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Resizing an image

Image resizing in Photoshop speeds up the process of processing huge numbers of images especially when you have worked on a lot of real estate properties. Resizing pictures for diverse use cases can be time-consuming, especially if you have a lot of im ...



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For over a decade, photographers from around the world have participated in PFRE’s monthly photography contests, culminating in the year-end crowning of PFRE’s Photographer of the Year. With a new theme each month and commentary offered by some of the finest real estate & interior photographers anywhere, these contests offer a fun, competitive environment with rich learning opportunities. 

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PFRE Virtual Conference 2020 Announcement: Presenter Line Up Part 2 of 2

Published: 14/09/2020

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Here are the remaining 13 presenters:

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Adam Taylor

Develop Your Licensing Mindset (and sell more photos too!)

In this session, Adam will talk about developing what he calls a "licensing mindset". Once you learn (and adopt) this new mindset, you'll begin to notice opportunities to make extra income from your photos and earn money in places you've never even considered before. Adam will also share 7 proven tips for licensing your photos that have helped him generate tens of thousands of dollars on top of what he was originally paid for typical photoshoots.

Tony Colangelo

Session 1) The Art and Science of Great Composition

Improving your compositions is the best and quickest way to take your photography to the next level. It is the most dominant factor in creating an image that delights our clients – even if they don’t know why they love the shot so much. This webinar will show the most salient sections from my successful video of the same name. It provides information and methods that will allow you to consistently create images that will more deeply impact your clients. From attending this session, you'll be able to:

  • understand why a client judges a photo positively (or negatively).
  • apply an easy to follow, step-by-step approach that leverages this understanding to get consistently strong compositions.
  • achieve next-level results by leveraging nuanced composition tactics.
  • distinguish yourself by delivering images that will likely look and feel better than those delivered by many of your competitors.
  • know how to get “unstuck” when a composition doesn’t “feel right.”

Session 2) YOU Are Your Brand

This session is aimed at helping you to find out how you can influence your customers’ experience of you and your photography business in a positive way. It’s this "experience" that is the heart of a rock-solid brand. This session covers all the key branding concepts that I presented at PFRE’s Inaugural Conference last November. After attending the webinar, you will:

  • learn the four key questions that are at the heart of a brand.
  • know the six key steps in defining your brand.
  • know how to effectively structure a value proposition statement.
  • understand how your brand can be communicated via your website.
  • learn some key considerations in establishing impactful website galleries.

Tacey Jungmann

Cell Phone Video for Real Estate: "Wait, you shot that with your phone?!?"

Tacey will cover her specific equipment, methods, and shooting style, as well as how she works with editors. In addition, she'll cover the three types of videos she offers--how they differ, and how she keeps them distinct from one another. As someone who is a big believer that "it's the chef, not the pans," Tacey will also discuss how she handles client perception and professionalism.

Jordan Powers / Nick Swartzendruber

The Evolution of Real Estate Video

In this session, Jordan Powers and Nick Swartzendruber will discuss the past, present, and future of real estate video while also covering practical things you can do today to improve your videos with the equipment that you currently have.

Daniel Milstein

The Business of Drones for Real Estate Photography

Whether you are an experienced drone operator, or just considering adding a drone to your kit, join Daniel to discuss how to make each business decision from selecting the right (or next) aerial platform, to pricing in all types of markets. Participants with at least a few years of successful drone operations may enjoy just watching as Dan displays some of his more embarrassing errors from almost a decade of real estate drone flights.

Christa Rainey

Introduction to Virtual Staging

Follow along to see Christa's never before revealed virtual staging secrets and strategies. Her goal is to empower you with an interior design perspective to help you educate your clients on best practices! Christa will go over everything from space planning to post production! You will leave this session knowing how to launch, manage, and grow virtual staging for your business!

Barry Moltz

As a small business expert, Barry Moltz gets owners growing again by unlocking their long forgotten potential.  With decades of entrepreneurial experience in his own business ventures as well as consulting countless other entrepreneurs, Barry has discovered the formula to get stuck business owners unstuck and marching forward. As a small business expert, Barry applies simple, strategic steps to facilitate change.

Vince Collura

Building and Scaling Your Photography Business

Success is as much about what you do, as it is about what you don't do. Join Vince for a discussion about scaling your business and building your team.

Fraser Almeida

Dusk, Twilight, and Night Photography for Real Estate

Sellers and agents need their properties to stand out; and as such, high-quality real estate twilight photography is more important than ever. Join Las Vegas photographer, Fraser Almeida as he walks you through his approach to executing the perfect twilight shot. Topics covered in this session:

  • Dusk vs Twilight vs Night - How to determine when to start shooting
  • How to speed up your shooting time
  • How to prep a house for twilight
  • Camera settings
  • Using supplemental lighting
  • Motivated lighting
  • Bracketing
  • Post-processing
  • Troubleshooting problems on-site and in post-production
  • My personal style
  • and much more…

Suzanne Feinberg

Linking Your Way to High Profile/High Profit Clients

Have you ever wondered why people keep saying: "I really don't get any business from LinkedIn." What if I told you that 90% of all of our business comes from contacts on LinkedIn? What if I told you that in addition to our real estate photography business, we added a new business and do 100% of our business off LinkedIn contacts? Would you be interested in knowing our secret sauce for success on LinkedIn? In this session, you will learn how you can implement the changes that will direct you to the clients who will yield higher margins and more consistency in your everyday work. Included in this session are worksheets so that when the session is over - you can begin to see results within days of getting started.

Mike Boatman / Joel Rothman

Copyright Registration and How to Defend Your Rights

You may wonder if it is worth it to defend yourself and your copyrights. To successfully defend yourself… absolutely! It is worth it. If successful, you will recover fair value from lost usage fees for work and usage that was stolen from you. Keep in mind that photography is leased based on usage. The value of the work is determined by the amount it is used. For example, an image selling a local product for limited period is less valuable than an image selling multiple services nationally for an unlimited amount of time. Another consideration is ethics and responsibility. As professional photographers, we should be supporting and protecting the value of the industry by protecting the value of the images we create. In dollars and cents, I have seen awards ranging from $1500 an image (VHT versus Zillow for ZillowDigs' unauthorized image usage) to as high as $10,000 for one of my images; and awards much higher, which I’m legally not allowed to disclose. There is more to successfully defending yourself than just copyright registration. Think about it as a three-legged stool. If you remove even one of the legs, the stool will not stand. Here, I’m referring to the solid, three-legged stool as your success. I’m also defining success as changing the behavior of the copyright infringer. In my opinion, the fastest and most effective way to change a person’s behavior, whether it be a three-year-old child or a 90-year-old individual, is to change the risk/reward ratio. Corporations and sole proprietor businesses understand risk. In the current environment, the risk for unauthorized usage of another person’s intellectual property as it pertains to photography is extremely low. In my opinion, the risk is virtually nonexistent. If you eliminate or reduce unauthorized usage, you will increase assignment work or post leases for stock images you have already created. This is direct revenue in your pocket, but it is going to require more photographers to defend themselves to change the risk/reward ratio which will reduce and hopefully eliminate unauthorized usage. In the advertising assignment and the blogging sectors of photography, this has been done. The first step in defending yourself successfully (the first leg of the stool) is copyright registration. The other two legs of the stool are a properly set up archive system that supports the copyright registration deposits, and proper evidence gathering. While this sounds like a daunting task, once it is integrated into your workflow it only requires about one or two hours a month to be fully implemented. When unauthorized usage of your images is discovered, the evidence gathering is completely dependent upon the size of the infringement. As it pertains to real estate photography, the average time needed to gather all of the evidence per single address is about three to five minutes. Most of this task can be designated to an outside source depending on which service you choose to monitor the Internet. The purpose of this session is to save you money, time, and energy by giving you best practices that have already been tested and proven from wins and losses in litigation.

Early Bird Registration Will Open September 28th, 2020

If you are interested in participating as a presenter or sponsor, please email

Brandon Cooper