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Real Estate Sites Of The World Implement YouTube Video Embedding Now!

Published: 28/03/2013
By: larry

Real estate websites everywhere need to allow and implement YouTube video embedding just like has already done. Here's a listing of Scott Wagners that has it. Here's why this is important?

  1. It raises the visibility of video so it is very obvious when a listing has a video. This makes it just as visible as still photos. Having a tour/video link hidden some place on the page just doesn't work well! Viewers hardly ever see the link.
  2. It simplifies setup of the listing. Having to upload video to like you have to for is insane and unnecessarily complicated. Pasting in some embed code is faster and easier.
  3. Everyone on the planet 3 years and older can recognize and knows how to run a YouTube video. YouTube is universally understood because literally close to 1 Billion users watch 4 Billion YouTube hours a month.
  4. YouTube's video runs flawlessly on any device.
  5. This approach is technically trivial to implement.

Embedded YouTube video for real estate sites is a complete no-brainer and is a win for everyone involved. It greatly expands real estate site functionality yet keeps viewers on the site, it gives agents another way to stand out from the crowd, and it gives potential property buyers more information about the property in a format they like. Once again our Aussie mates are ahead of the rest of the world!

Thanks to Andrew Hughes and Scott Wagner for pointing out this idea.


8 comments on “Real Estate Sites Of The World Implement YouTube Video Embedding Now!”

  1. For sites like, etc. it's not an issue. Unfortunately, most MLS systems forbid links to YouTube, mostly because the channel is almost always branded in some way, which goes against their policy.

    All a viewer needs to do is click on the YOUTUBE logo on the video and you're taken to the YouTube site and that agent's channel.

    Not related to the MLS rules, but that link also then presents most of your competition as well - not good. It also could show some bizarre videos that aren't exactly the professional image one would like to project (lots of questionable material on YouTube). It also allows the viewer to get distracted and start watching videos when you really want them to remain on your site, not get distracted on other sites.

    There are other solutions that work the same way: (, WellcomeMat offers an unbranded solution in a pretty quick easy step. But because there are no external links, no branding, no branding in the URL, etc. it's acceptable for the MLS. The link goes to YOUR video. Period.

  2. Adding to what Fred said, while YouTube has its issues, it is also the necessary evil as Google (which owns YouTube) gives high priority with search returns...typically media content moves to front page if tagged right. But then you are stuck with the YouTube issues. It is almost as if you need to upload to (free) YouTube and other (subscription) hosts. The non-professional version of Vimeo fits in there as well as Bing or Yahoo searches use them. The big trick on YouTube when getting the code is to check the box got "no add" so it doesn't push other videos at the end. I did that with my Realtor website as I iframed 2 YouTube videos on my home page with the local market report and "why use a realtor" put out by local and State realtor associations. The play cleanly within the frame or full screen and don't push other videos at the end, but Fred is if hitting the YouTube logo it jumps to a Youtube page. As I just checked it, the local market video put out by the realtor association had several 'suggested' videos down the right column with scantily clad women thumbnails for "Fail Collection" videos.

    WellcomeMat does offer a comprehensive product complete with the dual rendering for unbranded version, however, its pricing appears to be individual Realtor specific and not friendly to professionals like iPlayerHD is where videos for the client base is included in the one account without hosting costs to the clients. I may be wrong, or they recently changed, but that is what gathered a couple months ago.

  3. Australia is leading the way again. Here in the States, agents still work within the framework of the MLS for primary distribution. But I can see going this route soon.

    In 2010, SavvyTours started letting agents and photographers create virtual tours with videos embedded. If the embedded video is "MLS Compatible", the agent or photographer checks a box and the video shows on the MLS version. Otherwise, the video option only appears on branded virtual tours. Agents that want their videos on the MLS use SavvyTours specifically for that purpose, because an authorized virtual tour provider is usually required. That also overcomes the hurdles agents have at

    It's true that a user can click on the YouTube logo to view the video outside of the embedded page, but most people don't do that. They can go to YouTube anytime they want. YouTube also allows it's users to restrict "suggested videos". Here's an embedded YouTube video that is MLS compatible.

    Vimeo isn't free, but is a great solution to the external link problem, as there is no logo clicking. Here's an example of a virtual tour with Vimeo embed code,

  4. @Fred & Larry - Yes, I realize that many MLSs have their branding issues but in general the public doesn't look at MLSs so important traffic is all at non-MLS sites. The important sites that buyers look at are,, and all the broker sites. These sites are embedded video would make a big difference.

    Yes, absolutely, embedded video is embedded video, once sites support embedded video iPlayerHD, WelcomeMat and other embedded video should work too.

  5. Most agent sites will allow them to embed video into their pages, but most agent sites are rarely visited. The big dogs like Zillow, Trulia, and will probably go this route soon. I don't see why they wouldn't. But knowing them, they'll probably find a way to charge us agents to embed videos. It would be great if we could embed videos in our MLS that are non branded that will display on all IDX sites. This is probably a stretch though... I don't see it happening anytime soon.

  6. @Dylan,

    Speaking about embedding, why on earth would you embed a youtube video on your site that says "This video is private." when the public clicks on play? (FEATURED CENTRAL OREGON LISTING)

    Seems kinda silly, not to mention unprofessional.

  7. Here is a view from the realtors perspective who operates one of the largest real estate sites in our state. When it comes to online marketing, real estate portals are the enemy -, Trulia and Zillow battle us daily for space in the SERPS. We see no benefit at all in providing them with any additional tools to do battle with us.

    Interesting, exposure is always mentioned - but actionable leads that benefit our clients is more important. The reality is that these real estate portals DO NOT generate "real" leads for agents and thereby our clients. This is a myth. I, for one, don't want to enable them in any way.

    Additionally, all the comments mentioned about YouTube are correct. Some may think my views are antiquated - but they are the result of living it every day.

  8. Hey that's my website 🙂 No other video portals work in and Vimeo half the time does not work on devices or there are problems with uploads. Youtube always just works on anything.

    Properties have been sold just because of my videos and its starting to catch on. The way I shoot them is so people can see how the rooms flow and connect to each other. KISS

    Will people watch a 4-6 minute video, sure will if they are interested, over and over and the owners love them. I even have them ringing me up to thank me for the video tour.
    Will people click on other YouTube videos, maybe but that's no different to clicking on another listing in for another property.

    Everyone in Australia uses to look for properties, then they may end up on the agents website after that.


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