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Standing Out in a Complex Marketplace

Published: 12/06/2020

Sponsored Post Saturday - HDPhotoHub

When Toronto-area business owner Herman Sham made the switch to HDPhotoHub, he immediately added an HDPhotoHub property website to all his photo and media packages. The property sites included a marketing kit with social media sharing options, and Herman soon discovered that “whether agents used these extra marketing tools or not, they were finding value in having them.”

In a competitive marketplace, Herman knows his real estate agent clients have a lot of choices when it’s time to select a photographer and media provider. He values how HDPhotoHub is helping him stand out by delivering clients access to an all-in-one solution.

“It was clear from the start that HDPhotoHub understands that agents have very different needs. They deliver a range of marketing resources that are valuable to different types of agents and then the agents can control what they use.”

The Value of a Technology Provider

Before using HDPhotoHub, Herman had been manually creating a single property website for every order. However, with the Studio GTA Real Estate Media team shooting about 50-100 properties per week, this manual process was no longer the right solution for his business—or his customers.

With HDPhotoHub, his clients now automatically receive a high-quality property website and a marketing kit with every order. Herman is proud to deliver a marketing package that can scale with business growth and  meet his high standards for displaying media in a stunning way; “The HD property websites are modern and attractive, and the design keeps the focus on the photos, which is what my real estate customers want.”

Delivering a Great Customer Experience

Herman has also appreciated how HDPhotoHub’s exceptional customer service has helped him better serve his own customers; “HDPhotoHub responds quickly to me when my customers have questions. They’re always looking for new ways to solve any challenges that come up and I feel like my business is valuable to them.”

Herman was also glad that HDPhotoHub’s transition services included a one-on-one training session at no additional charge, “We walked through everything and it was extremely helpful when I needed to provide support to my customers. That level of service is something that the competition simply doesn’t provide.”

As "Custom" as the Home Being Shown

In an increasingly complex marketplace, it’s never been more important to stand out. As a small business owner who serves other small business owners, Herman strives to deliver his clients the modern marketing solutions they need to compete.

The HDPhotoHub marketing kit allows each agent to control how they’ll promote a listing, and the property website is the showpiece that anchors the experience. Herman feels confident he’s offering customers a product that will promote their success. “HDPhotoHub creates a property website that shows my photos and the property in the way they should be displayed. It’s a contemporary design that feels as "custom" as the home that’s being shown.”


HDPhotoHub is a platform for real estate photographers that quickly creates feature-rich property websites and social media marketing tools. The system also offers multiple small business solutions including order forms, payment collection, and scheduling. HDPhotoHub CEO Herb Dierks has been pioneering technology for real estate photography since 1997 and founded HDPhotoHub in 2018. Herman Sham is the owner of Studio GTA Real Estate Media, a Toronto-area real estate photo, video, and 3D floor plan company, and he has been using the HDPhotoHub system for more than a year.

To find out how HDPhotoHub can help your real estate photography business, visit or call (509) 515-3338.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by HDPhotoHub – PFRE does NOT receive any commission or referral fees if you choose to use their services.

PFRE Admin