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The Render Flames tool in Photoshop is a very powerful and dynamic tool that lets you add fire in just a few steps where there otherwise wasn't one in your photo. In this video, I demonstrate step by step how you can have Photoshop render a fire into a ...



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Occupy Flash: The Movement to Rid the World of the Flash Player Plugin

Published: 23/11/2011
By: larry

The Manifesto: Flash Player is dead. Its time has passed. It's buggy. It crashes a lot. It requires constant security updates. It doesn't work on most mobile devices. It's a fossil, left over from the era of closed standards and unilateral corporate control of web technology. Websites that rely on Flash present a completely inconsistent (and often unusable) experience for fast-growing percentage of the users who don't use a desktop browser. It introduces some scary security and privacy issues by way of Flash cookies.

But wait, I know that many of you gentle readers are on the other side of this argument and are not about to uninstall your Flash plugin. There's a movement for you too. It's called Occupy HTML.

It's Manifesto: Flash is mature. It's supported by all major desktop browsers. It's stable when used properly. If not, it crashes a lot, just like every other technology. It requires constant security updates, just like every other web technology. It doesn't work well on most mobile devices, and for good reasons. It's a content plugin, developed during the era of closed standards and unilateral corporate control of web technology. Websites that rely on Flash can present a unique (and often unparalleled) experience for the massive percentage of users on a desktop browser. Flash powers some amazing experiences that work consistently across all of the major browsers in a way that cannot be replicated without Flash technology.

Before you get too worked up... this is intended to be humorous.

7 comments on “Occupy Flash: The Movement to Rid the World of the Flash Player Plugin”

  1. It will die a natural death. It has served us well as the internet has evolved. A lot of internet applications/presentations would not exist today without it. It is time to move on.
    However, I have more important things to do than "Occupy Flash" 🙂

    A Happy Day of Thanksgiving to everyone at PFRE !

  2. I am a bit put off by the use of the term "occupy". For me it has become a term of negative connotation, like the word "green". I almost unsubscribed when I read the email. Let's not grasp on to all that the world does and try and p.c. things up. As Ron says, if there is a problem with something, the natural course will eventually take care of it by itself.

  3. IT's funny how the "savior" from the past becomes a devil ... exactly the plans of an "evil" person from the past that die few days ago and NOW it's considered a genius ... a savior ... THE guy.
    MOFO could sell the idea even after his death ... well ... the "Book" still being sold as the best book even His death 2011 year ago as well ...

  4. I had a feeling Flash was in for a up hill climb as soon as I heard that many mobile devices did not/were not supporting it. Thankfully I made the decision last year to build my new site on a platform that didn't use flash. Don't get me wrong, I love what flash can do as far as the user experience is concerned but if you can only view it on certain devices that is a major drawback in my book. I mean when it comes to how most PFRE will be viewed (MLS and slideshows), flashy graphics and whatnot are nowhere to be found for the most part.

  5. It really is a shame that Flash was never able to live up to its potential. When it works, it is brilliant; when it doesn't it crashes your browser. Not worth it, in my book.

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