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Real Estate Photography and Filmmaking Workshops In Atlanta

Published: 02/02/2014
By: larry

ScottSFOI thought it would be useful to point out that Scott and Malia are having another weekend of workshops in Atlanta on Feb 28, Mar 1 and Mar 2. For all the details see:

Scott just told me last night that in Atlanta because Iran Watson has found such a fantastic shooting venue for the workshops, that he is adding an advanced workshop on Friday February 28th. Here is Scott's description of the advanced workshop.

...I needed to have a lot of ducks in a row in order to pull this together and one of them kept running off...but now we're official: there will be an "Advanced" lighting workshop in Atlanta on Friday, February 28th.

I say "Advanced" only because I don't know how else to differentiate it from the "Regular" workshop, which is certainly not for beginners, either. Mainly, the difference between the two is that the "Regular" (Sat/Sun) is geared very much towards real estate; which means it's speedlights-only, with an emphasis on being efficient and reducing the amount of post-production to a minimum.

The Friday workshop will be almost the opposite: how to slow it down and work carefully, with whatever light is appropriate (strobes, hotlights, subtractive light, and even speedlights) to compose and light a photo that will appeal to a broader audience than just real estate. We'll be mixing strobes and hotlights, working with gels, and using shift lenses throughout the day.

$450 -- same as the other days.

First, there is cross-over between the two. I won't stop you from attending both, but you're going to hear some things twice if you do. As far as "which one" -- I'd say that if you are NOT shooting real estate, then Friday is the better choice, unless you're un-used to working with lights. If you ARE shooting real estate, it kind of depends on how proficient you are. If you're still trying to learn about using lights, then Saturday/Sunday is your workshop, no question. Friday will be a waste of your time. If you're already comfortable using lights in your RE work, even though you might feel you could be improving (who doesn't feel that way?!) then Friday may well be exactly what you need. We will not be doing ANYTHING "quick and dirty" on Friday, and many if not all of the techniques will be impractical for the fast pace of real estate work. So again -- if you're not accustomed to shooting with lights, particularly strobe, then the Friday workshop might not be a good idea. Saturday/Sunday is a better introduction to lighting, and you'll have much to work on and think about afterwards! If you are already working with lights but just want to see how far you can take it...then consider Friday.

One last consideration: on the Saturday/Sunday workshop it's maybe 50-50 between you shooting, and me shooting. Friday will be more me, less you. So if you're wanting to be more hands-on, with coaching, that'd be Sat/Sun.

Update: To be clear, people can sign up for Malia’s video class Fri-Sat, and then Scott’s lighting class on Sunday. The only combination that would NOT work would be Scott’s ‘advanced’ class (Fri) AND Malia’s video class.

There's a new item in the drop-down menu at the bottom of the signup page -> this page:

I want to say one other thing: I get questions and see comments like when are Scott and/or Malia going to come to MyTown? Well, I don't pretend to speak for Scott or Malia, but the logistics of setting up workshops like this are challenging and as a result they are very few and far between events. These are not Scott Kelby seminars where you can sign-up 500 to 1000 people in each major city in the US. I would treat the opportunity to go to one of these US workshops as a once in a life time event. Even when you factor in airfare from anywhere in the US these workshops are a great deal.

18 comments on “Real Estate Photography and Filmmaking Workshops In Atlanta”

  1. I am so looking forward to Friday with Scott! This should improve my game quite a bit, not to mention the interaction with some other great photographers as well.

  2. What?? Hargis & Malia in my home town?!! I am clearing my schedule right now. Totally pumped. Iran, thanks for whatever part you played in this. Really pumped!

  3. I do have a question. Scott, in your blog it says we can attend Malia's and your event. On Malia's signup page it shows a 3 day event for her seminar. How would I sign up for both? Thanks.

  4. Sounds awesome you guys! Scott, I dont know if I will ever be able to make it to one of your workshops coming from Hawaii, but I would sure pay more to see another book or an addition to your current book regarding the techniques you talk about in your Friday class.

  5. Terry,

    That was confusing, thanks for pointing it out. Malia's filmmaking class on how to produce property videos (which is KILLER; I've seen the student videos from her San Francisco class) is Friday, Feb. 28th, and Saturday, Mar 01. They do one day of shooting video, and one day learning to edit in Premiere, hands-on putting their own videos together.
    If you wanted to attend both workshops, you'd do video on Fri/Sat, and then stills (with me) on Sunday.

    Larry, thanks for the post. I think these workshops are going to be very, very good. The houses we're shooting in Atlanta are pretty special; new construction, and HUGE, but the best part is that they're being used in a Decorator Showcase event just prior to our classes. That means that nearly every room in each house is being "done" by a different interior designer as a sort of "live" portfolio of interior design. We've made arrangements so that ALL THAT STUFF IS BEING LEFT IN PLACE for us. As "raw material" goes, this is definitely high up on the awesomeness scale.

    A lot of people augmented their stills portfolios in SF a couple weeks ago, and I think everyone in Malia's class started their video portfolios as well. We've got a private Facebook group set up for workshop attendees that's becoming a great place to share photos and technique and ask follow-up questions. Atlanta is the last workshop for me for the foreseeable future; I'm planning on making it count.

  6. I attended the SF workshop a couple of weeks ago...GAME CHANGER!!!! GO - You will not regret this investment in your business! Being able to ask questions and learn how to solve problems/ tackle challenges is invaluable, and meeting other RE photographers is a bonus!

  7. Scott, I hope you can have classes in the mid-west sometime. Atlanta is just too far to drive from Detroit. Chicago may be a good location.

  8. @Hans - Get on a plane and fly to Atlanta, it's worth it... did you miss that Scott said, "Atlanta is the last workshop for me for the foreseeable future"?

  9. Larry, I wish. I will be on a plane but I'll be flying it, Singapore to Tokyo on the 29th. Fortunately I have his book and videos.

  10. @patti - Note that above Scott said: "Atlanta is the last workshop for me for the foreseeable future" my understanding is that the Boston workshop is no longer on... Better go to Atlanta!

  11. You all have every reason to be excited, I scouted the two homes out last week and they should be nothing short of spectacular when they are fully completed and finished (yes, these are brand new construction, as is "paint still drying" new construction). Not only are there plenty of great architectural details to capture but lots of challenging spaces that will allow Scott and Malia to really demonstrate their expertise.

    I plan on being there all three days, first two in Malia's workshop and Sunday with Scott. I hope to see a lot of you there, this is going to be EPIC!!!

  12. I participated in the SFO workshop as well. Fly, drive, walk… whatever you need to do to get there. There are so few hands-on workshops for real estate photography. Taking time away from clients and other distractions really allows you the time to focus on your craft. I came away with so many ideas I'm having a hard time implementing them all! And, an added bonus, Malia & Scott are just downright fun to be with.

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