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Sony A6000: The PFRE Product Of The Year

Published: 02/01/2016
By: larry

SonyA6000Over the last several months I've become so convinced that the revolution that we've been seeing with the mirrorless cameras coming out of Sony is a very significant development in photographic gear.

Wayne Capili introduced us last September to the Sony A6000 and 12 mm Rokinon lens in his insightful guest post. And he has been showing us the results it gets with this combination in the PFRE Flickr group ever since. Wayne isn't the only one that discovered that the A6000 is great for real estate shooting. In the comments to Wayne's post on his new real estate kit several other readers pointed out that they'd discovered the A6000 too.

I find it amazing that you can get such a quality camera for right near $400 and with the 12 mm Rokinon that Wayne uses for real estate the total for the camera and wide-angle lens come in at around $720.

17 comments on “Sony A6000: The PFRE Product Of The Year”

  1. I discovered using the A6000 one year ago for RE photography. I saw how great it was on the very first house I used it on. I got better color, wider dynamic range, much easier to carry around the house and it reduced my photo time in the house and in post processing by 1/3. It's a great RE camera!

  2. I too am transitioning slowly from DSLRs to mirror less cameras. I would have considered the Sony also, but found the Fuji to feel more like my old Leica M-6 which was a pleasure to shoot with.
    I was using the Fuji X-Pro 1 system, but had it converted to IR only, so I purchased the X-E2 for RE work, and use their very sharp 10-24mm f-4 lens. I also purchased a light weight Rokinon 12mm f-2 lens for my elevated mast images, which also works well stopped down for interiors. My one objection with the Fuji, is that the flash will not synch faster than 1/180th, and hope the new X-Pro 2 will be faster. I've also heard that Sony cameras produce nice videos, where as the Fuji do not.
    But, it is such a pleasure to use a lighter camera, that will still give excellent results.

  3. How is the autofocus in lower light levels on the a6000?

    It looks like a great camera and autofocus tracking is supposed to be awesome when in decent light levels.

    But some say it struggles at lower light levels.

  4. My wife's a6000 is what introduced me to Sony mirrorless, and additional testing borrowing friend's A7 for an international trip, is what lead to my dumping Nikon and fully investing in the A7rII. While the A7 series may be overkill for RE the a6000 is phenomenal, it is just that I wanted to remain full frame. When shopping for the a6000 as a gift, her requirements were 1) must be small, and 2) have a viewfinder. Looked at some Panasonics, Olympus, and Fuji but ultimately Sony had the more complete package - both photo and video. She loves it as a significant upgrade from her Canon P&S it replaced, and our joint outing have become quite competitive.

  5. I am currently using an A7RII with amazing results. Formerly used an a99 and I'm suing the same ZA 16-35 2.8 lens on the A7RII.

    Results are not just better they are an order of magnitude better. Yes it's expensive but since the government tends to take over 50% of my profits in some type of tax it becomes affordable.

    There are no problems with AF (considering RE photography needs are not the same as covering a pro Hockey game). I shoot in only available light (no flash) and even the home theater rooms come out great.

    Client comment of the quality and I noticed an increase in new agents calling me out of nowhere. Of course it does have to do more with the person behind the camera but this system has enabled me to shoot the way I like with more freedom than before.

    I can't say enough about this system.

  6. I just got my a6K a few weeks ago and really love it. Took it with me cross country skiing last weekend and the shots are beautiful! Easily the best camera for the money I've ever bought.
    Headed to ImagingUSA in Atlanta on Thursday and I will be checking out Sony's booth specifically to really give the A7 line a look and talk to them about some upcoming lens announcements.

  7. @ Wayne-
    Have you heard of any successor to the a6K yet? That could be interesting to have that as the main RE body and my a6K as the backup/elevated pole camera.

  8. Jim Bolen, I just bought a second A6K for elevated pole shots. Got a great deal at Best Buy open box. I was using Samsung NX20 mirrorless on the pole and am in the process of selling all of it on Ebay. The open box came with Sony 16 50mm and I haven't had a chance to work with it to see if I can use it or should buy the Rokinon/Samyang 12mm.

  9. @Jim Bolen...The Dec 31 post on sonyalpharumors "confirmed from a reliable source" that Sony will ship the A6XXX in March. This was delayed twice during 2015, so who knows. Features of the A6XXX are unknown. Prices on the A6000 have dropped during the Christmas season, diminishing stock so would not be surprised if Sony announces the A6XXX sometime this month - perhaps around CES. I guess the good thing about the price drop on the A6000, other than the obvious good deal, is that it frees up the original pricepoint for the successor which would be great.

  10. ok.I admit it..I'm a bracketing, no flash kinda guy, whenever possible.
    I'm also, and outsource edit kinda guy.
    Works for my business model , for sure.

    I own an A7ll and 16-35...awesome combo.
    But day in and day out, my go to set up is the A6000 AND 10-18.
    Fast, easy, light, awesome results.
    My clients are happy, and so am I.
    Always trying to improve every day. But my A6000 does most anything I ask.
    Highly recommended.
    Just my 2 cents.

  11. I'm thinking about making the switch to mirrorless and have a question about the 12mm Rokinon lens - does the lack of auto focus slow down your workflow? I've used auto focus for so long that the idea of a manual focus lens gives me pause.

  12. Robert....after using focus peaking, magnified focus in the view finder, and LIVE depth of field at a particular f stop, I don't use autofocus anymore. Also, at f8 with the 12mm everything from 3 ft to near infinity is in focus.

  13. I do the real estate photos for my significant other using a Pentax K-01 with a 12-24 Pentax lens . Question for Wayne. Love your work and assume you do more than occasional cropping with the 12mm Rokinon? That is the question that first comes to mind. With the 24 MP sensor, I assume cropping is not that big an issue.

  14. Wayne Im very new to this and just started real estate photography with my a6000. I have been doing alot of bracketed shooting and now would like to learn off camera flash. Could you recommend a good starter off camera flash setup for the a6000. I have been researching but there seems to be alot of confusion about what works on the a6000 and what does not. Most likely I will be ordering from amazon. So if you have a recommendation so I can get something I know atleast works and start to learn it I would be very appreciative!

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