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The Neo Property Team on The Australian Gold Coast is At It Again!

Published: 31/10/2011
By: larry

The sex theme has worked so well for Ian Adams and the team at NEO Properties in the past that they are using it again with this property video. If you missed previous posts about their property videos they are:

It appears that the folks at Neo Property have figured out that sex sells high-end properties. Also sex is becoming an integral component of their brand. If you think that this video is racy, as Brett Clements says, this one will probably BLOW you a way. Say what ever you want about these property videos, but they have been working for NEO Properties.

Update 10/31: Malia asks a great question: what is the evidence that this kind of video actually works. The answer is given by comments I got from Ian Adams, Managing Broker at Neo Properties back in June of this year after they first used this type of video and the property sold.

25 comments on “The Neo Property Team on The Australian Gold Coast is At It Again!”

  1. Oh boy... hmm, a lot can be said about this approach. I'm not gonna lie, she, I mean the video... got my attention. Most importantly, if its working for them, what is there to dispute really?

  2. First time was mildly amusing because it was different. Now he's just coming across as a dirty old man. It's kinda' pathetic.

  3. As one who is neither prudish, nor religious, this is certainly not a method I would ever use. 1:11s of boobs, buns and sensuality, :35s of shots of the property/home, then all the credits.

    There is little doubt that our world is changing, and selling sensuality has likely been around since the dawn of time, and may very well sell some real estate just as the "fear principle" is used very effectively in 95% of all insurance marketing. Speaking only for myself and my own principles, I would rather go hungry than use either approach, as both play heavily on the most base emotion centers for, and fear.

    Perhaps I am alone in these thoughts (and that's quite OK), but aside from the income, the "reward" for me is having an agent call and share that they just wrote an offer on a property, and the reason the buyers were anxious to see the property initially was due to the home not only meeting their requirements, but how the quality of the images portrayed the very features the buyers desired in their next home.

    I'm honestly glad that the Neo Property Team is doing well with their campaign for those $1M+ properties, and wish them the very best of success. I'm still new to REP, however I've had 30+ successful years in sales and marketing without having to resort to selling sex/sensuality in order to interest a qualified buyer in my products.

    Again, these are just my own thoughts, and if they find success in this manner, then good for them; it's just not for me.

  4. Why is real estate the ONLY industry left in the world where kitchens and bathrooms and twilight shots reign supreme? Is it because its easy; take 15 exposures and bang them off to Pakistan for an image blend to remove all the shadows. That ain't creative. I, for one, certainly don't want to lie on my deathbed, and say, wow, I shot some great kitchens huh!
    NEO chooses to use beautiful people to sell homes, just like every other major brand on the planet.
    I thought Ian had brilliant comedic timing in that piece.
    At least he's out there and up there on the screen and not a troll. I wrote the script and directed him. And the first and second times Nick, banked about two million views. Hardly 'mildly' amusing.
    At the end of the day, NEO's ads are now anticipated. For all of us to be relevant as marketers, we have to move an audience. Otherwise we'll be replaced by an iphone 7.

  5. I'd imagine, many might watch that again and again. And that is the point. But their point, being very private is huge. Many people truly seek privacy and want that in a home. As a realtor the sense of privacy in a home is a big deal. I've had clients who specifically wanted just that. Kudos to Brett and gang for pushing the marketing exploration beyond expectations.

  6. "At least he’s out there and up there on the screen and not a troll." Wow. That's harsh. I don't think I'd consider myself a troll, Brett.

    "I, for one, certainly don’t want to lie on my deathbed, and say, wow, I shot some great kitchens huh!" Well, what would you like to say - "Wow, I shot some great half-naked women, huh?" What's the difference? One isn't better than the other, it's just what you prefer. And lets face it, that is what you did for the majority of this video.

    "And the first and second times Nick, banked about two million views." I know. Congratulations for that, but do you think you could do that without featuring half naked women? Porn is the most searched for field on the web, so it's hardly surprising that people wanted to watch your video of a girl in her underwear.

    "NEO chooses to use beautiful people to sell homes, just like every other major brand on the planet." That's actually not true. But just because people do it, doesn't make it right. And I don't think that's innovative. I actually think it comes across as desperate. Watching a guy ogle a younger woman is just kinda' tacky. Your client is probably a really nice guy, but I certainly wouldn't want to buy or sell a house with him because he looks sleazy in your video.

    I'm not saying I want to rid the world of porn. Far from it! But I just prefer something a little more classy when it comes to family viewing and marketing. I appreciate that you're trying to do something different for real estate, it's just not my taste, that's all.

  7. The point is we are talking about it, watching it, and showing friends. That is what NEO wants, eyes on these videos. I might have skipped the closeups of the breasts, but that's just me. I enjoy these videos, there is a little comedy thrown in each to lighten it up. It takes something that is, for the most part, very boring and spices it up. I say, if it works, keep 'em coming.

  8. I'd be interested in hear from the guys at NEO (or Brett if he knows) to see if these videos are, in fact, selling properties faster. Video views are meaningless if they don't translate into qualified leads.

  9. HA! I loved it!

    I do have a question. I'm guessing when you do these they are part of an overall marketing campaign - traditional video, this type of video (real estate commercial), stills, website, etc.. I'm also guessing there is a property website where you can see the entire package, is that correct? I think these are great as property "commercials" and getting interest in the property. Once I'm interested and contact the agent I would guess I'm directed to other marketing materials. Is that how it works?

    As I said a million times above, I'm guessing and would love to know the answer.



  10. Trolls are people who don't like to be identified. If that's you, then the cap fits.

    I've actually spent the last week shooting a totally naked male.

    You need to get out more if your classify this as porn Nick.

  11. What a fabulous way to market 92 Savoy Drive! I think NEO's approach to video marketing is absolutely ingenious! I see nothing wrong with promoting a property with sex, especially since Ian Adams has proven that the strategy works; it sells their properties. This video is not racy at all. As I viewed it, I was impressed with its creativity and its humor. Yes, the naked models play a big role in the video, but they are merely subliminal. For me, the video accomplished what it was designed to do: I will remember the naked man walking outside the front door to remind me that this beautiful property offers lots of privacy. And, like many buyers, privacy is an important factor when choosing a house! Well done, Neo Properties! Keep up the creative work!

  12. Brett, If you cant take the critique/opinion than I suggest you stop having Larry promote the shit out of your videos every other week.

    There is no need to start attacking someone for their opinion, after all that is what this site is here for isn't it? What works for you/your client may not work for someone in another part of the world.

  13. Hopefully you got permission to use those those trademarked Calvin Klein and Srixon brands in the commercial video.....

  14. Hey CJ. I'm not attacking. I'm defending. Best learn the difference.

    I just won't have a good Client and a friend of mine called "a dirty old man" and I won't be called a pornographer. Because I'm not.

  15. Brett, for goodness sake, lighten up. I never called Ian Adams a dirty old man. I don't know him. Actually, what I said was that, "Your client is probably a really nice guy...", but "he’s just coming across as a dirty old man". In your video he looks straight into the woman's (surgically enhanced) cleavage without even a care as to whether or not she notices. You are helping spread the message to men and boys that this is acceptable and the only thing that matters in a woman is how she looks.

    I also didn't call you a pornographer. I said, "Porn is the most searched for field on the web, so it’s hardly surprising that people wanted to watch your video of a girl in her underwear." That's completely different. And of course that's why 2M people watched your video. If it wasn't, you wouldn't have featured another attractive woman is skimpy clothing in this video.

  16. Actually Brett, YOU should learn the difference my friend.

    Defending would be sticking up for Ian and pointing out why you feel he is not "a dirty old man".

    Attacking someone is acting like a child and saying "You need to get out more if your classify this as porn Nick."

    I still dont get why, after you talked about trolls, you proceeded to say "I’ve actually spent the last week shooting a totally naked male" has anything to do with anything in this blog post either (trolls etc)? Is that supposed to prove something to the readers of this blog post? Seems kinda odd for someone to feel the need to point that out in today's day and age.

    Keep up the good work, but lose some of the attitude bud. Like I said, you have a good thing going with Larry posting your videos every other week, with that much exposure you are going to get different opinions and comments.

  17. I'm also a little confused on the whole "I've actually spent the last week shooting a totally male" comment after the trolls description.

    Does that mean the rest of us readers are trolls because we are not or have not shot "totally naked" men? What about a half naked man? does that remove the troll tag from me?, or just make me half a troll?

    Maybe Brett can enlighten us as to why he feels spending a week with a naked man is relevant to anything in this blog post.

  18. The last Neo video we shot featured a naked man walking through a house. It's heading towards 2,000 views in the past 72 hours and is part of Neo's dual marketing campaign. Both vids appear on the same web site. Duh.

  19. Hey Thomas. C.J and Nick Jones. Why aren't your names clickable? You guys ghosts? Or nameless trolls? Who do you work for? What do you do? If you are for real, why can't we see your web sites? Never feed the trolls huh. Blah. Blah. Blah. At least I am for real you ghosts.

  20. So are you for real because you "spent the last week shooting a totally naked male" or because you have you "name clickable"?

    Nameless trolls?, umm, my name is CJ and I believe his name is I missing something here Brett?

    Does it say somewhere on this site I need to have my name clickable to post an opinion? What does that in any way have to do with my opinion/questions above?

    Again, you are looking for a way to attack the people who give opinions you don't seem to like.....kinda pathetic.

    You keep making talking about page views over and over. I REALLY hope you are not basing the success of a video solely on that! There are simple programs out there that can add as many page views to youtube etc as you want. Just give me the word and Ill add 500k to your video with a simple click of the mouse my (

    Anyway Brett, last post for me. The intent was never to get into an argument with someone acting like my 10 year old. (and sorry to the other readers of this blog for carrying on)

    On that note...the Ghost is out.

  21. I realize I'm jumping into this about 3 months late but I must say that I agree with Brett. The real estate industry is horribly boring and it doesn't need to be. There's so much room for creativity and everyone just plays it safe for fear of"ruining" their reputation.

    I wanted to mention an aspect of this discussion which doesn't seem to have been touched on and that is the client. A lot of the detractors seem to have a personal bias against this kind of creative. I think that ultimately the client is suffering with that kind of attitude because we, as realtors, need to bring value to the client. Why not mention to them that this kind of thing is an option? They might actually like it. If they don't like it, then they don't like it. And if they hold it against you personally and don't want to work with you -- then do you really want to work with them?

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