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Tamron 10-24 New Challenger To Sigma 10-20

Published: 18/03/2009

The Sigma 10-20mm has been long been a popular lens for real estate photographers. I just noticed that Tamron announced the Tamron SP AF 10-24mm F3.5-4.5 Di II LD Aspherical last year at Photokina 2008. This announcement slipped right by me at the time.

The price/quality point of the Sigma 10-20 and Tamron 10-24 is the the most popular for real estate photography. The Sigma has been the best ultra-wide-angle for the money for some time and Tamron appears to be trying to challenging this position. The street price of the Sigma 10-20 is around $430 and the Tamron is around $475. In the dpreview lens review of the Tamron Andy Westlake says:

"The 10-24mm enters the market keenly priced to compete with similar lenses from Sigma and Tokina, and is therefore substantially cheaper than the wide angle zooms available from the camera manufacturers themselves. This combination of high specification and relatively low cost will no doubt appear compelling to many potential buyers."

Main Features of Tamron 10-24mm

  • Ultra-wide-angle 15-36mm equivalent focal length range
  • F3.5-4.5 maximum aperture
  • To be available for Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony mounts (Nikon includes built-in AF motor)
  • Designed for APS-C/DX format DSLRs only

Right now the Tamron 10-24mm is only available for Nikon but all the major lens mounts are to be supported. I'll be adding the Tamron 10-24 to my real estate photographer's lens table. I apologize for not getting it on sooner. Does anyone out there have one a Tamron 10-24?

Larry Lohrman

9 comments on “Tamron 10-24 New Challenger To Sigma 10-20”

  1. I've been craving and saving for the Sigma 10-20mm but the Tamron 10-24mm looks interesting. I have a Nikon D40. Any thoughts about which might be best. Hope someone can share some images for the Sigma and Tamron

  2. I have the Sigma 10-20 and I can only say that it is a great lens that captures excellent images. For me it has been money well spent.

  3. Larry:
    DPReview did not compare the Tamron 10-24 against ANY of the comprable lenses - Nikon 12-24; Tokina 12-24, Tokina 11-16; Tamron 11-18 or Canon 10-22. Why not, they were available for them to use, they've been around forever.
    I have the Sigma 10-20 and got it when first released in July 2005. LOVE IT! While it is a compromise at 10mm in some cases, a new lens is going to have to go a long way to really matchup.
    DPReview just did a lens review of the Sigma 10-20 after it has been out over 3.5 years! Here is the link:
    The lens I am interested to see how the current 10-20 compares to is the NEW Sigma 10-20 3.5 constant lens. It is bigger and heavier and may or may not be superior to its older brother. It will likely cost a good bit more as well.
    Here is a DPReview link to the announcment from Sigma:
    All in all, great times to be in super-wide angle photography ...

  4. has never had much about lenses like they have for bodies but in the last 6 months or so they've been building up their lens review section. My guess is that since they were purchased by Amazon last year they are moving to build out their lens reviews to match their body reviews.

    They are not comparing the Tamron 10-24 to anything but the Sigma 10-20 because there are no other ultra-wides below $500USD.

    For detailed comparisons of lenses the best site I've found is this is where all the ratings in my lens table come from. The Tamron 10-24 has not been on the street long enough to be rated but it does have a review... I have a link to the review in my lens table.

  5. A lens that seems to be repeatedly overlooked is the Tokina 11-16 f/2.8. I've been using it for a few months now and it's crazy good. At about $560 (in the U.S.), it's at least as good as the Nikon 12-24 and costs almost half as much. For DX shooters, it's definitely worth a look.

  6. I totally agree with John Becker I also shoot with Tokina 11-16 f2.8 and I think its the best lens or very close to it for this type of work - super wide angle, speed, price and the quality is great.

  7. I also agree with John & Tom about the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8. I was looking at getting a Nikon 12-24mm for my D300 but it's extremely pricey, not to mention the price has actually gone up on those Pro lenses. The Tokina is a great alternative and has gotten great reviews in every aspect. Ken Rockwell specifically thought it was a fantastic lens for DX users. I'm about to go on a trip and need a good lens for landscape as well as my venture into Real Estate Photography and this is probably going to be the go-to lens.

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