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Real Estate Photographers Need to Know About

Published: 09/11/2011
By: larry

Last week I was talking to David Eichler about the options for great looking slide shows. David thought that Slideshow Pro was flash only. It's not.

Generally there are two kinds of real estate photographers:

  1. Ones that don't have any inclination or desire to fool around with HTML and would rather just use turn-key tours. If you are one of these, this post is probably not for you. Move along, nothing to see here.
  2. Ones that know enough HTML to embed stuff in a website or blog. This post is for you.
The kind of slide show real estate photographers need these days for their tours, property sites and galleries are as follows:
  1. Smooth, elegant, well designed great looking slide shows with a lot of configurable options that control almost every aspect of the slide show.
  2. Uses Flash on all the platforms that have Flash (laptops and desktops) because Flash slide shows are still the coolest looking slide shows.
  3. The slide show needs to be able to sense when it is being viewed by a iPad or iPhone that doesn't have Flash installed and be able to degrade to javascript and HTML5.
This is exactly what does. Here's the way works:
  1. For $49/year hosts your slide shows. They work like 1, 2 & 3 just above.
  2. You upload your photos to and you get embed code for each slide show. Kind of like video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo and others work.
  3. You embed the slide shows that hosts into your site, tour or property site.
Here is an example that I've pointed out before. You'll notice the familiar looking SlideshowPro, slide show is embedded in some simple branding HTML to form a wrapper for the slide show. You'll also notice that this slide show runs in Flash if your on a Windows or OS X machine and it is still viewable on iPhones and iPads... just the behavior you want. If you need to understand all this in more detail you can try it out for 14 days for free.

10 comments on “Real Estate Photographers Need to Know About”

  1. Hey Larry, and are the same company and have the same products. So, I'm not exactly sure what different flavors you are talking about. Can you explain farther?

  2. Larry has got himself mixed up I think, there is no difference between the .net and the .com is the company's website for all their products. What Larry is actually talking about above is Slideshow Pro Director, which you can either buy one time and host yourself on your own server or use their hosting and select from 3 pricing options....their hosting is

    Another thing Larry didnt mention is the Lightroom plugin that allows you to export your photos right to your slideshow pro director hosted account ( account). You can create your new slideshow albums right from Lightroom. Information about the plugin is here

  3. @Lucas & CJ - Ya, sure .net and .com is the same company. My point is that is a slideshow hosting service... try it out. are products you purchase to host slide shows on your own site, very different. With you don't need LR or Director.

  4. @Larry

    Of course you dont need Director because is their hosting service for Slideshow Pro Director. You can buy their hosting service (powered by Slideshow Pro Director) on either of their sites, it makes no difference and both are the exact same thing.

  5. @CJ- OK so is using director. I took out all references to Director and .net in the post to make it simpler to understand.

  6. I think everyone is missing the point. A pre-made real-estate tour company is not the thing to be dissing here. Most of the pre-mades these days look and feel very professional and are changing to meet the needs and requirements of the market.
    The point actually is that most photographers are afraid to or don't have the skill to add to just the basic and differentiate themselves from other photographers or competition for dollars.
    With lightroom, animoto, slide show pro, etc. it takes minutes to create an additional slide show that is much easier to embed and highlights more of what a particular property needs to sell. By creating two items with the same pictures, but using different music, graphics, video, etc you can give your client more of what he/she needs to sell the property.
    Every job we do gets a "free slide show for embedding" that is more than or a different viewpoint than the tour we purchase. an example would be:
    I made this to have a button at the end with a call to action to go to the regular tour - or it could be a website. It is much easier to send to you tube than the actual tour and it is fun. (no comments on content, photography or music please- this is just a sample made up for this blog in less than 5 minutes from an old listing).

  7. I am not a fan of programs or services that produce slideshows with 'robopan' motions that don't make visual sense. I guess it's the notion that any motion is better than no motion, but I don't agree. When the image starts with the house centered and slowly pans diagonally down to show more of the concrete driveway or the brown spot on the lawn, you know that no human thought was given to the motion. I know it's more work to do it yourself and get up to speed on a program like PowerDirector, but I like the results better. Plus you can create titles, add video clips, etc. Here's an example I did last year: (all photos are mine except the sunset shot the realtor supplied)

  8. @ Dave

    You can create titles for each photo with (slideshow pro director) and you can also add video clips along with your photos. But you are right, you cant specify the panning using the web interface.

    If you use the lightroom plugin you can choose In, Out, In and Out or Off for the panning and have alot more control over the overall look of the slideshow (like the thumb size, colors etc)

  9. With all due respect for the author and to the plug for slideshowpro, Adobe Flash Plug-In (pun intended) for mobile devices is ending its life today. The news are actually in this very blog. This by itself is not contradicting the original post but looking into the future, in my opinion, Adobe is on its way to abandon the Flash plug-in on the desktop as well, moving towards Adobe AIR and HTML5 and beyond. This move makes sense, since Adobe will not be able to compete for long with HTML5, JavaScript libraries such as JQuery and the future enhancement of the HTML protocol and its support by all major browsers.

    Therefore, as good as photography looks in Flash today, it will most likely go the way of film based photography.

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