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Run and Gun Real Estate Photography Workflow Tutorial by Gary Kasl

Published: 28/10/2018

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Southern California real estate/interiors photographer Gary Kasl, has created a video tutorial outlining his approach to shooting real estate quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Here's what Gary has to say about the material:

Gary Kasl's Run 'n' Gun Workflow
I made this tutorial to show how I handle my "Run 'n' Gun" style of shooting. I can easily make over $200/hr with this workflow in my market and we have been doing so for over 2 years. I have presets to go along with the workflow and I explain it step by step from start to finish.
I wanted to share this information to help anyone struggling with finding a workflow that just works and is consistent. I also think this is a great way to speed up the entire process. I can shoot and edit most homes in under an hour and I'm confident, with practice, anyone can.
There is a support group to join and we love having new members! There are a lot of questions answered already and it's been pretty active. I'm also available for one on one coaching and additional info regarding this workflow."
The Real Estate Photographer's Handbook
I put this together to help answer some typical questions that come up while on a shoot. And just as the title says, this is a Handbook, meant to keep on-hand at all times. This is probably best suited for beginners and mid-level photographers but I think there are a few tips that could help anyone. Just a fair warning, it's short and to the point. I'm not really into "fluff" so I kept it very info-driven. If that sounds like something that could help you out, then I'm sure you will enjoy this easy to access information."
  • PFRE Readers can enjoy a 10% discount on the workflow tutorial and handbook by entering code: PFREREADER at the time of purchase.
  • Both Products are available for purchase here
  • Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.


Brandon Cooper

10 comments on “Run and Gun Real Estate Photography Workflow Tutorial by Gary Kasl”

  1. I downloaded the $10 PDF handbook thinking it covered the entire shooting and post-processing workflow. It didn't. It's a simple set of 3-4 on-site checklists that only a rank beginner would find useful (likely very useful if they're just starting out).

    That said, if you follow all the checklists, you're no longer doing "Run and Gun" as you are taking time to stage, compose and light. Which you should be doing anyway.

    I didn't get enough depth to assume that the $150 video was going to be worth it so I passed.

    If someone buys the video, I'd appreciate feedback to see if there's something there.

    Value-wise I'm sure there will be much more in the $129 9-hour architectural photography video workshop from Tony Roslund and RGG EDU

  2. I just viewed the portfolio images on Gary's website. He clearly can produce very high quality work -- but the images showed a great deal of careful staging, composition, lighting and post processing. Definitely not "Run and Gun".

    That said, I could envision someone with his skills being able to very rapidly shoot a modest home with a single light and having it come out looking good enough for real estate work. And depending on what he gets paid, he can make "$200/hour"...

  3. Definitely NOT worth the price. Not even close.

    There is nothing innovative in the material nor are presented clever applications of essential techniques. There might be an hour's worth of viewing, but likely less than that.

    Surprised that PFRE would promote this without vetting the product more carefully.

  4. I was surprised to see no sample or even a list of subjects covered.... I would suggest that would help with his sells of this product

  5. +1 with Jerry. I'm always happy to spend money (and time) to learn something, especially if it supports the community. With that said, without a sample of the material, a table of contents, or anything else to reference, its hard to make the investment. Maybe make the first chapter available for readers with a special code?

    Also, I'm a little intrigued by the "shoot and edit most homes in under an hour" comment. I'd love to know more - but more info is definitely required.

  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone, even negative remarks can be helpful. Maybe I should have been a bit more clear about what this is...

    This my PERSONAL WORKFLOW for handling "Run and Gun" shoots. This is NOT an in-depth look at how to create stunning real estate photography, full of tips and tricks for improving in any manner. It's all about speed. Quality work takes time and there is no way around it. The quality I produce with this workflow is not top quality but it's better than most of the work I see around town and on the MLS. It's a happy medium that MY clients in MY market love. There is no secret tip that's going to make you the best photographer, it takes time, practice and dedication. This is not the latest and greatest workflow that you've all been waiting for either, it's simply what I do to create a product. Like I said before, there are no magical ways of becoming great.

    I would also like to comment about the length of both the video and the handbook. I don't care for a lot of fluff when I read or watch a tutorial. I just want the info and that's how I delivered it. It's to the point and no-nonsense. I could have easily drawn out both with filler crap, double spacing, or a bigger font even but I chose to keep it short and concise. If you're looking for fluff, there's plenty of other tutorials with it and I've bought most of them.

    Finally, the price. If we all competed on price then we'd all be working for free. I feel like my workflow is worth way more than $150 or $135. I've easily made over $100,000 with this particular workflow since we've implemented it, and not only me but my brother has literally made a living from this workflow for over 2 years. It has consistency and sustainability and those 2 factors are of the utmost importance for running a business.

    If you are an upper mid-level to advanced photographer, please don't buy this. If you want some help to improve your work or workflow set up a call with me or one of the other amazing coaches on this site. We are here to help however we can!

    Thanks again everyone,

  7. Looks really interesting and intriguing, and the discount is very much appreciated. Just curious though, how LONG is the video? Even if concise in content, is it in sections or chapters, just 20 minutes or an hour? Very excited about signing-on.

    Oh, one thing for sure: The expected income enhancement in my community (mid-SC) and many others will be considerably less than Southern California, though very welcome.

  8. Glad to see that Gary participated in the discussion, yet all that was said still did not answer any of the concerns. A sample of the video and a complete list of contents.

    There was a another photog (here I think) advertising his new video series (9 hours) that you could get for $99 and offered samples and course content.

    Bottom line, I think if Gary marketed his product a little better, he would be more successful

  9. So this tutorial shows how to shoot AND edit in under an hour? I'd love to hear from someone who has bought this...I can't even imagine being able to shoot and edit that quickly. But I'd love to know how.

  10. I don't comment here very often, but as someone who has purchased this tutorial I felt the need to comment. I've been a professional photographer for over 30-years. I buy every tutorial I can find relating to interiors and study it closely in hopes of learning something new. If I can learn just one thing to improve my quality or workflow, I consider it a win. This tutorial from Gary Kasl does not have the production value of say a Mike Kelly or Barry McKinzie/RGG EDU tutorial, but there's a lot there for $75. Enfuse has been around for a while and I think most folks (except Scott Hargis), has experimented with it. Gary's workflow is clever, disciplined, explained well and yes, to the point (not a bad thing at all). With practice, this workflow can lead to great results while cutting your time onsite. If you are relying on average RE shoots exclusively, this could quickly make your business more profitable until you master more fundamental skills. The presets themselves are interesting to study. One of the techniques Gary explains is how to take a single raw file of an exterior and use Enfuse to recuse shadows. That little nugget is worth the $75 for me. I have to say I'm grateful to all those folks (including Gary Kasl) who have taken the time to share their knowledge for free or for profit. (FYI- Never met and don't know Gary Kasl).

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