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This Week In Real Estate Video #33 - Three of My Favorites This Week

Published: 17/11/2012
By: larry

11620 Musket Rim from BuenaVistaPhotography: Tom Coplen in Austin, TX sent me one of his latest videos. I liked the way it came out.

Heath from sent me two versions of a recent 3 day shoot that he did for Beverly-Hanks & Associates Asheville, NC.

Heath was telling me that: "This was the first video that I have shot largely hand held to give it a more human like perspective.  I was a little nervous about leaving my tripods and sliders in the car but now I am a huge fan of this style of shooting. The smooth motion of jibs and sliders when used intentionally can go a long way toward supporting a story just as the faster, more erratic motion of handheld shooting does. I am paying much more attention to intentionally mixing handheld shots into my videos now and it is helping me learn how to communicate with the camera."

8039 Mercer Way, Mercer Island, WA by Malia Campbell: I noticed Malia's recent shoot on Mercer Island. I like Malia's cinematic style and the way it is narrated. Malia said that recently the use of video in the Seattle area seems to be starting to increase.

8 comments on “This Week In Real Estate Video #33 - Three of My Favorites This Week”

  1. Heaths style has really come on over the last year or so, and its a great blend of most styles. The hand held is excellent and really brings you in. Really liking this type of video marketing from a brokers point of view.

    Are you using IS on your lenses Heath for these hand held shots?

  2. Wow....nice work Heath and I would say your best yet, it has the quality of a TV commercial that would probably cost 50x more! I wonder if they will be using it for a TV ad, maybe with a even shorter version?

    Malia's work is great as always. She always manages to pick the perfect music and get the scene cuts to the beat really making it her noticeable style.

  3. I really like to video and layout of "" but when I click on "video" and start to watch, it scrolls to the next video and then I can't see what I'm watching. Anyone else see this? Need a little tweaking.

    The Fitzgerald at The Grove Park Inn - is wonderful. Love the whimsical feeling of these.

    Once again, the quality of Melia's works stands out. It looks so crisp with the iPlayerHD.

  4. Thanks guys! This was an amazing property to shoot. I could have spent days in there!

    Heath! OMG! You're totally killing it!

  5. All the videos are great. Heath's is a production that tells a lifestyle story, very apealling and not easy to do. Awesome work.

  6. Thanks for the compliments. I shot all the handheld stuff with a Canon 50 1.4 which is a non IS lens. I had rails, a follow focus, and even a matte box with filters at times. If I had done it over I would have used a monopod for some of the shooting to simulate handheld but give a little more smoothness. The monopod I had then was too short for the job and I just replaced it with a better one.
    I cannot take all the credit for this one. The brokerage, Beverly-Hanks and Associates has a marketing department that has embraced video in a big way. Two members of the department, the VP of Marketing, Michael Phelan and Production Supervisor Anne Alderidge, came up with the idea. They wrote creative briefs and a 50 page story board, then Anne and my wife Melinda spend many hours working out the production schedule for maximum efficiency. After 3 days of shooting with the talent, numerous props, fitting certain shots into the Grove Park Inn's very specific time table, dealing with weather conditions etc, the pieces all fell into place. Melinda edited a total of 4 videos, which was fairly easy due to the tight production work. We all came together as a production team for the owners of the Fitzgerald who also own the Grove park Inn as well as the Hotel Del Coronado in California.
    We were able to work together like this becasue we have done so many videos in the last 18 months and have learned from each one and continue to learn and improve. I was able to focus on the shooting because our team worked so well.
    We posted some production shots to our Facebook page if you want to see some "behind the scenes" type of footage. Like our page!
    The shots were posted during September.
    thanks again!

  7. I forgot to mention Anne Alderidge not only coordinated the entire shoot from the idea stage to production to final edits, but she also was the host of the long version of the Fitzgerald video.
    She is also hosting a monthly video magazine for Beverly-Hanks and associates to help show the lifestyle of the area and to give their brokers great social media content, and assisting individual brokers on their own video shoots. Beverly-Hanks has got to be one of only a small handful of brokerages in the US putting this much effort into video marketing. I see them widening the gap between themselves and other brokerages that are sitting on the sidelines or dabbling in video marketing. I wonder how big that gap has to become before others jump in and get serious about video.

  8. Heath - your work continues to get better. It's amazing how much skill, planning and time it takes to come up with a few minutes of great video.

    Even though the cost of equipment and software puts video within reach to most of us, I believe the investment of time (and skill and creativity) required to produce good video will always be a barrier that will limit adoption to very few brokerages.

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