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The Truth 24 times A Second By Michael and Nory at Uneek Luxury Tours

Published: 28/05/2016

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UneekThis last week a recent property video by Michael and Nory at caught my attention.

I've followed Michael and Nory's work for a number of years. They shoot only the very upper-end homes in Florida and have a very distinctive style. Simple, punchy, background music and editing. Mostly cinematic moves. And Michael's unique exposure shift from inside exposure to outside exposure. I never seen anyone but Michael do this inside to outside exposure shift thing. He does in this video a couple of times.

It is interesting to see how many drone shots Michael is using these days. It's amazing to see how much drone work has become an essential part of shooting these upper-end homes. In this video, it feels like almost half of a 2:26-minute video. It makes perfect sense because there is almost no  other way you can get this kind of dramatic footage that shows the property environment. Over the last two years using a drone has become an essential part of high-end property video.

Larry Lohrman

11 comments on “The Truth 24 times A Second By Michael and Nory at Uneek Luxury Tours”

  1. Jonathon, I notice your unfavorable review of another video a few days ago wherein you mentioned that the video was too long. However, your video above is only 13 seconds shorter (2:51 v. 2:44). Could you please explain?

    I think you're being far too harsh on the two videos. I think there's a lot to learn from them both. Different strokes...

  2. I think the focus is too much on the home in these videos and not where the real value is, the lifestyle. The latest article by realtor dot org backs up that philosophy as well with facts. 84% of people that watch property videos watch them for lifestyle and location while only 35% watch for the details of the actual home. I shoot tons of multi million dollar homes here in FL as well. You take one of these mansions to a different location and the value is drastically different. Example -here is a property that is listing for the mid 3 millions. You move this property off st Armand's key and it's only worth about 1 million. This shows us that 66% of the value of this property isn't in the actual home itself.

    With that being said uneek does a fantastic job of showing the inside of the house. They are very cinematic and thankfully they know how to edit and they aren't pumping out these walk throughs with speed ramping madness all the way through. Most of the actual home
    Owners like that style better because they have an emotional connection with the inside of the house. The agent working for them is who is paying for the videos so sometimes the hardest sell is from the agent to the home owner on what the end user would rather see.

  3. It's easy to explain. Like many people said, regardless of what is perfect, sometimes the agents that are paying the bill have a different vision. I agree my video I showed is too long.

  4. I thought Jonothans comments and critiques were very spot on and fair. I don't think it is unfavorable to be honest, especially when you have facts from first source and personal materials. His argument is his opinion where he showed it, and also supplied evidence that supports it.

    The Video by Uneek, while of extremely high quality, spends too much time forcing in slider shots and drone shots that serve more to justify the gadgetry involved instead working to tell a story about the home and its potential lifestyle. Some simple pre production to include an actual story, which is the point of using cinematic approaches, is something that will last in people's memory's.

    I strongly feel that homes should be photographed to show the home as representation of the product, and video to invite the viewer into the lifestyle of the community. Video walkthroughs are just boring and unnecessary, however include where the home sits, what there is to do and how you can live and you have opened the door to power of multimedia. Using video as just moving pictures is limiting if you ask me.

  5. @Brett - I would disagree. I would say your video length was exactly right for them....the call to action "buy this property" worked

  6. @Brett Clements "One thing I’ve learnt…no video is long enough for the buyer."

    Couldn't agree more.

    Amazing work as always from Uneek - they make wow homes look even wower.

  7. It all comes down to who is directing the shoot. Only a fraction of our shoots provide total creative control to myself and my partner. The rest are dictated by the home owner, many of which are involved in film or tv here in LA. The 90 second video we'd like to release is painfully extended to a 3-4 minute video far too often. Solution? We deliver a client/home owner cut then cut a second version for our needs/promotion.

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