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Lighting For Real Estate Photography Turns 26!!!

Published: 24/04/2014

LightingVideoSeriesIt's been just over 2 years (26 months to be exact) since Scott Hargis and Malia Campbell released the Light For Real Estate Photography Video Series.

As Scott points out in the post on his blog on this subject, "it has become the benchmark for learning to light interiors for photographers all over the world."

There are several things about this video product that I'd like to point out:

  • You don't have to download Gigabytes of video files for this series. Rather you watch the video at the site. This is the standard for modern online learning. More and more learning is done this way and it works great! Even college courses are being done this way these days. This aspect of the product has allowed Scott and Malia to add videos to the series since it was launched.
  • This video series is completely complementary to Scott's book, Lighting Interiors. I've read Scott's book so many times (laying it out, editing and proofing) that I've lost track, yet I still learned a bunch of stuff, watching Scott's video series.
  • Scott and Malia have created a product of superior quality. Malia did a fantastic job with the video and Scott is a great teacher. The feedback from people is extremely positive! Just last week I was shooting a listing for a local agent in my sleepy little home town of Salem, OR and the agent I was shooting for was sitting in the living room talking to another agent raving about the the fantastic video tutorial series she had been watching by a guy named Scott. At first from the way she was talking, I thought she was talking about some Hollywood celebrity or Rock Star. No, she was talking about Scott's Lighting For Real Estate Series.

So even if you've purchased Scott's book, the video series is a great addition to your lighting education. Congratulations to Scott and Malia on the 2+ year anniversary of a great product and for making a positive contribution to the real estate photography community!

Larry Lohrman

3 comments on “Lighting For Real Estate Photography Turns 26!!!”

  1. Larry,

    I am forever grateful for the information I learned via the PFRE Blog, Scott's E-Book and the video series. I am sure you can recall several years ago when you told me my verticals weren't straight....LOL

    Mahalo Nui Loa,


  2. I too am grateful for Scott's video series. It's not only a game changer, but should be the foundation of any interior photographer's workflow.

  3. Can't believe it's been over two years....
    A heartfelt Thank You to everyone who subscribed -- I'm quite proud of these videos and it always makes my day when I hear a success story from someone who had an "ah-ha" moment watching.

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