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No items found A Cool New Approach to Real Estate Tours

Published: 19/06/2012

Last week Steve Carroll told me about his tour platform that he's built that will allow other real estate photographers to provide tours to their customers just like his company (PreviewFirst) does. Here's how it works:

  1. Once a photographer gets setup on SavvyTours their agent clients can create free tours for 1 year. Pretty good looking tours, here's and example. Notice that these tours have Photos and Video. Here are Steve's words that describe the whole product.
  2. In addition to tours, agents get a free page (like this) that lists all their listings, both SOLD and ACTIVE along with a map that shows where all the listings are. Notice that this agent site is way better than ordinary sites that most agents have.
  3. After the first year the agent pays $100/year to continue this service. Pretty amazing price!
  4. Here is and explanation of how photographers get going with SavvyTours.

I think the key thing to notice with is that it's more than just tours, it is a real estate photography marketing system for independent real estate photographers.

Larry Lohrman

25 comments on “ A Cool New Approach to Real Estate Tours”

  1. Looks very nice and a great option for photographers! I think this is the best looking platform available, looks clean and modern. I find alot of the other platforms look dated and cheap, with photos default on fullscreen showing alot of grain. Keeping the video and photos on separate tabs is the way to go in my opinion, if someone wants to view video they will click it, if they want photos they will click that... nothing is more annoying then having a 30-60 sec video clip appear between photos.

    One question for Steve....can a company have that set up on their domain rather then the default Savytours one? Its always best for any company to drive traffic to their domain for rather than giving it to another company. To put in perspective the importance of driving traffic to your domain, this year to date we have 75,787 unique visitors, 123,411 visits and 6,184,544 hits ...although hits is a deceiving stat. Almost all of this traffic is to our hosted tours.

    If it cant its understandable, photographers should realize that they are getting a top notch (best i have seen to date) platform at a unheard of price in exchange for helping build savytours web presence, which in turn allows for the great price.

  2. Savvytours is cool! You English speaking guys are soo lucky with all the tour platforms and solutions. Try to do that multi language..
    Love the video, good mix of moving and stills. Some more timelapses would be great and a little shorter duration.

  3. I just wanted to chime in about Savvy Tours as I decided to join up with them late last year. I opted for having them create my own custom website that has my branding, but with their system in place. I'm so pleased with the results and Steve Carroll is really great to work with.

    I launched the site in February and printed 3000 flyers to help promote it. I passed out maybe 50 flyers to 3 offices and now have to hire a second photographer. I more than doubled my business in a short amount of time. That being said, if your photography is "bad" that's not going to happen of course.

    I highly encourage checking Savvy Tours out. 🙂

    My site is


  4. I looked at Steve's site and Savvy Tours and really liked what I saw. But like everything, one must look at what one needs and cost that one can afford. There are so many choices on the market - we personally like to have a larger company with a good customer support team. Some people prefer a smaller company with good customer support. In the end - it is customer support and site reliability and staying current with technology that count the most.
    Best of luck Steve in building your business. Your site and tours look beautiful and would make a good choice for many real estate photographers.

  5. I can honestly say that SavvyTours is my secret weapon when I go on listing appointments.  I probably shouldn't be announcing that.  My sellers love it.  I'm a broker and have been using this company for about a year.  everyone in our company uses it now,   I wasn't aware of the white label service. Anyone know $? Site doesn't say.

    I've only had to contact technical support once (about issue), and they responded within 15 minutes and solved the problem.

    It's true that it's more like a marketing system vs. just tours. My savvytours webpage profile gets a 100 x's (literally) more visitors and more contacts than my company website.

  6. I think what Chris says about "clean and modern" is true. So sick of tours that take forever to load and control my computer. And the ability to add true video from YouTube is key and really stupid that others don't. At least not familiar with any other tours that do this.

    @Gregory, The white label setup you are using is an interesting concept. How much is it? Can't be free. You've been doing this for several months? What is the support like? Have you ever needed any? Before switching to SavvyTours, it would be nice to know how reliable they are. Hope you don't mind me asking a bunch of questions, but you're the only photographer I know of that's using it.

    Has your business doubled because people want the tours/marketing system? Or is this just more of an online storefront to sell your services. Or both?

    I do like that all the tours give photographer credit and link to the photographer. Seems like that would generate a ton of contacts from mls and syndication sites like trulia. Have you gotten business because agents see your tours on the MLS and call you. That's the key I'd think.

  7. Larry, Thanks so much for mentioning SavvyTours. I'm honored that you think SavvyTours is worthy of your audience and thrilled with the comments.

    @Chris, Thanks for the compliments. You asked about using your own domain. We offer a white label service for those that want to completely brand their tours and use their own domain. Gregory Pierce (above) is a great example of how this works. He's done a terrific job with his site and is very successful. Check out, and you'll see that it has all the SavvyTours features, but hosted at his own domain and is completely branded as Capella Tours.

    @Anton, What Country are you in? We have a handful of international users and would be happy to work with you.

    @Courtney, I'm thrilled to read your comments and know that SavvyTours is an asset to your business. We haven't published the white label pricing yet. It's very inexpensive though (relatively speaking I suppose); about the same as an agent might pay for a website. For more information and pricing, please contact me at

  8. @Damien, Your last comment hit the nail on the head. We created this virtual tour platform so that independent photographers can compete with the big name brands. SavvyTours empowers photographers to promote their own work and grow their own businesses. The MLS, Trulia, Redfin,, and others, provide a massive amount of organic exposure to virtual tour companies. These MLS syndication websites are the secret sauce that make virtual tour companies so successful. With SavvyTours, YOU get all that exposure. Your tours have your name on them, and they all link back to you.

    We haven’t published the white label pricing yet. For more information and pricing, please contact me at

  9. @Steve
    Thanks for clearing that up!

    The white label option is icing on the cake for an already awesome looking platform.

  10. Do they have unbranded tours. As far as I know the Toronto Real Estate Board does not allow branded tours which makes Savvy Tours unusable to me.

  11. @Damien,

    Let me see if I can track on those questions. 🙂 BTW. You can always contact me through my site if you like.

    1. The white label setup you are using is an interesting concept. How much is it? Can’t be free.
    A. The white label setup can vary in price depending on your needs and how fancy you want it. I don't want to quote any pricing here as I may get it wrong. It can however be very reasonable for this kind of setup. It's specific to realtors, thus better than your traditional site like I have with Clickbooq.

    2. What is the support like? Have you ever needed any?
    A. Support is great. Steve has done a good job at answering any questions I had and getting support to fix any issues. I think I've had to call in for a slow upload time and that was due to a ton of uploads to the server at once. Nothing to fix there really. The other was to suggest an upgrade and guess what. They went with my suggestion. 🙂

    3. Before switching to SavvyTours, it would be nice to know how reliable they are.
    A I have used 3cim, Realtourvision, and Vpix. All decent companies. 360's are no longer king and realtors tend to hate them anyway. Does anyone ever look at these anymore? I don't and studies suggest that buyers don't as well. Sellers only ask realtors IF they will do a "virtual tour" as it's just a basic marketing question. Savvy does high end slideshows that I prefer. It focuses on your photography. Most buyers looking at virtual tours will look at one pano and then just go back to the photos. Savvy tours has a Video TAB and I'll be offering video soon. Love this feature. And yes, SavvyTours is very reliable.

    4. Has your business doubled because people want the tours/marketing system? Or is this just more of an online storefront to sell your services. Or both?
    A. I'm sure it's both. Realtors basically just want to have something to show their clients. They are happy however when they see how simple the system is.

    Hope that helps 🙂


  12. Ahah. Did not realize you were clicking my profile from a PreviewFirst page. Great catch. I use those Tours as examples on PreviewFirst, but the photographer profile is actually on SavvyTours, so it's pointing to a profile that doesn't exist on PreviewFirst. I better update that link. 😉 Thanks.

  13. @Steve forgive me for seeking clarety, but you are the owner of and you said that you created savytours so that independant photographers can compete with big name brands. is that a conflict of intrest?

  14. @ Kurdt. Wow thanks. While we do control more than 50% o the market her locally, we're actually very small; just a group of 9 photographers that serve Southern California... but our tours certainly do give the impression that we are a Big Name brand. Thanks!

    SavvyTours was built so other real estate photographers can experience the same success we have, at PreviewFirst.

  15. @Steve i would say you are a big name brand with %50 of the market. very nice work! are any of your photographers on white label for savytours too? how has it worked for them?

  16. Gregory, Thanks for the info. My wife did a presentation of our pictures and how SavvyTours works - for all the agents in this office that we shoot for and they loved it. I have wanted to reply on this blog, but too busy every day with new business. My wife and I have been shooting for this office for over a year, and there's a bunch of agents that didn't even consider professional photos forever. But because they like SavvyTours, they're giving me a chance. That's kind of irritating actually. But whatever. They have three other offices and asked me to do the same presentation for them. I definitely see why your business has grown.

    The owner is cool. and helped me when I had a problem initially. My problem actually, but he was really helpful. The only thing I wish was different is that I have to create an account for each one of our customers before I can create tours for them. And many of the agents never take the time to update their profiles with photos and their logo, etc. So, I end up doing it for them.

    The white label service is more expensive that I can afford right now, but I figure I'll get warmed up with the basic [free] service.

    @larry Thanks for sharing this.

  17. Hi all!
    I just came across this post and think Savvy Tours would be a great addition to the company I work for. We do a similar thing with templates, but it's begun to get somewhat complicated, and this seems pretty much hassle-free. One question though: I noticed that when I view example pages on my iPhone, the "Motion Picture" tab doesn't even show up (assuming because the slideshow is flash and no reason to have a tab link to something that doesn't work.. smart). But do you all think there's any chance this might change? Is it even possible? It seems like the iPad is getting increasingly popular, especially among realtors (I see several carrying around their iPad on photo-shoots) and it would be a great idea if the slideshow could somehow be implemented, because I honestly feel it gives the best representation of the home.


  18. I've been using SavvyTours for all my clients, for over a year and never paid a dime. My clients love it and its ridiculously easy and efficient for my workflow. It's completely free unless you want the white label service.

    I read on a blog that they plan to start charging $10/tour. But that was 2-3 months ago and it's still free. So who knows?!? Regardless, I've grown my business so much, I'm thinking about doing the white label this spring.

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