May 11th, 2014

Free Real Estate Photography Tutorials


Tutorials By Matt Stallone – Click here for Matt’s YouTube Channel

Tutorials By Nathan Cool Photo – Click here for Nathan’s YouTube Channel

Tutorials By Brian Kellogg – Click here for Brian’s YouTube Channel

Tutorials By Rich Baum – Click here for Rich’s YouTube Channel

Tutorials By Andrew Pece – Click here for Andrew’s YouTube Channel

Lightroom Tutorials By Simon Maxwell

Simon’s Lightroom tutorials are designed for real estate photographers and cover many of the typical post-processing challenges that real estate photographers encounter. Simon hasn’t been adding tutorials to this list and these are not on Simon’s YouTube channel so there’s no point in subscribing to these. The following is an index of the tutorials in no particular order:

Highlights slider

Shadow slider

Using wide angle focal lengths

The effect of sensor size on focal length

Importing files into Lightroom

Fixing barrel distortion and vignetting in Lightroom

Syncing image changes between Lightroom and SmugMug

Removing window reflections in Lightroom and Photoshop

Fixing converging verticals

Making the grass greener 

Highlights/Shadow recovery 

Making Blue skies a little bluer 

Color label workflow

Lightroom Import Dialog

Lightroom plugins folder

Supplying portrait format images on a landscape format background for real estate websites

Exposure Blending of mixed light property images

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