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We're a few short months away from the PFRE Virtual Conference 2020 and are excited to finally announce this year's roster of presenters! One of the challenges we've faced with last year's in-person event was the difficulty of covering technical, hands ...



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We're a few short months away from the PFRE Virtual Conference 2020 an ...

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PFRE Conference 2020 Announcement

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More About The Best Business Practices For Real Estate Photographers Online Class

Published: 05/01/2016
By: larry

Hi - I’m Suzanne Feinberg from PowerVision360 where I create online professional development courses for photographers. We concentrate on best business practices and our first course this year begins January 18, 2016.

In this course we cover four basic areas:

  • Effective Social Communication
  • Polishing your Website
  • Legal and Other Liabilities
  • Packaging, Pricing, and Profit

Today, I want to share with PFRE blog readers some more information about our core practices and ideas that we will be teaching you in our 4-week course.

Specifically, in our Packaging, Pricing and Profit week, we look to find solutions to the many issues of how to price and how much income is being generated. During this week, we look at what other markets can we find to implement the skills and techniques we have accumulated as real estate photographers - without straying too far from the main purpose of real estate or architectural photography.

Here are two of the three markets that we have found to be very successful in creating packages that pay us better income in less time than shooting homes for sale.

  1. Commercial Real Estate - when you solicit commercial real estate offices, there is usually a central person in each office that is in charge of marketing materials. This makes it much easier to make a personal contact and get the meeting to show your portfolio, explain your value proposition and create a unique package for the office agents to use. Although this is a price sensitive market - it is less sensitive than the residential market. Prices tend to be based on the number of buildings, square footage, number of inside shots, outside shots, specialty shots and most importantly they love the drone aerial shots. In the class we will create a package that has proven successful for our business and the clients I have been private coaching.
  2. Apartment complexes - although the big companies like ForRent and Equitable have contracts with major tour companies to provide very inexpensive labor, there are plenty of independent complexes that need help with marketing. When approached with a unique marketing plan branded to the complex, my coaching students have successfully added several complexes to their portfolio. In this class, we will develop a package that you can offer to this type of client.

These are just two of the three alternate plans you will learn to implement and increase the amount of money you earn per day and the amount of work you need to perform in a day.

As an example, we have a national account with one of the major commercial real estate firms in the Southwest. Our average invoice to them which includes 3 buildings, 5 outdoor scenes, and 10 indoor scenes is $1395 and we are not the most expensive player in this market. It takes us about 1/2-3/4 a day to shoot the job and we have a processor finish the images for us for about $250.00 with a 3-day turnaround. This means in one day we keep $1395 - 250 = $1145 or with all of the marketing, travel, and other admin of the job we are earning $1145/8hours = $143.00 per hour.

This is very good news for the person who wants the time to put in a good campaign to get commercial real estate clients. If you were to do 2 listings a week ($2,290/week) x 50 weeks (2 off for vacation!) = $114,500/year. You would be shooting 2 days a week and marketing or other activities 3 days a week. And, if you shot more, you would earn more. An effort well spent.

This one module alone and this one solution alone, if it gets you one commercial job alone - proves the value of this course to everyone in our industry. The bonuses for this class are also a tremendous added value. We have a 14 day, no questions asked - money back guarantee, as well.

If you want to learn more about this course or if you are ready to enroll, sign up at and use the discount code PV4RE50 to receive a tuition discount of $50.

4 comments on “More About The Best Business Practices For Real Estate Photographers Online Class”

  1. Hi Mike: This is the first offering for this class, so there are no previous students to refer you to for my real estate photography courses. The goal of the course is to help real estate photographers who are just starting out in business, have an existing business and need to improve their marketing and income, or have an existing business that has become stagnent. We teach best business practices that will help you to earn more money from existing accounts and to help find new accounts that will earn you more income per home photographed. We do this through working with best business practices. This particular course concentrates on social communication (not social media, but effective techniques to be found and be recognized as an expert), polish your website so that it communicates a value proposition, consistent branding, has great content and helps to bring potential clients to you. In addition, we go over the liabilities of being in business and what you need to do to protect yourself as well as create a pricing-packaging-profit program that will help you keep more income in your pocket and earn more. We offer a money back guarantee - no questions asked, so you can actually have two weeks of class before you make a decision to continue or ask for a refund. The class consists of live sessions, video, resource guides, reference guides, templates and many other tools to help you meet the goals we set out at the beginning of the class. There is also a discussion group of your peers along with homework assignments. If you need to contact me, you can visit our website and there is a contact form on the website along with more details. I look forward to seeing you in the class.

  2. Hi AJ: We have students from all over the world, so it is very hard to find the most convenient time for everyone for live sessions. Therefore we are recording all live sessions and they will be posted within 24 hours of the live session for all students to both review, rewatch or watch for the first time if they missed the live session. It is our goal to make all the material as available and easy to view, obtain, download, etc for each student.

    If you or anyone else has any questions - I will be more than happy to answer them.

    And, if someone brings up a good point - it is not too late for me to make changes to how I deliver the course, - I strive to be flexible.

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