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Coming Soon... Is Pushing The Boundaries Again - Selling Property With Sex

Published: 19/09/2014
By: larry

AlliraCohrsOne thing you can always depend on is our mates at will always be pushing all the boundaries! They are at it again with this mobile formatted property video that features Australian bombshell Allira Cohrs.

They are obviously pushing the technical boundaries with this video. Brett Clements says:

First job on the RED Dragon. With a few shots from the C300. Shot for mobile devices. Turned the camera on its side. And we cut it in portrait and we are streaming it in portrait, using our new transcoder. The Dragon's colour science is stunning!!

While many will think that Allira's "assets" divert too much attention from the property, Brett and his crew have shown several times before that sex sells upper-end property (at least in on the Australian Gold Coast).

Brett and his team have even managed to get Inman news to do a poll on whether or not this approach does more harm that good. About 1 in 4 Inman readers (26%) thought that the video may do more harm than good. I guess you'll just have to watch the video and decide for yourself!

29 comments on “ Is Pushing The Boundaries Again - Selling Property With Sex”

  1. There was a house in that video?

    Seriously though, this is a beautifully done video. I could see it being very effective in certain US markets like LA & Miami for example but in a small suburban town like mine I would be drummed out of town if I had a naked woman in my property videos.

  2. Good production values. Make a good TV ad. But I would think it would limit the market to those who are motivated mainly by sex. And there are those. I would hope the producers would also stream a video that appeals to those who want to see what they might buy which I think, depending on the demographics, would represent the larger market. I have been told that women are the decision makers on most family purchases. I am not so sure they would be swayed by a busty young thing dripping with desire to lure their husbands when the wives were out trying on Gucci. But in today's world who really knows? I am just happy that people are using their imaginations to conjure up different approaches to every market and marketing approach. If it works, use it.

  3. Short analysis

    First: What do we see in that video?

    There is a high end appartment and a woman who pretends to live there. She is shown doing several quite normal activities: sitting on a sofa using a tablet computer, standing at the bar, enjoying the view from the balcony / terrace, partying, swimming in the pool, having a shower. Nothing special so far. All shot in a very glamerous manner, a style which suits this ambience. This is different from other videos in that genre.

    Second: What's the target group?

    Wealthy male AND female buyers. Possible intentions from the commercial point of view maybe not really politically correct but could be like this: Males may think: 'This is the place I'd like to share with the partner of my dreams / my wifey / my girl friend (if only either of them would look as glamerous as this model).' In their perception the woman is rather part of the interior. Female buyers may be a bit different. They put themselves into a typical 'this sexy thing could be me' status like they usually do with ads for shoes, fashion or jewellery. (That is not my verdict, that is what the advertising industry wants.) Or has anyone ever seen a mediocre model in a high end commercial for these goods?

    Third: What do we learn?

    This video stands out from the crowd of typical RE videos which usually are determined by technical info on the property and / or nice imagery. So far it is rather a commercial. It's task is not so much to inform about the property but to make potential buyers curious and, ofcourse, to get viral on the net.

    My verdict: Congrats to the makers of the vid. You address a very specific audience and may be really successful, because you speak their language. The only thing I don't understand is the portait mode. Maybe the targeted viewers mainly use smart phones 🙂

  4. @Malia & Oliver - They shot it specifically for mobile devices... see The quote from Brett.

  5. This quote is light grey an in very small print on my iPhone. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Nice try, but afaik most mobile users automatically turn their device in landscape mode before starting a video. Thus it's just another feature to stand out from the norm.

  6. I get the portrait thing, works beautifully on my Galaxy.

    I always found it odd that property, being such a high ticket item, lags behind other commodities when it comes to adding a splash of glamour. The glamour bit adds to the interest of the subject. Marketing is part science and part art, adding the glamour is a little bit of both. At the end of the day the photography is a component of the marketing.

  7. Well, like it or not, it was very innovative from them to format the video for mobiles (Daring and thinking ahead makes them leading).
    In the beginning of the video, as we can perceive that woman does't belong to the place,I realise that a beautiful house can be seen as a beautiful woman in term of curves, sexyness, charm, glamour, etc...
    They mixed both the clips of the woman and interiors/exteriors very well in terms of rythm wise.
    But at the end of the video because of certains clips showing too much of the woman, I thought that once again, woman were considered as an object not the house considered like a woman (like in hip hop videos nowadays) maybe that how the clients targeted think ?
    But that's just my thought. For me, less is more, you don't need to show all that to make a woman look sexy.

  8. I agree with Oliver. This reminds me of a jewelry ad that has little to do with the jewelry, or a perfume ad that has little to do with the perfume. Amazing how little of the property is actually shown, but I guess the ad was not directed toward me.

  9. 🙂 I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair! My wife came in the kitchen and inquired... I showed her, she scowled. The content is audience dependant. So, while very well executed, only appeals to a very limited group of buyers, predominately well financed & male, while excluding virtually every female buyer, the exception being those that see implants as a path forward.

  10. Yeah, it is an attention getter and there is no shortage of skill in the production.But at the end of the day I look at the business model of the makers of the video.

    What gets my attention is that gear, skills, people and time are valuable and cost a good bit as they could be employed elsewhere for good money. So just what are they charging for this video and does the fee represent a fair return on their investment?
    I understand in Australia the property owner pays for all marketing and thus the cost of a production could easily pay for itself if it was selling a building. In the US videos such as this are the province of casinos and agency commissioned marketing pieces.
    The take home message for me: Nice for them that they have a market that can support that kind of work. Here in my corner of reality I am fortunate to shoot a lot of high end property for good money but even so the business model would not support gear and crew that many aspire to.

  11. It's all about balance. I love the progressive nature of PlatinumHD and will always turn to them for inspiration. But this video was too weighted on her breasts. Like when an editor can't decide on what's the best shot, so they include all of them. Taking out a little more skin and we're not going to complain or question the content.

  12. I commented on this above but I passed this by my brother who works in the mobile arena a lot. This is his take and I think it has a lot of merit since the medium used is also very much a part of the message and can just as easily define the audience as the content itself. "Mobile medium is 'You have 2-3 secs to get my attention and a maximum of 15 to get your point across before I move on'. Mobile is for instant communication... The images have to instantly (emphasis on instantly) convey what words cannot." And that I think lies at the root of what might be a problem with this video - it takes much too long to deliver its message.

    I admire the approach, the skills and the polished presentation, and it is addressing marketing for real estate in a new way even if using buxom women is not. But in creating it for the new media, I think they are forgetting the short attention span of this medium's audience. And what they want from mobile streaming may will be something to be delivered in a max of 15 seconds with a link to an expanded version if they want to learn more. But if nothing else, it challenges our status quo and pushes us all to expand our thinking.

  13. Yes the video was done pretty well but I think it was in poor taste for real estate. The audience will be very one sided. This would work for a music video but it was very distracting if you are really trying to decide on a multi million dollar home. The model was way to forward in the scenes and took away from the subject, the home. But if you want to distract your buyer this is a great way to do it!


  14. I've had the privilege of looking around on the inside of Bretto's operations and having lunch with the creative dude x. It's remarkable the tech, the team and the vision that Brett has for the family of PlatinumHD which is beyond light years of our global imagination. While the theme maybe not my style and for others in this genre... I for one say brovo mate, you have everyone talking and as a inspiring still lots to learn marketer, I believe this is the ultimate aim!!

  15. Every time a PlatinumHD video gets posted here it leads to a debate of whether its effective selling real estate, I'm guessing it is because the demand for this type of product is increasing and PlatinumHD seems to keep growing. I don't think this video was designed to sell the property, that's the listing agents job, I think it was designed to appeal to a certain demographic that could afford the lifestyle this video represents.

    No matter how a video is produced, or still images are created, if it isn't part of an overall marketing strategy then its going to be largely ineffective. I have no idea what strategy, if any, the realtor for this property has but I'm sure the video itself will generate a lot of interest. If the realtor can't turn that interest into a sale then that's the agents fault, not the videos.

    The idea that a video sells anything is laughable, how much interest do the videos you produce generate? That's a rhetorical question not aimed at anyone specific, including myself. If you want to know the effectiveness of this video call the listing agent, maybe he/she will tell you.

  16. I disagree with Peter's comments somewhat. I think it is right that the presentation does need to capture the viewer's attention very quickly, and I think that the video in question does that sufficiently well. As to needing to get the message over immediately, I think that really depends upon the presentation, and whether it can hold the viewers' attention once it has made its initial impression. I don't think it is necessarily the case that viewers won't wait for a message to develop on a mobile device, if the presentation is particularly strong and engaging, which I think is the case with this video and many of their other videos. Currently, I think it is easier for this kind of presentation to work on tablets, because of their size and the way people tend to use them, due to the size of their screens. However, more and more smart phones are becoming available with larger screens. Furthermore, I see more and more people using decent headphones with mobile devices, which helps with the audio part of the presentation. I think more and more people are using mobile devices to find visual and aural experiences, not just to find information, which I think can be used for marketing purposes.

  17. Maybe I'm the only one, but for the most part it sucks. They way they jump between scenes that have seemingly nothing to do with each other. The transitions are to abrubt in my opinion. Remove the model, (i.e., the attention getter) and make your transitions that hard and fast and see if your realtor would like it. I had to quit watching it about 20 seconds in. Like I said, maybe its just me.

  18. Looks like the video has been edited since originally posted to show a lot more house and a lot less cleavage.

  19. @Bob, you're right it has, the shower scene is gone to. They still need to smooth out most of the transitions. A few of them blend smoothly like they should, but the rest..whew

  20. Sex sells there is no argument. This particular video makes no sense. Who even knew it featured a property? Platinum HD gets to call their campaign "viral" but I ask who those viewers are? Certainly NOT interested buyers or sellers (interested in the house that is 😉 I think of the agents that paid them to do this. They get say look our video have 90 million views. I ask if a bunch of perverted middle school boys watched your video what was accomplished? I really dont understand the point of this and how it applies to selling property. At least the "other" soft porn video that comes to mind spoke about the property and showed the property. What am I missing?

  21. It might be interesting to know the age of everyone commenting on the effectiveness of this video. Millennial's probably have a very different view of this, not that many of them can afford this type of property from the basement of their parents house.

    Many of the realtors I know consider an open house a success if there's a lot of foot traffic through the house, not just whether it sells. Maybe that's there way of justifying the effort but why is this so different? Not everyone who walks through an open house is going to qualify or even want to purchase a home. If the numbers of views were the same as the number of people attending an open house then this is a waste of effort. Clearly that isn't the case and the reach of these videos is global, open houses are not.

    Like I said earlier it depends on how and if this video fits into an overall campaign, if its a tool to garner interest and there are other tools to filter and follow up on the leads it generates then its probably pretty effective.

    This is potentially just a different way to do marketing, PlatinumHD takes it to the extreme probably because they can, how many of us could produce that even if everyone agreed that its a great way to do property videos?

  22. @chuck, the simple fact that they toned it down considerably, tells me the feedback they were getting was primarily negative. Instead of being borderline R, its now more pg13. More of the focus is on the property, not the model, which the previous version seemed to accentuate to much.

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