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PFRE Reader Pre-release Discount For Premium Portfolio/Tours

Published: 27/12/2012
By: larry

James Schuler a long time PFRE reader, Photographer/Videographer that we recently featured on This Week In Real Estate Video #37 is launching a tour hosting service called that is designed for photographers who manage multiple clients and agents who handle their own tours. The official launch is January 1, 2013 but James is offering a pre-release discount for PFRE readers starting 12/26/2012. portfolio/tours have the following features:

  1. Tours can be viewed from all popular devices: iPad/iPhone/Android phones and tablets plus standard desktop and laptop browsers. Resizing is automatic.
  2. Tour creation can be done from Lightroom with the SmugMug plugin or just drag and drop on the interVUETV site.
  3. The InnerVUETV system works for both photographers that manage multiple clients and agents who handle their own photography.
  4. InterVUETV supports agent videos in the contact area and the ChannelVue feature (not there now but coming soon) will allow consolidating your media (stills and video) into one easy to use channel.
Here is how to take advantage of James' pre-release offer: Email James (james at with pfreoffer in the subject line, and you get a free portfolio for $49.00 registration ($50 off) (registration waived for PFRE readers) $10.00 per portfolio/tour (half price) through 2013.

Try it and be sure to give James feedback on this hosting service, he is looking for your feedback.

11 comments on “PFRE Reader Pre-release Discount For Premium Portfolio/Tours”

  1. I just wanted to thank Larry for being so helpful, and outline a few things.
    We are building a community of professionals that are interested in a platform that will change and grow with their needs.
    Our goal is to provide the alternative solution for those who want to move beyond what their competitors are doing and help them provide a better end product
    for properties that are due a higher level of attention.
    We want feedback, InnerVUE TV will evolve based on the clients needs.
    We support SmugMug, YouTube, Vimeo, agent videos in the contact sections, and soon Zenfolio as well.
    If you have an account with these services please email us for different pricing structures.
    We are in pre-release. What does this mean? It means we are opening the doors to PFRE readers only until 1/31/13.
    The deal: Email us and we will set you up with an account. Give it a try and if you want to keep moving forward,
    it's only $49.00 registration and $10.00 portfolios for all of 2013...
    There are bulk rates as well, and a subscription rate is also in the works.
    We update things on a daily basis, and all VuePORT Portfolios are retroactively upgraded with every new iteration.
    New styles will be released every 4-5 weeks giving everyone a chance to provide a more individual look suited to each property style.

    If you look at our Demo section, you can see we support iPad, iPhone, Android, and a host of others.
    The user can also give a login for each agent/owner to update the property info and descriptions, and the whole interface scales from desktop to iPad to Handheld.

    Thanks again, hope everyone is having a great holiday season,
    we look forward to 2013 being a great year for RE Photography and video.

    If you have ANY questions...just email us, we are friendly people 🙂

  2. James - I looked at your demo section and everything looks so clean and crisp and easy to identify what you are looking at. Although we do and host our own tours as well as use several tour providers I want to wish you the best of luck with your new venture in 2013.

  3. Looks awesome. A tad spendy for my smaller shoots but for upscale properties it looks pretty sweet. One thing I would like to see is an option for full screen images without the title bar. Nice work and good luck with your new venture.

  4. We had a death in the family so I was away yesterday.
    Thanks for the well wishes, as well.
    After talking to my associate and PFRE readers, we are waiving any registration fee.
    So, the offer still stands, just without the registration fee :).
    So if you would like a free try, just email us.

    Thanks again to Larry, and any suggestions for service improvement are always welcome..


  5. Love the tour and the fact that it's HTML5 compliant. I am a real estate agent and just thought I'd give you a little feedback as you plan for the future. I reallly liked the look, simplicity, and high resolution photos. However I approached it from the perspective of the end user/buyer and a few things I noticed included:

    1) There is no way to get from fullsc reenvue back to the home screen. I simply used the back button but I know that consumers are not the most tech savvy bunch so thought there should be an extra button/link that would automatically take them back to the main page.

    2) Infovue - I could not tell if the categories on the infoview were set in stone or if they were editable. I only mention this because many of the categories would not apply at all to my area (pool, jet tub, water view, etc) and would be wasted if they cannot be edited/customized for my area. You may already have this covered but I wasn't sure.

    3) Localvue - I don't know that a map is enough. Is it possible to allow an agent/photographer to ad a few custom links to that page that might direct the buyer to more local info or pages on a website that offer more local info? Local is big right now.

    4) Contact - again, is it possible to add more links other than just email or website? Maybe social media contacts?

    5) Introvue - seems a little redundant to me versus the home page or main page. Not really sure if that is the best use of the space or if it should just be the link to the main home page.

    Anyway, I love the concept and usability of this tool. But I know that "tweaks" in terms of adoption by agents and how they use it can make a big difference as most are not very tech savvy and have no idea what it means to be HTML5 compliant. They just want to know how it looks/works the first time they check it out. Sad but true.

    Good luck, I'll keep watching and testing as I understand you'll be rollingn out an update in February. Looking good so far!


  6. Hi there.
    Well done but there are bugs to work out.

    3109 W Watrous Ave
    On my Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone the image slide shows does not work correctly.
    Website sits to the left of the screen?
    On the PC laptop the local, intro and info pages, Google Map is not over black background correctly. Cannot get back to home screen from full screen.
    With the S3 in desktop view the site sits and runs like I see on the PC laptop although the background image is all squashed up in portrait mode.

    19001 Tettington Lane
    Cannot get back to home screen from full screen on my PC laptop.
    Phtoveu image viewer and video window is not centre of screen?
    On my Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone the image slide shows does not work correctly.
    With the S3 in desktop view the site its runs like I see on the PC laptop although the background image is all squashed up in portrait mode.

    A site must be made to view correctly in mobile and desktop mode as some users have theirs set to Desktop view when viewing web sites on their large screen smart phones.

    Hope that info helps and good luck.

  7. @ Wags,
    Thanks for the feed back. So the Mobile slideshow does not work on your SSung G3?
    and that particular look, is suppose to be to the left, it accommodates re-sizing down, and both looks are optimized for for iPad .
    the desktop versions are really not met to be looked at on a phone though, just not condusive to the smaller screen. If you would be so kind as to give me some specifics on the handheld version, that would be great.
    Thanks again


  8. @ Ginger
    After some review, I agree with the Intro being redundant. We have changed that now.
    What would you think the details section should contain? and how?
    also, we are adding a back button to the full screen view as well.
    Would it help to have the ability for agents to add local links in the local vue?

    Thanks again!


  9. With a lot of input from readers, We have spent the past week re-tooling the workflow and output, so anyone who wants to give us try before Jan 31.
    The offer is still good.
    I appreciate the feedback from everyone, and although the desktop/iPad tours are not met to be viewed in desktop mode on a handheld (we can't account for the uber small percentage that view desktop mode on a phone screen, after all that's why mobile interfaces were invented, we don't look back, we look forward ), we have extensively tested the mobile/iPad/and desktop versions.
    Although, since it is next to impossible to test on every conceivable device, anyone who might be able to look at the mobile versions on a handheld, please do and leave some feedback, with Model,OS and issue...We are also opening a bug report spot on the site for that very thing.
    Without a doubt we retain the best image quality on the market...
    after that's what matters in the end.
    Thanks for the time you guys have given, and look forward to hearing some more.


    Thanks to everyone

  10. James,

    I like the changes you've made. I have not yet viewed on my iPad but will check it out this week. As far as what "details" to include...that's a hard one to answer as it is unique to different regions of the country. I am not sure if it gets too complicated but I think that if you would leave a set of standard detail categories to fill in but would allow the agent to change the title depending upon their regions. For example, I would not have a pool category but I would likely use a garage category of attached, detached, none, etc. as in our area garages are not always standard. However that is probably very different in other areas so it would not be as useful for them. As a result if you just made the detail "headers" editable the agent could change them. I realize your software may not be set up that way so it might make things too complicated but it's worth looking at.

    And yes, the ability to add "links" to the local section would be very helpful. That way the agent can identify links that are most relevant to the listing.

    Glad to hear you agreed on the intro and made the changes. I like it better. And happy to see there is a BACK button:)

    It's starting to look really good!

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