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Platinum HD Does The First Property Video With a Red Epic

Published: 25/02/2012
By: larry

Last week Brett Clements sent me this link to the first property video that Brett and his crew shot with their new Red Epic video camera. I think someplace I saw that they have something like $80,000 invested in the Red Epic and associated support equipment.

I'm sure some are saying, what's a Red Epic and why do you need this level off quality for shooting property videos? Be sure to watch the video in full screen mode to get the maximum effect of the quality. If you watch the video you will clearly see that the quality of the video is extremely high. The quality is considered "Cinema quality" which means it's the quality of what you would see with 35mm film. Brett has a page on his site that explains why they are moving to this level of quality. Here is my condensed interpretation:

  • Brett and his crew are committed to being number 1 in the world in property video and thus are using the very best in technology and equipment.
  • Brisbane, AU is probably the most sophisticated market in property video on the planet.
  • People that own and sell upper-end homes are more video sophisticated than you would think.
  • Being the best sells in a sophisticated very upper-end market like the Australian Gold Coast.

I'm sure this would not be a good investment in many markets in the world but it probably makes sense for Brisbane, AU.

22 comments on “Platinum HD Does The First Property Video With a Red Epic”

  1. I love that Platinum is creating great videos and mediums for real estate buyers and sellers. I love it that their market is thirsty for their product. And I love it that the old business of real estate has been flopped on its head in Australia. They ARE defining what real estate marking should be and taking it to another level.

    In the video above, these people talk about the emotional contact humans have with spaces and architecture and furniture. These are not just places we live in. They are areas that memories get created. Where kids become adults, and people grow. Real estate is emotional and Platinum is bringing this to the public. The potential of real estate is uncorked - drink it up.

  2. Ah yes, the boys down in OZ definitely know their stuff, hence why we partnered up with them and stated PlatinumHD in Vancouver Canada.
    The traction for PlatinumHD is catching on in Canada with huge growth to the company this year.
    The larger more elaborate films have also been gaining much interest to the high end luxury market. We have some things in store.

    Brett and the boys in OZ are constantly pushing the boundaries and we're constantly evolving from that.

  3. Great going Brett and Platinum. It goes to show all of us that there are many layers of how to do business in the Real Estate Market. Not every piece of equipment is for everyone, but everyone can learn from everyone else. New equipment technology can be adapted at any level to improve our work, help us to earn the money we deserve and stretch our imagination and marketing skills to new heights. It's not just the $8000 on the camera that is making Brett's work so great - it is his attention to detail, to story booking and to all the skills of film making that he incorporates when making his videos. I don't know Brett, but I watch his videos and they are the classic and the future at the same time. Most of us wouldn't spend the money on the camera, but our 5DM2's our new Nikon's and our 7D's are capable of making incredible video if we just employ the techniques that Brett is showing us.
    This blog is always so inspirational - thanks Larry.

  4. Brett Clemens has been the man to watch as the leader in real estate video. This is another great presentation that features the mood and lifestyle that real estate marketing in OZ is demanding. I hope that this type of video marketing and quality production catches on over here.
    With that said I was truly disappointed in the actual quality of the video. I know that Brett and others are trying to capture that "film look" but to dumb down the amazing quality that the $80,000 camera can produce - I just don't see the point?? Why not use a 5D2 or any other high quality video camera at one tenth the price? The image looked real soft and when I went full screen it looked like mush (I am aware that the resolution wasn't optimized for 1080p). Am I missing something here? I just don't see the advantages of this 80K camera in terms of image quality.
    Please enlighten me!
    Thanks again Brett and Larry for sharing this awesome work!
    Best Regards,

  5. Why would you film all of this in such a high resolution? The only place you can really take advantage of that type of footage is a digital cinema projector and a 100 foot screen.

    I noticed very little different between that video and a good DSLR because I played it on my iPad and computer. The quality pretty much matched their previous work when it is all compressed and streamed online. Compression/Resolution all of those things suffer online.

    %99.99 percent of poeple will find the video in the same way. There might be ONE person out there who has a set up where a video with 4k quality might make you stand out from the pack. It seems like $50k worth of equipment that they really did not need.

    It is like if you took an Ansel Adams picture and put it on your cell phone... the quality will never match the original... and no one has the equipment to see the original in the way it was meant to be.

    I understand production companies wanting to size up to 4k for the longevity of what they shoot. It will still look amazing years down the road when everyone has 4k cinema quality Televisions.

    This is real estate listings we are talking about. If you still need this clip years down the road to market the house then you did not do your job right. Unless it is the same exact agent, and the building never changed the videos they make are pretty personal and can't be re-sold to the next agent who is trying to sell the house for the current buyer.

    I can't see a reason why this is needed at all. Other then to say mine is bigger then yours. Maybe everyone on the gold coast is rocking technology the rest of the world has no idea bout 😉 somehow I doubt that though I figure mostly everyone has HD quality Computer Monitors and Televisions.

    Oh I thought of one use for this. The agent could play the video as an advertisement before the trailers at a movie theatre... but for the price though it would not be very effective marketing. The person who want to spend that much money on luxury property probably does not frequent the movie theaters. I would imagine they have a nice enough HD set up to not want to leave their home theatre setup.

  6. Hi Jacob,
    Thanks for the Vimeo link --much better quality in 1280p.
    I don't know what player Brett is using but the Vimeo presentation is better!
    I still don't think you need an 80K camera to duplicate this presentation. I am impressed with Brett's story telling and production quality. You could get the same image quality with a 3K camera. In fact, with Brett's experience and know how he probably could have shot this with an iPhone 🙂 . It's the talent behind the equipment, not the equipment.
    Best Regards,

  7. I agree with Robert, this is over the top and of no use to 99.99% of the industry for a number of reasons. I remember Brett's comments on this site about how "still photography is dead" and something like "Deal with it". He likes video, great, but this to me is more of a commercial venture, not a main stream "Photography for Real Estate"

  8. New to the blog and loving it! I'm a Realtor planning on investing in a high quality video camera. I am wondering what to buy. Any suggestions for a budget up to $2K, or is that unrealistic? Of so, what am I looking at spending for highly professional results, and what equipment would the group recommend? Thanks in advance.

  9. @angie unless you are a pro at video you should not attempt to do it yourself. It is time consuming and labor intensive. You will be wasting your money and your time because you will not be able to get results that are worth your investment in the equipment. If you want good video you should hire someone who does it for a living.

  10. 80K for a camera set up yet Brett has a 100-400 slide zoom f4-f5.6 lens in the photo. Interesting choice if that is the lens that was used to shoot the video.

  11. I showed this video to some poeple while I asked them a few questions. First off I did not tell them what it was in terms of a real estate property video. None of them knew what was going on in the video till about 3/4 of the way through. All of them were confused. Even at 1:39 seconds I had poeple asking is it a video for a furniture design firm? I often feel this way with Brett's videos. They are usually so abstract that you don't know what the point of the video is. Unless you are told ahead of time "this is a real estate video for a house for sell." It can be hard to get a grasp on what is actually being sold. The ones of his that succeed are the ones with the agents talking about the property in a plain and simple fashion.

    Secondly I showed them this new video on the RED and a video of his from last year (I Love My Villa). I asked them if they were shot with the same or a different camera. My general response was "I don't know they look the same." I had two poeple tell me the "I love My Villa" looked like a better video. I had no one tell me that the RED camera was a better looking video. I did this with 4 different poeple. One of them has an art background and a good eye (He said he could not tell because of the compression). The other three are just normal users that have no artistic background and knowledge about this stuff.

  12. They do great work and I have enjoyed several of their videos. I'm more interested in showing the property itself. As far as using a Red and posting on Vimeo or Youtube, that is complete overkill. I'll take it off your hands for cheap. Hehe!

  13. Angie - Robert is right and oh so wrong. You don't have to be a "pro". You just have to 1. Have a passion for video 2. Have some money to invest in gear 3. Be willing to learn and dedicate many hours to the craft. But you need all three. Many buy the gear but can't create. Many have the time but not the passion. And many more just can't afford it. But I encourage you to try if you have those 3. Email me if you want some tips. Charlie

  14. @Charlie I figure by the time you get through 1-2-3 you could almost be a pro. Number 3 is the real kicker. You just have to make sure you can devote the time to get through the learning stages. That can take a very long time. For some agents though they don't have that time. That is the only reason I suggested getting someone else to do it.

  15. Guys, remember the majority of their work in Australia is projected on huge theatre screens for their Auctions and events they have. Not to mention the many many high end tourism films they've been commissioned to produce. Having the RED in their back pocket is just another piece of the puzzle in creating the best property and tourism production company in the world.

    @Robert, this film is a 7 part film series and there are only two done. These ones were about the design and custom furnishings of the place, They interviewed fashion designers and furniture designers. Plus there is a reason why Brett's films attract millions of views and have sold numerous homes in a few days. Are they everyone's cup of tea? No. But truthfully that man is pure genius when watching him actually work on location.

    Remember, along with all the showcase videos you see on this BLOG.... The boys down in AUS are also filming upwards to 20 regular property films a day. Sometimes you just have to get a little more creative.

  16. @ Jacob I still don't see how the 80k in equipment is nothing but a new toy for them. It also gives the ability for them to say they are on the bleeding edge of tech. Tech that is so bleeding edge there is no use for it in this field. I really just can't imagine how it would be useful until 4k resolution is the norm. Right now one of the cheapest home 4k projectors costs around 20k. I would imagine the majority the projectors it is shown on are half that resolution.

    I think I just don't like when he gets creative. It becomes to abstract for my taste. I much prefer the straight forward videos on his site. The ones he does not feature/showcase are better at what they are meant to do. Most poeple I show feel the same way.

  17. @Robert, fair enough, everyone has their opinion on creative styles. With regards to the RED, yes it does give us the ability to say we're constantly on the bleeding edge of technology but no one is saying that a home purchaser is going to be watching these films with their 4K projectors, remember these films are projected onto theatre screens regularly for events and Auctions.
    They are not shooting $300 property videos with the RED if that is where you are going with the whole overkill thing.

    Again, its just another piece of the puzzle.

  18. I guess Jacob is part of Platinum and Brett can speak for himself, there's a noticeable difference even viewing it online, is it worth $80K? That's for them to decide. There might not be as much bang for the buck compared to the previous PlatinumHD videos shot on 5dMkII's, but compared to many other companies property videos there's certainly a huge difference.

    As much as I like shooting with my DSLR it has some real limitations that can be a pain in the rear that you don't have when shooting with a Red. It provides you with all the tools you need for proper exposure, focus and audio recording, But there are alternatives to the Red that are arguably just as good like the Canon C300 for example. Of coarse its not simply about the camera, PlatinumHD produced equally compelling video prior to the RED.

    The problem here in the US is that realtors like to watch great property videos that only cost $300 to produce.

  19. Our CREW is committed to being the absolute best. We don't draw the line at 'real estate'. Why should we come up against that line and pull back? In fact, that's what makes us great. We say 'why can't real estate also enjoy the best production services in the world?'

  20. Brett, I asked this question once before but I will try again. With all that money invested in the camera what glass are you using as a base lens. In your first photo post you have a 100-400 f4.5-5.6 slide zoom lens on the camera. Now dont get me wrong I have one and use its a lot for my sports work because I cant affort a prime 400 f2.8 So why use what a lot of photographers would call a lower grade lens on such expensive equipment when so much has been invested in the camera ? As for the style of your short films which is what I see them as they are the bait/hook. Your movies are like an old striptease and I mean that in the most flattering way, leaving you viewer wanting more..... But why 100-400?

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