one sequence near the end where you put in a few slider shots in a row was just brilliant! The music, narration, and effect were spot on. You're a good story teller. Thanks you Larry for featuring.

  4. I think you have to include an unbranded video in the MLS to get worthwhile visibility - I don't think anyone can build a social media network that can possibly match the effectiveness of pushing vids to the people who count. To stay 'safe' with my MLS, I narrate, but I don't include any facetime.

    I get OK views with the combination of branded and unbranded views. Is it worth the extra investment? Not yet.

  5. Andrew, thank you for your interest in the property filming I'm doing with Brett Clements at PlatinumHD.
    I have only been semi active with any social media for about 12 weeks so this souce of buyer finding is still experimental to me.
    My main digital media exposure is from my email data base of about 6,500 recipients who I send a link of the property film and link of the general propertry info on to initially introduce the property to the market. (The $20,000 fee video has not been sent to my email data base yet)
    Although creating a viral video may happen some day, my reality is that the success of my property videos comes from the mutiple times any perspective buyer revisits the video out of inspection times and the number of their confidents they pass the video on to for buying reinforcement. eg family, friends, bank manager, accountant. So primarily I intend the video to be made for and viewed by only one premium buyer.
    Based on my premium buyer finding critera not a viral expectation, all properties can enjoy property film exposure.
    Another advantage of the high definition is that when you are talking to prospective buyers on the phone they can be watching the video (we are starting to call them 'films' as of recently) on their 55 inch smart TV's.
    I've been doing property films with Brett Clements for about 5 years, many of them have not been reconfigured into the recent HD therefore they do not appear on my web site.
    There is definetly more interest in property films from my perspective vendors today then there was only 3 months ago, 6 months ago, 3 years ago etc.
    With Brett Clements enthusiasm and commitment to moving pictures I'm sure we'll take this property marketing medium as far as we can for as long as we can!

  6. Terry, thanks for the feedback. Video is a whole new medium and allows a new level of interaction with a potential purchaser before they visit a property that photos simply cannot replicate. Lifestyle is one part, a feeling they have seen more of the property is another part but it also hopefully holds there attention longer and allows people become a little more invested in the process before they even go to view a property.

  7. I think the future of real estate marketing will include branded videos on all mls systems or the mls will compete and loose to the host that provides the most information on listings.
    There are 2 important parts to this, video being the best communication tool is obvious to most people who have had the opportunity to see a listing with a good video vs one with just photographs. The best brokers will use the best marketing tools and will find a way around the mls, and consumers will find the property information by searching google and youtube if that provides better information than the idx feeds from the mls.
    The branded part is not important to me personally but I think it will be a loosing battle as the web continues to evolve as the most powerful source of information and consumers get better at finding the information they want.
    Local mls boards may stall implementation of video, or deny that it is important but they will eventually catch up with the rest of us or become irrelevant.
    By the way, I really like the videos posted here too, nice work. The last part of the post about mls's caught me at a time when this was a hot issue for me.

  8. Hey Guys, I'm a Realtor in NY who also happens to be a professional photographer. I have been trying to improve my real estate photography through all the great resources on this site...including Scott Hargis' videos (very helpful), however making high quality real estate videos has been my plan for a while now ....and I just finished my first video using the Glidecam HD2000 and my Nikon D7000 (shot at 720p @30fps) and I am now trying to figure out where to upload it. My MLS allows "unbranded" links to virtual tours so I created a new Youtube channel that doesn't have my name or contact information. Now I am looking at other real estate sites like and Trulia and Zillow, and I believe that you can upload your videos directly to their sites without having any branded issues. I haven't done it yet, but it appears that I will be able to do this. If you'd like to see my first attempt at making my own real estate videos, here is the link

    Thanks for all the inspiration.

  9. @Steve- Well done for a first video! You have a pronounced swaying camera movement as you do the walk through. Walk throughs are very difficult to do well. Yes, you should be able to claim your listing on zillow and trulia and put a link to this video on those sites. For you need to become pay them to make the listing a "ShowCase" listing and then upload the file see:

  10. @Scott - I definitely agree that video re-enforces a buyer's connection with a property. Often, I meet buyers at closing for the 1st time. They all comment that they loved the home's video and shared with family and friends. Right now, for me, this is the single biggest benefit for adding a video.

    @Heath - An MLS will not allow a broker to brand anything (text, photos, or vid) in a listing and will never allow branded video. This makes sense when you consider how MLS listings are shared on other broker's sites via IDX. I don't want a competing broker to advertise their brokerage on my site, just as they wouldn't want me to advertise my brokerage on theirs. This makes perfect sense to me.

    @Steve - Here's my distribution strategy:
    1. Put a branded video hosted on YouTube on the listing's personal website which is then referenced in all print, direct mail, web, email newsletter and SM marketing - example:

    2. Add the listings personal website with the branded video to Zillow and Trulia - you are not restricted to be unbranded here. Once an agent claims a listing, they are given the edit ability to add the link.

    3. Create a 'unbranded' version that includes narration, but no face-time and no reference to the brokerage; host this on Vimeo Pro. I created a separate website unrelated to my broker site so I can embed the vimeo version into a page for the property. This is the link that I include in my MLS.

    @Larry - a note on You can be setup as a virtual tour provider (I did this) which gives you the ability to add a *branded* video as the virtual tour for any agent or brokerage. If the agent has paid for enhanced listings, then there's no charge. If not, it can still be added, but there's a charge for it ($20 I believe) that's collected from the virtual tour provider. Note - I did this for over a year, tracked the click-throughs from, and was very disappointed with the results. The "tour" button couldn't be more obscure. IMO - making any investment on hosting a video with is a waste of time and money right now.

  11. Just because you have a jib and a slider doesn't mean it needs to be used in every shot. All of that movement makes the video uneasy to watch. Camera movements need a purpose, editing needs tempo - don't be afraid to use a locked down shot or simple pan.

  12. Hi Andy,
    I know what you mean, I tried mixing things up a touch but ended up liking the slides and jib shots more and may have overused them. But it is worth noting when filming empty buildings with no one in them it is hard to add interest when nothing in a scene is moving so to make up one can move where the camera is
    Anyway it woulbe great to know who you were talking about

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