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PFRE Reader in Sydney Looking For Feedback

Published: 19/11/2011
By: larry

About a week ago David Ross, founder and CEO of asked me for some feedback on a couple of his videos:

  1. An Agent video and a
  2. Property video
As I told David, I'm happy to give him my feedback but I consider the feedback of thousands of you gentle readers more significant than just my feedback.
So I'll go first but feel free to disagree or give David other feedback. Here is my feedback:
  1. I like the property video (#2). It seems well done.
  2. The problem I have with the agent video (#1) is that I have a very difficult time understanding what Amanda is saying. While part of this is surely my difficulty at following an Australian accent at high speed, I don't have any problem understanding Tim in the property video. Also there are other videos on David's site that I don't have any trouble understanding so I think it's not totally my problem. I think the video of Amanda would be more effective if you could slow her down to about 3/4 speed. I'd like to have some OZ readers comment on this. I'd trust your opinion in this area more than mine.
  3. Don't know what David is using for video hosting but for me it feels like it has a few problems. Off and on I get an annoying continuously rotating buffering icon in the middle of the video that doesn't stop. The video in the non-fullscreen mode feels too small to me. I prefer to watch these videos in fullscreen only because of the default size of the video. Compared to video that is hosted on iPlayerHD or YouTube this video hosting seems a bit slow and sometimes takes too long to load.
So what do others think?

19 comments on “PFRE Reader in Sydney Looking For Feedback”

  1. I have the same comments as Larry. Furthermore, for the agent video, I think the pacing of the editing is too frenetic and I don't really care for some of the visuals. I think it just goes to show that when you are actually trying to produce a "real" video, it is a much different animal from just doing a walk-through and/or pan-around of a home. It is the difference between being simply a videographer who can do some basic editing and a real editor/director. If you are a videographer and want to provide the latter service, I think you really need to evaluate whether you have the editing/directing skills, or whether you need to team with someone who does. I think there is some good evidence here that David can do both, but I think he needs to develop it more.

  2. Oh, I didn't look at the other examples on his website. Definitely some quality stuff there. Some nice production value, and more polished than that agent example above. Couple of things though. The style of each is very similar, and I wonder if clients will quickly start demanding some more variety of looks, so that their presentation doesn't like their competitors, which service David could charge more for, but which might put a lot higher demands on creativity to keep up. Also, are model releases not needed in Australia to show identifiable people in public places in commercial videos or photos?

    I like the use of graphics in the videos. It is well done and adds some visual interest.

  3. Im in punta Cana doing some walk through video work for a resort and although the wireless resort connection is not the greatest I had no issues at all watching both videos, played smooth from start to finish.

    I think both videos were very well done in all aspects.

  4. This brings up the following questions. When using video for Real Estate for Sale - what type of video is best. This is a whole discussion in itself - cost to shoot, cost to edit, cost of music, total production cost. Sales price of home, what is actually necessary to show off the home. Is it a story - i.e. very interesting, now lets look at houses that meet our requirements or is it too dull - now that is a house that I don't need to see or it reminds me of those dizzy panoramics. Everyone says video is the wave of the future, but there are so many more variables to consider when doing a video. And, unlike stills, it is very hard to produce a good video without a lot of training and practice, so as professionals we do have a good jump over self-produced agent videos. Let's take advantage of this gap. Ultimately, video is another tool in your pocket and these tools need to be matched to the house that is being sold.

  5. I think both videos are fantastic. I agree that the agent is a little difficult to understand but I don't hear Australian accents everyday so it's probably my problem, not hers. I think the pace was appropriate in her video. I'd bet that if she spoke slower and was easier to understand you (David) wouldn't think the pace was so frenetic. Listen to it on mute and see if you feel differently.

    The property video is an interesting take. It's something I really want to try (the interview style). It was a little slow for my taste, though, and I didn't watch past the first 20 seconds. It was very well done from a production stand point, though. Just didn't quite hold my attention.

  6. I will echo Larry's comments as well. The accent of the lady in the agent video was a little hard for me to understand. I'm guessing that in her area, however, that is a common accent and won't likely be a problem. That aside, the production was well done. I appreciate when a videographer does something different than just stick the agent in front of the camera and have them speak about themselves for a couple of minutes. I suppose that is better than no video at all but it isn't very engaging.

    The property video was great in my opinion. I found the agent describing the property was very effective. Combined with the excellent video work, his narration made me feel like I was getting an actual glimpse into what it would be like to live in the property. That alone is something that a lot of people have a hard time capturing in video.

    Both videos played smooth for me, no problems there. Overall I think they have a solid base established to do some great things with VFRE.

  7. I really liked both videos. The agent one made me like her and the property one as some others have said gave me a glimpse into the lifestyle and type of suitable buyer. I think the issue of understanding is the music in the background, somehow it doesn't blend well and that makes her harder to understand. Otherwise good on you mate!!

  8. Wow, very high quality. Very high. On both. Property video was excellent, nicely narrated, good clips. Agent video was almost impossible to understand her, volume too low at first, mostly unintelligible words she was saying in the first sentence or two. And somehow it felt startling that she was all of a sudden talking. Then, she became understandable. Very high quality clips and editing, I said before, saying again. Thank you for sharing. Hope I can learn to do as well as these. Looks like lots of thought and effort went into both pieces.

  9. The video had great color grading, everything popped nicely. I loved the layouts with the mulitple image panes, it seemed some quality time was spent doing small things that make it stand out. My only complaint is that the site wants me to download "Apple from Apple inc." Im pretty sure im not going to get an apple if I download it, so what is it? Im thinking, Is it another trick to get me to download Apple's 60 meg quicktime or are they trying to replace the flash product they derailed. I dont dislike Apple, I just am not interested in dl'ing yet one more thing to view this one website.

  10. I enjoyed both and both played perfectly here, although I have a very, very fast fiber connection. I did find the agent video impossible to understand, but not sure if it was me not accustomed to an Aussie accent... or her... or a combination of both. Great pace and loved the different panes and different framing. And it wasn't over used... just enough to be effective.

    I'm aways on the search for good agent bio videos. Personally, I despise them. I've seen very, very few that I liked - or could even watch. Most are very agent centric... "me, me, me".. B.S. I don't think anyone is interested in watching an agent fake hugging their clients, hammering in fake "sold signs", talking on fake phones...shuffling fake paper around their desk, and telling me how wonderful they are and how much they care about me and how they want to be my agent for life. I find them grating and totally unwatchable.

    So always curious as to what people are doing on that front as I've been asked to do them before, but I always talk them out of it! 🙂

  11. I agree that the agent was difficult to understand. In fact, I was so frustrated with the fact that I couldn't understand her that I had to stop the video. This speed of talking might work for an auctioneer, but it doesn't work for an informational sales video. The problem is not her accent; it's her lack of enunciation and the speed with which she talks.

    The property video was enjoyable to watch. I love the use of graphics throughout. Good job!

  12. Aside from the Aussie accent I found both videos to be very well done, professionally produced in high quality HD - even full screen looked great.

  13. Any tips you can pass along concerning getting agents to come across relaxed and confident would be appreciated. We haven't had much luck with this and we're seasoned videographers w/a background in documentary filmmaking. It just doesn't seem to come natural to agents to relax and cennect with the viewer while in front of a camera. I've interviewed hundreds of people over the years and have always been able to get them to talk freely about the subject at hand. But with real estate agents it's different, they all have a speil they follow for showings but get them in front of a camera and they freeze up. It's difficult trying to get them to talk about the subject at hand without them actually walking thru the property and pointing things out. As soon as we get them seated in front of the camera they draw a blank. I tried giving one agent notes to follow but that only made matters worse, he just sat there reading instead of talking. I also believe a large percentage of business is lost due to camera-shy agents who seem to be the majority, at least around here.

  14. Joanna- I think the key is practice. I've run into this same thing while making video tutorials and video for this blog. I'm not good at being on camera and I had to do 10 or 15 takes to do the simple little 2 min Intro video at the top of the page. I still don't like it. But the first few takes were so bad I was going to give up. It took me about 5 takes before I said to myself, "I can do this".

    I think to get agents prepared a good approach would be to give them a home work assignment to create a script and then 10 - 2 minute videos of themselves with a cell phone or point and shoot over the period of a few days. Some will need more practice that others.

  15. I also found the realtor very difficult to understand and the video was initially a bit frenetic. The tilted camera angles coming into that home were distracting on top of trying to understand what she was saying. The colors and camera work in the vegetable chopping section were gorgeous but I would prefer to see a longer shot of her cooking so I can get a better feel for her as a person ... but that could still be very artistically done. The property video was very, very nice but I wasn't crazy about the first view of the dining room ... the second shot of it which looked out onto adjacent rooms was much more interesting and colorful. Also the small brightly colored pillows in the middle of the master bed were distracting ... that's what my eye went to each time. I had to play the tape a few times in order to really see that room. The segments showing the stunning harbor could have been a few seconds longer ... that would have pulled me in even more. This is just from a potential buyer's viewpoint ... I'm not a filmmaker. But each time I see beautiful productions like this from Australia, the more I want to visit ...

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