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New Versions of Photoshop and Lightroom Released This Week

Published: 20/10/2018
By: larry

8 comments on “New Versions of Photoshop and Lightroom Released This Week”

  1. Great news. I liked some of the new features and downloaded the new Photoshop version... only to find a significant bug. I've been using the Panasonic post-focus feature for some close up photos. The new version of Photoshop does not render the video image correctly. It takes the first frame and makes copies of it for each of the following frames, for however many frames are in the stack. After trying a few times and double checking my methodology, see, I switched to the older version of Photoshop. No problem at all, all the images rendered as they should. I was able to complete the focus stack.

    This was not a RE shot, but some photographers may use focus stacking for ultra deep depth of field. Watch out for this bug.

  2. I'm dialed in with CS6.
    I don't have to learn anything new, and unless I can simply upload all my images to the "NEW" version, push a button to see my images come out the other end (while I sit back and have a cocktail).....yawn

    I might add that if my internet goes down, I'm still in business!

  3. Russell Flynn, nothing wrong with staying with CS6 and saving money as long as it works well for you. As for learning anything new, I almost always find some useful new tool or capability every time PS updates.

    But, I am not sure why you seem to think that if the "internet goes down", you are "out of business". I keep hearing this over and over. The subscription service for Adobe products (such as the latest version of Photoshop) is not an online app. You download the program to your computer the same as you downloaded CS6. The only internet related issue from that point on is if you stop paying for your subscription. Periodically, Photoshop "phones home" to check that your subscription is still current. I am not saying it has never happened, but I have never heard of an instance where someone briefly lost internet service and PS no longer worked.

    I am guessing that if PS is unable to connect to Adobe to check on your subscription status because internet service is temporarily unavailable, it tries again the next time it starts up.

  4. well... against my better judgement... i updated to the new cc offerings and have to say.., it is one buggy update! layer blending is very slow and if your not paying attention while brushing it will not render part of the photo correctly... instead gives squares of pixelated selections seemingly unrelated to anywhere the brush is being used ... undo which is now just control z, will unselect your mask and reselect the main image on that layer so your brushing is in the layer not the mask till you see it or realize it as it is not always terribly obvious depending on what you are brushing... also clone stamp and healing tool is super slow and always starts with a sample placement while you are selecting a sampled area, so it places a random piece of image into the selected area as you are sampling... so these simple actions are acting slow and sluggish for me and i would say overall it’s kind of hesitating to react ... read somewhere to go to preferences and make sure to select Legacy compositing engine... i will try it and let y’all know if this helped... anyway just fyi— i don’t use lightroom cc so can’t give any performance news there.

    anyone else having issues or was smart and is waiting till the bugs are worked out like i should have done?

    i’m on a 2013 macbook pro i7

  5. ok... switching to legacy compositing engine has helped somewhat especially the sluggishness and the layer blending issue has not popped up again but clone and healing tools remain slower than previous version but a little better... hope they update this overall quickly

  6. Garett

    I updated and have had no problems so far. I tried to test all of the issues you raised above, although I am not sure that I correctly understand your comment on Layer Blending.

    Regarding masks & blending layers, I could not duplicate the issue you mentioned ("layer blending is very slow and if your not paying attention while brushing it will not render part of the photo correctly… instead gives squares of pixelated selections seemingly unrelated to anywhere the brush is being used"). I could not duplicate any issues where I had problems while using a Layer Mask. It performed as expected. I can confirm that Ctrl + Z does act inconsistently when applied to a painted on Layer mask. If you create the mask, paint on it a single time and then use Ctrl + Z, it deletes the Layer Mask entirely. But if you paint on the mask, release the click and then paint a second time, Ctrl + Z works differently. The first Ctrl + Z deletes the second mask painting. The second Ctrl + Z deletes the first mask painting, but does not delete the mask.

    I also tested Clone Stamp & Healing tool. They both worked the same as previously and were very responsive. They did not "always starts with a sample placement while you are selecting a sampled area, so it places a random piece of image into the selected area as you are sampling". I did not have this happen.

    Sorry you are having these problems. have you tried resetting the clone stamp and healing tool to see if that makes any difference?

  7. hey john!! sorry i didn’t see this till now ...

    everything else improved when i switched it back to legacy compositing engine but clone stamp still works weird and it’s generally slower all around ... some others that i know were complaining today of similar and some issues i thankfully don’t have so it prompted me to check in to this thread... thanks for your help .. hopefully adobe will be producing an update with fixes soon

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