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This Week In Real Estate Video #27 - Life Changer Lottery

Published: 06/10/2012
By: larry

Life-Changer Lottery at Sunshine Beach, Noosa - By Allan MacKenzie of, Brisbane, AU. Allan says, "the latest video for architecture shoot for the Endeavour Foundation which is marketed as Life Change Lottery. What makes this unique, it’s the first time I’ve introduced a UAV. While hanging out of helicopters is not new, the UAV really gets into those places where you can’t go with a helicopter to capture those cool angles (you can really get creative with it) Also exciting to see this video has had over 22,000 views to date with the Endeavour draw (lottery for this property) still a few weeks away.

Some background on this prop vid with sequences shot from a UAV is here. Allan says the UAV used is a Mikrokopter Oktokopter UAV. Kudos to the CASA (AU equivalent to the FAA) for being squared-away enough to at least officially approve of commercial use of UAV use for this kind of thing. This kind of thing while possible is still possible if  you keep a low profile not officially approved by the FAA in the US as of this writing.

40 Lincoln Street Exeter NH - By Jared Saulnier of Seacoast Real Estate photography. Nice job Jared! This immediately catches my attention because this is the same lady narrating that narrated the video I used to in January to sell a rental property. Interesting how the sound of someones voice can grab your attention so easily.

Nea Makamae Ranch, Haiku, Maui - By Nate Volk.  Pete at Maui Real Estate sent me one of his listings that he is marketing with video. Maui seems to be a hot-bed of property video use. Makes sense, there are a lot of great properties and a target-rich environment!



9 comments on “This Week In Real Estate Video #27 - Life Changer Lottery”

  1. I really enjoyed the Aussie video production, excellent editing and cuts with nice voice over but a somewhat over the top "theatrical" soundtrack music background. This is the most professional of the three video shown today. What I liked about the Aussie video is what I didn't care for in the other videos. 40 Lincoln Street and Nea Makamae Ranch are too long with too much B roll. The Aussie video really whet my appetite to see the home in person and experience the environment. The 40 Lincoln and Maui videos left nothing to the imagination except maybe what the closets looked like. They are documentary videos, not highly crafted marketing videos. They are both too long. And the music for the Nea Makamae Ranch video was very monotonous. I enjoyed the professional voice over of the 40 Lincoln Street video.
    I only offer this criticism in hopes that videographers and real estate marketing professionals will strive to engage the prospective client into wanting to "see more" rather than showing your entire hand. I would offer that videos produced with a little more energy and enthusiasm would engage potential clients at a higher rate.
    Just my take and 2 cents.
    Best Regards,

  2. Every time I watch Life-changer Lottery video by Allan Mackenzie it always amazes me, as to the high standard and commercial look of this really slick video. Absolutely sells the dream. Great job Allan.

  3. @Ron - I do get what your saying with getting a buyers attention to "see more" but I find Realtors what to show it all..just like with photos. So in my area at least I have to give more then I want to. I have had many buyers and sellers say to much they love the videos and watch them over and over again. Seller's can't wait to share the videos on their facebook pages and email the links to all their friends to watch! Even with most of my tours hitting 3-4 mins..They say they watch till the end.

    I think tiime will tell about the length and how to give away..but to be honest. The Realtors want as much as they can get for little money lol. I am always telling them that I keep it 2-3 mins for a reason. Larger homes also seem to be hard to show off in just 2mins.

    Thanks, Jared.

  4. I always find it strange when other photographers/videographers comment that videos are too long......of course they are for someone with zero interest in the property.! Show me a video of something I have absolutely no interest in at all and I will find it too long after 30

    If the viewer is actually interested in the house there is no question they will watch the entire video. That being said...the video does need to keep them interested, move at a decent pace and provide MORE information than they already saw in the photos.

    The problem is they are not seeing the video as a potential interested buyer, they try to pretend they are but if you are not the one actually spending 300k-500k + you have no idea what they will watch or for how long.

    Someone interested in a property will watch a video in full at least once regardless of length (unless its crazy long).

    When I speak at the local brokerages I always give the same example when an agent asks about the length of videos:

    - When someone starts talking to you about their car, the motor, the rims and all the other details you most likely are dying of boredom and could care less....and wish he would just stop.

    - But, when YOU are interested in buying that same car and go to a dealership you will sit there and listen to the sales guy talk about it, look through every spec, watch all the multimedia about it, ask 101 questions until you are blue in the face.....and why?...because you are spending a substantial amount of money and want any and all information you can get.

  5. Hi Jared,
    Thank you for considering my comments. I know exactly what you mean. People spending the money want to see the whole enchilada. They love their property and feel that everyone will love the entire presentation in long form just the way they do. And yes, some real estate people feel they are not getting their monies worth if they don't get the "War And Peace" version of the video edit. I am fortunate to be working with a couple of high end realtors that are fairly internet savvy and know that the drop off rate for up to 90% of viewers is the critical 2 minute mark. I will share a video that I will be doing at the end of the month so that I can get PFRE feedback as well. Thanks again and I wish you the best.

    It's all about marketing and numbers. I monitor all of my videos on Vimeo and I can tell you the statistics don't lie. It takes one heck of a property and one heck of a presentation to hold viewers for more than 2 minutes, 3 minutes at the very max. The goal of any presentation is to whet the prospects appetite into calling the agent about the property. Any good production crew can do that even covering a 10K SF mansion. It's been proven time and again on this very website.
    And yes, I agree with you that something of interest will hold a viewers attention for a longer time. However, you may find it interesting that all of the training videos on are generally broken into 3 to 5 minute segments, the longest I've ever seen is 7 minutes. It's all about getting a succinct message across without losing the viewer.
    Best Regards,

  6. @Ron

    I agree with the fact you need to hold the viewer, if you are showing the same sliding motions, on the same rooms that were already shown n the photos, over and over for 5 mins you will probably lose them. Brett Clements has a way of catching and holding viewers with his videos, and I watch every one 100% (and I am not even remotely interested in the property)

    But, if you are showing more information than what they have already seen in the photos they will 100% watch. There is no reason what so ever to set limits in regards to time if you are providing additional, informative viewing content (over the photos)

    We have done almost 400 videos in a year and a half, with maybe 30% of those being in the 2-3 minute range. The people interested in the listing have and will watch the entire video, many times more than once. The people stopping the video at the 50% (or whatever) mark have most likely seen something (or not seen something) that they didnt like and are most likely not interested....saving the agent, and most importantly the homeowner time. No point in having someone show up to see a house and within 2 mins of entering the front door be surprised at the layout and leave.

  7. And vimeo stats actually do lie in a sense, as do youtube. They dont (and cant) track the following:

    - how many of the viewers were just random internet views, whose stats are completely meaningless.

    - How many of the viewers of your video were ever really 100% interested to begin with? A ton of listings get the "average browser" who is just skimming.....they are not interested in the listing enough to watch any video 100% regardless. They could be neighbours looking to compare their place or other agents looking to see how this place compares to their listing. They could be looking for something specific, like seeing if the kitchen is upgraded and then stop the video at that point.

    - how many times was someone at work, looking over a listing and started watching the video....but stopped due to work, planning to finish after. This counts as a partially watched video.

    - how many times was someone watching on their mobile device to have the connection drop, or something come up (phone call etc) that had them stop the video. This counts as a partially watched video

    There are way to many factors to take into account and you have to take the stats with a grain of salt and do your own research.

    We polled 100 actual buyers of the houses we did videos for over the last 6 months to get more accurate stats.

    - 96% watched the video entirely
    - 89% they watched it multiple times
    - 85% said they sent it to family members etc
    - 81% said they would want video if they plan on selling, and would pick an agent based on that.

    The point being that the truly interested buyers are watching, and that is all that matters....the videos are indeed helping sell the property.

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