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Outsourcers Who Use Capture One for Their Editing?

Published: 11/01/2019

Chris asks:

Does anyone know of any outsourcers who use Capture One for their editing? I have recently switched to using a Fujifilm X-T3 and have learned that Adobe processes the RAW files terribly and need to use Capture One instead.

I've done some research and have not found any outsourcers who will commit to using Capture One for real estate work. My guess is that since high-volume outsourcing operations need to have many people who can do the same job, they train them to use the most common software (Lightroom and Photoshop).

The thing to do is to go down the list of outsourcing vendors on the PFRE outsourcing page and ask each vendor if they will commit to doing your work in Capture One. You will probably have to pay a bit more and may not get as fast a turnaround.

Does anyone know an outsourcing vendor who uses Capture One?

Larry Lohrman

10 comments on “Outsourcers Who Use Capture One for Their Editing?”

  1. Maybe it is just me, but the finished products quality is the bottom line, not what was used to get there.
    Just because someone is a "Capture One" fan boy or any other program fan boy, if you want outsourcing, the end result is what is important....not how they got there.

  2. You "have learned" that Lightroom is "terrible" with Fuji RAW files?
    Are you processing them yourself side by side with C1?
    My experience and that of many Fuji users is that Lightroom does an excellent job. C1 is loved by many and I do not argue that it is excellent if not superb SW however in my comparisons over the years I am always able to make C1 and LR look pretty much the same.

    By looking for a retoucher that uses C1 the assumption is that somehow the files will be magically better. If that were true why are you even outsourcing? Dump into C1 and pump it out.
    But the reality of PP is that it is the SKILL of the retoucher not the software that gets results that people notice.
    I would also note that even at the highest levels of the business ACR and LR are popular tools. The images you make from your Fuji are potentially excellent. The resulting deliverables will be equally excellent or putrid depending on your skill at PP or photography or both.
    Send test files to a retoucher. In my experience the key issues are the ability to communicate with the retoucher to get what you want. If they make files you love from an old boot why do you care?

  3. I have been watching some tutorials by landscape photographer Elia Locardi who is a Fuji film Ambassador... he uses Lightroom classic CC and Photoshop for all post work I don’t think it’s an issue

    check up on your basics and maybe do some trial and errors and see if you can improve your output

  4. I have used C1 for so long I cannot remember how long. It all started when I bought my first Sony. I received the Sony version of C1 FOC to try out. I was so thrilled that I purchased the Pro version for Sony. The advantage of the Sony version is that all the Sony cameras were included. Since then I have updated the Sony Pro version regularly. The disadvantage of the "Sony" version is that only the Sony cameras are supported. With the normal full Pro version, which is considerably more expensive nearly all cameras on the market are covered. As I only use Sony there was no point in wasting money to purchase the more expensive packet.
    With each version, C1 has got better and better. Even so, there are still things you cannot do in C1 like blurring as one can with PS.
    Phase One also offer a Fuji version now in addition their Sony product.

    I do have a gripe about C1, originally I paid €50 Euros for the upgrades. This increased from 50 to 69 when I upgraded from version 10 Pro to 11 Pro. Now Phase One want 129 Euros for the upgrade to version 12, a considerable jump for a couple of improvements. I am sticking with Version 11 as I personally think this large jump in price for an upgrade is taking the proverbial p***.

    The reason these outsourcing companies don't use C1 is that it is far too expensive for them.

    Finally, a bit off topic: can these outsourcing companies be trusted? After all, one is handing over the original files to them, I like to keep full control of my work which means I only have the files. I should hate to see some of my images ending up being sold/licensed by someone else other than myself. Those who use facebook should be aware this can happen when you post images on FB. It is in their "small print" that you agree to when opening an account with them. They may use / licence anything that is posted, This also extends to commercial use without paying the copyright holder a dime!!

  5. I got my processors in India to start using C1 a few years ago but really the latest upgrade to LR/ACR has really improved the way it handles exterior shots with UWA lenses.

    If you drop me an email I can send you their details.

    The latest upgrade to LR/ACR is so good though that I will probably ask my editors to go back to Adobe software.

  6. does an excellent job for those who use Fuji Raw files. I know three of use who use BeePec and shoot raw with that Fuji Camera.

  7. Not sure how you came about the "adobe doesn't get the job done" but its not an issue for me. I've shot Fuji for 6 years without issue. I wouldn't pay anyone extra for C1.

  8. This blog article is irresponsible and does not serve its intended audience well. It casts an aspersion upon Lightroom with respect to processing Fuji XT-3 files but provides no explanation or corroboration for the the problem it asserts exists. Furthermore, we have no idea of who Chris is or whether he is credible. I have done a preliminary Web search on the subject and can find nothing to support the contention that "Adobe processes the [XT-3] RAW files terribly." There have been some indications of a bug affecting Lightroom's processing of XT-3 RAW files, which affected the initial color balance with some of the stock Lightroom profiles; however, I have seen reports that Adobe has since addressed this. All programs can have bugs. Furthermore, while inconvenient for some, the particular bug mentioned would not have prevented effective processing of the files, just resulted in less efficiency in terms of getting to the desired result when trying to use stock profiles. It seems to me that one way around that particular problem would have been to create a custom camera profile.

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