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Selling Lifestyle And Selling Real Estate

Published: 24/12/2014
By: larry

SteamboatLifestyleCharlie Dresen in Steamboat, Colorado showed me his new listing in Steamboat today. With some properties, so much of selling the property is about selling the location this is one such property.

Here is Charlie's description of his approach:

Location, location, location, right?  Location has a lot to do with real estate values. Beachfront, lakefront or even next to open space all matter. My new listing just happens to be next to miles of open space used for mountain biking, hiking, skate skiing and more.  This was why the current owners of this home purchased it years ago. So I went about this new video highlighting the location first. Playing with the Movi M5 in the snow really made for some great lifestyle shots. I think it was a gamble to show the location and lifestyle for the first minute of the video but that’s what’s going to sell this home.  Yes, we’re selling real estate but we’re also selling the lifestyle that comes with the location. And when I asked the owners / sellers what’s the best thing about the home?  – They said,  “living so close to the trails. ”   So I just had to create the video with lifestyle, and location in mind.

I love the cool moves that Charlie does with his new Movi M5. Great work, as usual Charlie!

14 comments on “Selling Lifestyle And Selling Real Estate”

  1. As photographers in the real estate marketing industry our job is to not only show the property but to create an emotional connection. Sales, for the most part, is getting the buyer emotionally involved to create a response. Of course the response we and our clients need is to get more showings and faster sales.

    The hardest thing to do in my opinion is photographing a home so well that the viewer doesn't notice any details where the photo is lacking, allowing them to be fully immersed in the experience of what the home has to offer. Of course many of us are perfectionists and we would see a flaw in the photography where other would see a beautiful photo.

    Merry Christmas

  2. This is one of the best real estate videos I've seen. Really enjoyed it. Fun to view both as a potential buyer as well as a video critic. Nicely done.

    And, yes, Merry Christmas!

  3. Superbly made video, great job!

    I've had three requests to do video home tours. When I tell them what it will take to do one and the cost, they turn me down. They don't want to pay more than the regular price of the still photography.

  4. Nicely done. Smooth motion, too. I noticed the homeowner did a decent job with the voiceover. Hopefully you didnt have to cut more "ums" out :), I only have one suggestion... cut potentially negative comments like "low ceilings" when you catch them. Great job!

  5. Not a huge fan of real estate video but this one's going to change my thinking and quick. Powerful introduction. PERFECT pace and length. Voice over gets an easy A++ for substance (A- otherwise; lose "low ceilings", "where people [read crowds] congregate and not the biggest place). Color, exposure and balance, wow, wow and wow. This work is absolutely s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g.

    My wife, watching from the corner of her eye from across the room, is now madly Googling Steamboat Springs... I don't think you can ask for any more than that...

  6. Great video! I like the owner giving a couple of honest opinions like "low ceilings" etc. as it lends credibility to the rest of the video and to the "sales pitch". This works in face to face sales as well.

  7. Dang Dave, your comments warm my heart. Thanks for such thoughtful recognition.

    As for the "low ceilings" I actually asked her to say that. I'm a firm believer in not misrepresenting a property. This home is very cool but the low ceilings in the basement just don't work for some. And thus the price is lower because of the ceilings.

  8. Good stuff Charlie! I noticed you always put some mention or segment of lifestyle in your videos. I'm all for it. When selling vacation homes, if we can get people to fall in love with the lifestyle, the sale becomes much easier. And not only are you well on to this point, you are also doing it with skill and style. Furthermore, I'd be willing to bet videos like this bring attention to all of your listings. Love your work.

  9. Your 'gamble' to go lifestyle first obviously worked well here Charlie!

    With our own relatively humble productions we're often faced with the same question of do we show the home first or the location.

    I guess as long as our approach to editing is always from the potential buyer's point of view (a trait so obvious in all your real estate vids) then the passion and that desire to represent your seller's property in the best possible light delivers a final result that works regardless of the 'technical' structure of our edit.

    Great edit. Getting the owner to do the voice over worked perfectly. Love the Movi and the slo mo was awesome! 'Not to big' and 'low ceilings' - thank you for that shining ray of honesty - more please.

  10. Great video Charlie ... really encompasses the locality and property effortlessly (well, you make it look effortless). Can you tell me how long it took on site, and how long in post? Thanks

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