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Making Slideshows of All the Listings You Shoot

Published: 27/07/2017

Patrick in Texas says:

I am feeling like I'm not taking advantage of all the listings I am shooting. I want an automated way of building a gallery and putting it up on my website so I can refer to it, build meta data, and link to it as needed. Is there a discussion on this? I could certainly do it through Lightroom, but I am sure there is a better and easier way.

I don't believe we've discussed this specific subject before.

The two classic ways of doing this are:

  1. Using Lightroom or one of the many other products that let you create HTML5 slideshows for your website. Using Lightroom is probably the most automatic approach.
  2. Doing inexpensive tours for all your shoots. For example, costs $12/tour.

Which you choose depends on how you are going to use the gallery and if you can find a gallery style that you like. I did my own galleries for years and ended up using because I like the styles and they have many other great features. I find the gallery styles you can create with Lightroom lacking.

Larry Lohrman

4 comments on “Making Slideshows of All the Listings You Shoot”

  1. I've created 500+slideshow videos ('lifestyle' and listing) with which helped my wife to sell over $100 million worth of property here in Costa Rica. Check it out...

  2. I've used ProShow Gold (Photodex) for 3-4 years and find it easy to use and great for stills and/or video. They also include royalty free music. Their latest version is 8.0 and is $69.95 or $44.95 (upgrade). For more information go to and sign up for a free trial.

  3. I use WOW Slider for my customer delivered slide shows. I host them on my website and deliver a link. It can produce html that you can drop into your website if you know some html coding for your website for gallery use.

  4. I put them together using Premiere. You can create a base video and then use that by simply changing the text within Premiere and then adding the photos you wish to have to the video. Do a little "Panning" and "Zooming" and it looks great. Also, the advantage of making a video is that I can add video to the slideshow of flowing water from the pools fountains etc. Makes it look a bit different than the rest of the slideshows. Does not take too long once you get the original video or base video created. Upload it to YouTube or Facebook for your clients and share it to them. I upload them to my YouTube page with my logo on it and share it from YouTube to them. Then anyone coming to my YouTube channel gets to see what other videos we have showcased. Great way to put in some subtle advertising. 🙂


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