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This Week In Real Estate Video #41

Published: 12/01/2013
By: larry

Luxury Ski Area Home for sale in Steamboat Springs Colorado: Charlie Dresen in Steamboat Springs told me a couple of days ago that he is in the process of upgrading to a Canon 5DMKIII and new Canon 17-40mm lens because he wants to raise the quality level of his video. I have to say that I'm really impressed by Charlie's passion for doing great marketing video. If I had a property to sell in Steamboat Springs Charlie would be the man to list it!




8410 SE 47th St, Mercer Island, WA: By Malia Campbell. Malia has been saying that the demand for real estate video is starting to take off in the Seattle market. I noticed this video that Malia did recently for my old friend Jay Agoado in the Windermere, Mercer Island office. My wife Levi and I know Jay from a few years ago when we all were in the Issaquah, John L Scott office together. I can believe that Jay is out there on the leading edge using video shot one of the best real estate shooters in the area (Malia). Jay has always been on the leading edge!

18 comments on “This Week In Real Estate Video #41”

  1. Nice work!

    Not sure what you are using now, but you will love the Mark iii. The low light video is awesome, its substantially better than the Mark ii. And if you are doing HDR it does up to 7 exposures.

  2. OK Charlie, need your advice. I'm selling a bunch of gear I don't use on Ebay so I can buy the 6d. What made you go with the 5Dmiii over the 6D?

  3. @Charlie
    Excellent work. Your movement is all very smooth and you have a good amount of diversity that keeps it interesting. You're quickly becoming the one to watch. Just out of curiosity, how much time are you shooting in the house ?

  4. Charlie produced a beautiful video...I'm very impressed! But I'm going to pull out my professional VO talent and producer cap to offer some critical thoughts to the script and audio. As a viewer, I was confused by the female narrator's references to "Jack" and "us" and "the kids". Is she performing this script as the current owner and describing the house to prospective buyers? The script seemed to set that tone particularly at first and then jumped back to a neutral description of the property during the middle. Then it mention's Jack's favorite game, or something? Her voice is beautiful--almost too perfect--if that's the intent. And speaking of voice, the sibilance is very noticeable in her delivery. I should know, because when Onstar had me do the system voice, they watched me like a hawk to avoid strong "esses". You can really hear the strong "ess" sounds at the beginning of the video and for someone like me who hears those things, it's pretty distracting. Maybe not the average viewer so much ;0) Overall, though...very nice work and congrats on stepping up to a 5d mark iii. May it inspire you to do even more impressive work.

  5. As a side note to the comment that Malia is noticing more demand for real estate videos in the Seattle market: I'm taking a video and stop motion photography class right now at the University of Tennessee and the instructor says he believes if photographers do not offer video services within the next 5 years, they will be left behind. He says more clients are asking for video in addition to stills when he bids a project. He's not an RE photographer, per se, but just passing along his perceptions as to the growing interest in video.

  6. Thanks for the feature Larry! Jay was such a pro!

    I just came across an article which reported these YouTube facts:

    YouTube Traffic

    60 hours of video are uploaded every minute, or one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second.
    Over 4 billion videos are viewed a day
    Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month
    Over 3 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube
    More video is uploaded to YouTube in one month than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years
    70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US
    YouTube is localized in 39 countries and across 54 languages
    In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views
    In 2011 there were almost 140 views for every person on Earth

    Granted, a lot of these videos are cats and family events and people being silly but it definitely demonstrates the lean toward video content on the internet.

    Full article is here:

  7. @ Chris - Thanks much. I'm so looking forward to the changes. I've been using a 7D with a Canon 10-22. Now These work great but I'm really trying to get the cleaner / sharper looks like what Malia captures. So the mark 3 will help but better glass will too.

    @ Terry - I was ready for the 6D. But after watching many reviews on youtube, it's 5D time. No one feature pushed me over and not being a gear nut, it came down to: sturdier construction material, way better AF, audio out, low light sensitivity, better screen, history. The 6D offers many of the 5D features but it in a smaller, lighter, and a cheaper package. I wasn't willing to sacrifice anything for one sale of a home will pay off the difference. I liked this video review:

    @ Trey - Thanks man. Much appreciated. Still shoots take a lot more time. But for video, I shot that one in about an hour. I shoot the video after I've shot the stills so I know what shots I want. I've been spending a lot more time adjusting white balance for each shot. I never use auto WB anymore. It's way too important and too hard to correct in post.

    @ Amy - I love critical comments so thanks. Yes, she's supposed to be the owner and sharing her experience living in the home. I must confess, I should have spent more time writing the script and thinking through this one more. I was pressed for time and trying something new. But I do think it adds a little more to the video. I'm still working through VO and I'll keep experimenting.

    @ Milia - Great stats and that's another reason I'm upgrading.

  8. Charlie, what are you using to calibrate your white balance? I've been using an 18% gray. That's why I need the newer Canon, I think videos will go much quicker because it's hard for me to get correct exposure on a dark day with a 7D camera. Would be great not to have to use 2.8 aperture to keep sharper video. I bring a couple of lights, but I'm thinking with the new 6D or 5Dmiii low light performance, video will be much easier with normal "kitchen or family room" lighting.
    Thoughts all?

  9. @ Terry - That's a great review. And at those dollars the 6D looks better. But I bought my Mark iii off Ebay. It's like new with very little use and extras. And it wasn't that much more than the 6D plus I didn't have to pay tax. So in the end the extra money for the 5D wasn't that much and worth the investment.

    As for WB, again, I'm not that techie. I just use my eye and really compare the color on screen with real life. With all the snow and bright sunshine reflexing into the homes, each room takes on different characteristics. I tend to be cooling off the temperatures more than warming. And literally, each room and camera angle changes. So I can't just calibrate first and shoot. I adjust for each room.

  10. @Terry,

    I think I read somewhere the Mark iii may be better weather sealed? It has more way more AF points and more FPS....but who really cares for real estate. But honestly beyond that I would probably get the 6D for the difference in price if I was to do it over again (unless you can find a deal like Charlie did)

    I got the Mark iii the day it came out and unfortunately didnt have the 6D as an option 🙁

  11. Nice video!
    I have been photographing real-estate for four years now and now in the process starting my video business.
    Now I have the Canon 7D and Sigma 10-20. I often have low light so I'm thinking of upgrading to 5D mk II. What lens would you recommend?
    Is 17-40 f4 enough or would you recommend 16-35 f2.8? Or something else?
    Any input is appreciated 🙂

  12. @Chris and Charlie - I found a pretty decent video from Planet 5D where they did a pretty basic video shootout. I think based on the moire issue in that video, the 5Dmiii is the camera to get. AND it has a headphone jack for audio monitoring (although I use my H4N mostly). Lastly I've seen the camera for $2599 body only at the cheapest new on ebay.

    On a different note, RODE just announced this amazing iphone Mic for getting killer audio into your iphone and probably doing away with your field recorders altogether if this one mic fits your audio needs. Found it on Looks cool.

  13. @ Vignir - Seems many use the 17-40. And that's what I went with but I have not received it yet. The 16-35 is twice as much and yummy too.

    @ Terry - I bought these mics the other day. I was tired of synching everything with my H4N. I love them. Here them in action in this video.

  14. Thank you Charlie. Yes, the cost is an issue.
    How about getting a used 16-35 for a little bit more than new 17-40. Maybe that´s the way to go..
    Then there is the 16-35 I and 16-35 II..
    I like the option of f2.8..

  15. @Vignir

    For video you dont need the f2.8 at all with the Mark iii's amazing low light performance. I shoot 90% of my video at f5-f6.3 (with the 17-40) and can easily go up to iso 6400 in low light situations, getting very little noise as compared to the mark ii showing noise at iso 2500/3200.

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