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SlideShowPro Discontinuing Their Product - What Are Your Alternatives?

Published: 10/01/2015

SSPClosureIf you have a SlideShowPro account you got an email today announcing that SlideShowPro is shutting down. Several readers asked today what they can use as an alternative.

The SlideshowPro site explains that their closure is a result of the fact that the majority of their products were Flash based and the Internet has evolved beyond Flash, mainly as a result of mobile devices that do not support Flash.

What are your alternatives if you've been using SlideShowPro?

  1. Of course, there's always the alternative of not developing your own custom slideshows/tours. For $12 a tour (when you purchase 10 at a time) you can use
  2. One alternative to SlideShowPro is JuiceBox. Very similar functionality, one-time purchase of $45 or $95 depending on how many domain you want to use it on. I've used it and it's easy to use.
  3. Christian in Ontario suggests the free lightbox plugin for WordPress. With this alternative you have to be up to running your own WordPress site... not a big deal but more than most real estate photographers want to do.

Numbers 2 and 3 above allow you do to create an unlimited number of SlideShows/Tours at a fixed monthly cost of your web site hosting. But you need to be up to the technical challenge of writing HTML and Javascript and integrating it into your website. Not all that difficult but not everyone's cup of tea.

Anyone else have any other favorite SlideShowPro alternatives?

Larry Lohrman

13 comments on “SlideShowPro Discontinuing Their Product - What Are Your Alternatives?”

  1. I purchased Slideshow Pro Director which is hosted on my site. It looks like I'm good to go until such time as the current technology no longer supports the installation. Sounds like I'll need to start looking like everyone else will soon be doing if nothing else than to keep up with current technology.

    Thanks for the update. I haven't (yet anyway) received an email from the Slideshow folks.

  2. I used slideshow pro for all our tours (html) over the last 4 years and luckily have until Dec 1, 2015 to come up with a replacement as I paid up front until 2017. Like Rich said, the self hosted version (which I also bought but never used) will work fine after they shut everything down, but there will be no support for it so you would need to hire a web guy if you have issues. Im sure you can find the self hosted files around the net if you choose to go that route.

    Lightbox comes in a whole bunch of different plugins for wordpress and I use it on my website for my photo samples, its great because it shows nice sized thumbnails and everything can be customized. Im thinking of just switching all future tours to wordpress as its so easy to use and the plugins basically do all the work for you, just upload the photos, choose your preferences and let it create the gallery for you.

    @Patrick, uses slideshow pro as well, but because they host it themselves they are not affected by the shutdown (I assume)

  3. For slideshows and filmstrip galleries in WordPress I recommend NextGEN Gallery combined with NextGEN Pro. There's multiple javascript based galleries which are responsive and work on mobile. NextGEN Pro also has Ecommerce, digital downloads and proofing for those who also want to sell and proof on their WordPress sites. Win win for real estate. I do work for the company who makes it, but I also use the product in my photo business on a daily basis. for WordPress users who are interested in learning more.

  4. Glad to learn of these other photo presentation sites. I use TourBuzz for my indidivudal property coverages but I am not sure if this thread is dealing with sites for sale properties or for one's own portfolio on line. While I use TourBuzz for the individual properties, I use for presenting my proofs to my clients for approval. The albums thus created can be embeded in a website with a simple iFrame string of code or just used as a freestanding photo album page that has a link back to the main site. Supports video and stills. Not a substitute for sites like TourBuzz but useful or cross platform presentations at a low cost.

  5. We have used Animoto for several years and would like to know how these other tour sites compare if anyone is familiar with it. We shot over 450 homes last year so paying $12 a tour at tourbuzz is not something that I feel would be cost effective, as we only pay roughly $300 per year for unlimited access and tours at Animoto, and it also converts to movies as well. I am looking at changing if there are better solutions.

  6. I've been using jAlbum for a decade or so (since I switched to WordPress I prefer to use plugins like Nextgen). JAlbum is easy to setup with a ton of preset skins and functions but also it can be easily individualized by some html and other programming language with any text editor. I got stuck with version 7 or so many years ago and am still happy with it. With my own preset any tour can be set up and running on the internet within less than five minutes. Or I send the complete show to a client who can play it online on his webspace or offline on any browser.

  7. I have been using Wow Slider

    There is a free version you can use with their logo on it. I tried the paid version but could not get it to launch on my computer so I am still using the free version. Only problem I have with it is it seems to show this awkward loading of photos. Not sure if it does that on other computers. Also, the randomizer sometimes shows that same photos too many times. But it works for now until I find something better.

    I'm thinking about redoing my website using $300 flat rate if you have your own hosting or they can host for different monthly packages. Simple, clean, and elegant site designs and simple HTML5 slideshows. They include really nice HTML5 slideshows but I'm not sure if you have to pay for each slideshow for each domain or if one time purchase can be used for multiple domains.

  8. Has anyone ever used Photodex Slide show producer?

    It creates some wonderful Ken Burns movements, (like http://www.PFRE, but it is much more you can control and vary the exact rates and times of all the transitions. After you complete a slide presentation, it can be uploaded directly to YouTube, Facebook or most social medias.

    I've used it to produce a video for some local Government agencies here, but don't know how I could do a tour for the MLS

    just wanted some feedback


  9. Eric Hilton, yes, Photodex Pro-Show... works real well. I don't do automatic loads. Since I only put about 25 pics into a show, I Ken Burns each one... with a little more "Umph" than an auto load will do. Yes, labor intensive, a couple of minutes per pic after PP... but it's pretty slick. Works well.
    - M

  10. Thanks Mike,
    I'd truly like to know how you are using it. I always update to the latest version, but would like your input on your usage.

    you can create a template and just drag your images into the spaces, then just tweak each image. PFRE tours creates ken burns tours, but the movement and transitions are arbitrary and different each time you view them. Pro show is very accurate and makes more sense with the zooms, pans and rotations. I wish I could create the tours and upload to

    what do you do about the getting music, timing and fading it out?

    can you contact me? I am very impressed with this program as it is like editing video except it is for stills

    thanks again.


  11. Mike, Eric Hilton,
    I use Photodex Producer Pro. I have been using this for years. I have created templates for different size jobs that automates the import process. The template holds the pan and zoom movements as well as captions if you so choose to use them. It also holds any standard images you want on every Slideshow such as your company nome or client branding. Typically I will spend about 15 minutes on a Video Slideshow. That includes the processing and upload to Of course I charge extra for this and it is well worth the effort. 80% of my clients use this option. Here is an example of a Slideshow I did for a client. It is a bit more than the standard tour so it took a bit longer to put together but it shows the capabilities of this product for Real Estate.

    Walt Simpson

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