Step 1: Learn The Basics Step 2: Building and Running Your Business

Photography For Real Estate

By: Larry Lohrman
A guide to the technical basics of getting started in real estate photography. Basics of choosing gear, choosing a method of lighting

Get both Step 1 and Step 2 for $25.

USD $19.00

The Business of Real Estate Photography

By: Larry Lohrman
A System for Starting and Operating an Independent Real Estate Photography Business.
Step by step process for starting a real estate photography business. How to build a portfolio, Services, Pricing, Finding clients.

USD $19.95

Step 3: Master Interior Lighting Step 4: Master Blending With Enfuse

Lighting Interiors

Techniques for lighting with small flash By: Scott Hargis

Here it is, the interior lighting book you've been waiting for! The only book on small flash lighting that completely focuses on interior lighting with small flash. Also available as a video series Here.

USD $47.50

Enfuse For Real Estate Photography

By: Simon Maxwell

In this book, London interiors photographer Simon Maxwell, takes you through the process of shooting a series of bracketed images and then processing them with Lightroom and the LR/Enfuse plug-in. Also available as a video series here.

USD $30.00

Step 5: Master Photo Editing Step 6: Get Feedback on Your Work

Image Editing For Real Estate Photography

By: John McBay
This is the only book available that focuses just on photo-editing for real estate photography. It shows you how to do post processing for real estate photography with either Lightroom, Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Also available as a video series here.

USD $29.95

PFRE Flickr group

Free forum on Flickr where PFRE photographers post their work, give feedback to others and discuss real estate photography subjects.

A great place to see what others are doing and get feedback on your work. Many find this forum key to their learning real estate photography.

Step 7: See What The Best Are Doing Step 8: Get Personal Coaching

PFRE Photographer and Videographer of the Month contest

You can view images and read the the discussion about the contest entries by jurors and others. Also studying the winning images is insightful. The winning images are some of the best real estate images.

Still contest rules. Still contest entries. Still contest winners.

Video contest rules. Video contest entries. Video contest winners.

Personal Coaches are Available to Help You One On One With Specific Problems

The PFRE Coaching page has links to the sites of a number of the best real estate photographers that you can hire to help you with specific problems. Contact coaches directly for their specialties and rates.