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No items found in Prince George BC Now Providing Real Estate Video

Published: 06/04/2012

Daniel Abraham of in Prince George BC (500 km North of Vancouver) showed me his first video . PGlistings is adding video to their real estate marketing products.

Daniel said they have never shot video before and they would love some feedback from some more experienced video shooters. Daniel said the video was shot with a Nikon D7000 and a Konova slider. The video is hosted on Slideshow Pro Director as is their slideshow. Both have som custom integration into their tours frame work.

I think this video is well done for a first effort. It comes across as a crisp, light feeling positive tour with a good choice of music and it's about the right length.

What to others think? Dan wants your honest feedback.

Larry Lohrman

12 comments on “ in Prince George BC Now Providing Real Estate Video”

  1. Quality of video, sound and editing is really, really good. Those are long slider shots. Even though this video is technically very good, a few tweaks could make it more interesting IMO. I think that nearly 3 min is still too long; would try to keep no more than 2 min. I think that adding narration can make the tour more personal and more interesting.

  2. Dan: I think your video is excellent : really interesting use of the slider - upwards movement and moving into the scene, in addition to moving across the rooms : I like the low viewpoint slides aswell. I agree with Bruce: it's amazing what a long time 2.5 minutes can feel like, but I think your dropped in titles serve well in place of a voiceover. Nice idea putting in stills where you really need to show the views through the windows. Really nice straight verticals and lovely smooth edits: I am sure the client was pleased and I think you are on to a winner with this kind of packaged presentation. Would be very interested to know your time spent in the editing phase. Have you seen the PFRE flickr gallery specifically for video : they allow a one minute taster, and there is lot of feedback going on from PFRE members.

  3. Great photography and movement in the video parts. Even better photography with the stills (obviously balancing inside and outside light). I would not be afraid, when using the stills, to do a slight pan or zoom within them, although I understand the intent.

    I agree with timing and being too long. I would go further and stay below 1.5 min.

    Incredible first effort!! LOVE my D7000.


  4. Clean, crisp, and effective. Looks great, I do agree that narration could really add a little extra 'umph'. However, overall it's REALLY good!

  5. I think Simon Maxwell said it well.

    I would be very interested in learning more about your methods and business model. I've found that producing video this well is more work than most real estate agents are willing to pay for. How long would you say this took to produce (capture, edit, deliver)? I hope you'll take some time to respond to everyone's comments. I'd also be interested in subscribing to future video posts. Got a blog? Thanks.

  6. Wow thanks a lot for the feedback everyone! Before we started doing videos we felt that 1.5 minutes to 2 minutes was the ideal length too, but after shooting all of the scenes we realized that it's really hard to decide what to include, what to cut etc. and we always find ourselves going over! Perhaps shortening some of the slides would help out. To answer the question of the voice over narration, we do offer that as an additional option for our clients and have picked up a shotgun mic, pole, and a zoom H4N for higher quality audio, as well as a set of lapel mics. Our pricing page at has our fee for video, which is $190, but several agents opt for the video/photo combo which is $310, saving $40 over the stand alone photo shoot which is $160. All of these fees add $35 for a voice over.

    We are still optimizing our work flow for video, and we realize that over the next couple of months it will be a much faster process, but right now a video, from the time we leave the office to the time it is uploaded etc. takes about five hours. The goal is to get it down to just under four by developing preset intro/outro cuts and improving our general know how. Thanks for the feedback regarding the moving stills, I will give that a shot in the next one.

    @Steve - We were a little worried at first about introducing video because it does cost more and we assumed that clients may not be willing to spend the cash, but reception has been extremely positive and several new clients signed on specifically because of it, so we couldn't be happier with spending the money on the extra hardware, and the time to learn it. We do have a blog on our site at which is more of a commentary on local real estate market conditions and general tomfoolery. If you are interested in having a look at our 'beta' work and the other videos we have done before going 'official', as well as any videos produced from now on, we have a pg listings youtube channel.

    Thanks again everyone, I appreciate the feedback

  7. Awesome feedback! I work with Daniel on the videos for PG Listings. A bit more info on the process with two of us there for the combo packages: Dan does photos and I do the video and we each start in a different part of the house so we don't have to wait on each other. We pack along a 1400 watt shop light, an umbrella, and some gels, and that simple lighting set-up comes in really handy -- especially in the winter. Back at the office, I lay out the video clips and prepare titles while Daniel edits the photos, so a video like this one only takes about an hour of editing.

    My favourite shot from that video is the rising motion in the kitchen. We just put the slider on the counter-top and leaned it against the wall.

    Thanks for all your feedback!

  8. Thanks Daniel. Considering the quality of your video, I can definitely see why agents would be more interested. Watching it does the selling! I've been considering the gear investment myself. What kind of rails or sliders do you use, and do you work with any cranes or jibs? I'll check out your blog. Thanks again.

  9. Hi Steve,

    We use a Konova 48" slider for the shots which I picked up off of ebay. After reading a ton of reviews I came to the conclusion that the Konova was the best value for the dollar, especially their new series with the adjustable legs. Other than the slider, we use a 1400 watt halogen shop light with a CTB full gel on it for some fill light, which seems to be pretty subtle. We shoot those lights through an umbrella for diffusion. It's more suitable for interviews etc than room lighting I think, but it has come in handy in our brief experience. In the near future we will be investing in the Konova motorized drive for the slider to make the shots a bit smoother and allow for cool time lapse slides.

  10. I just wanted to say that if I was looking for a house in your area I wouldn't have any questions about this house after viewing this video and I think that says it all. Great work!

  11. Daniel, do you shoot at 60fps on the slider shots in order to slow them down in post? Great job on the video, very interesting shots.

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