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Is The New Iris360 A Good Choice For Real Estate Photography Interiors?

Published: 11/11/2015
By: larry

Iris360Olivia in Asheville recently asked:

I have never offered 360 degree photos to my agents because of the processing time. I saw an ad for the Iris360. Do you think this would be a good option for interiors?

What Olivia is talking about is the nctech Iris360 that is scheduled to be released December 15. It looks to me like if you are going to do interior 360s this is the way to do it! Here are some of the key features:

  1. $1999 USD
  2. Captures and stitches a HDR spherical 360 in about 120 sec
  3. Produces either a stitched 8000 x 4000 equirectangular file or RAW images for external stitching.
  4. Externally controllable via Smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  5. Can be used for Google Street View.

Since the Iris360 produces a equirectangular file the final 360 images can easily be hosted on a number of standard 360 hosting locations like By removing the stitching this camera an other new 360 cameras remove a huge amount of work from producing 360 images. My ownly complaint is that you have to use a nadir cap at the bottom of the 360 image because the lenses have no coverage below the camera, but that's a nit in the overall scheme of things.

The quality that Iris360 produces is quite good but it's not breath taking. I think it's very acceptable or better compared than other interior 360s I see. So I would say, as long as you make sure that you charge enough for this kind of 360 images and you make sure that there is demand in your market area for 360s this looks like a good alternative if you want to get into shooting 360s without all the stitching labor.


7 comments on “Is The New Iris360 A Good Choice For Real Estate Photography Interiors?”

  1. 360º spherical photographers are switching to Matterport 3D Showcase Tours – or offering both solutions.

    Perhaps the question should read:

    "Which solution is likely to help a real estate agent win more listings: 360º spherical photography or Matterport 3D Showcase tours?" If your clients are real estate agents, this is an important question. They don't care if it

    While the nctech Iris360 camera looks exciting (easy, fast and affordable), the world is moving to photography that includes capturing three-dimensional (3D) data. In a digital world, the Iris360 as analog because it does not capture the data.

    For example, a Matterport Pro 3D Camera Photographer can easily, quickly and affordably generate 2D and 3D Floor plans that includes measurements from a Matterport 3rd Party Solutions Provider (Google: We Get Around Matterport 3rd Party Solutions Directory). With the same data that the Matterport camera captures, we can generate a SketchUp file (.skp) or a Point Cloud file (.pts) these file formats are valuable to architects and builders doing renovations of residential and commercial real estate where an "as built" 3D model does not already exist. (An example of the Camera enabling other potential clients ...)

    With the race to the bottom pricing for still photography, Matterport 3D Showcase tours enable a Pro to differentiate their visual storytelling solutions to win more business by enabling the agent to differentiate their marketing plans to have a competitive advantage to win more listings.)

    Our Matterport User Group Forum has 700 Members in 43 countries and growing by 90 new Members monthly.

    If you are thinking about adding 360º spherical photography to your solutions, you might ask some of the Matterport photographers that have either switch to Matterport or added Matterport. Our Forum is free. We even have a thread to post links to Photography For Real Estate posts that are also of interest to our Members such as this topic.



  2. @Dan - I think most understand that traditional 360 images are not the same as Matterport 3D tours. Matterport tours are necessarily more expensive that 360 images. 360 image are not widely popular in all markets but they are used in many markets. Because 360 images are significantly less expensive to produce and host they are going to be used in some markets where Matterport tours are too expensive to be considered.

  3. Thanks for this post... I just pre-ordered one! I have been thinking about buying a matterport for the better part of this year. I talked with all of my repeat video clients about it, and showed them if they had not seen it. They all pretty much said one of three things: #1 the matterport tour, while has a great wow factor, can be very tedious to get through a large property; #2 they preferred being taken on a tour via video rather than navigate through it themselves; #3 you cannot capitalize on emotion/feeling through a 3d tour like you can video. I think matterport is awesome but if my repeat video clients have no interest in it, I can't justfiy the cost.

    However, I have been asked multiple times by my repeat photo clients about doing a few 360 spins of main areas, something which I have avoided offering. I think the iris360 will be a great addition to my current offerings. Also, now that I have been slowly venturing into the commercial/small business world, this device just makes sense and can be something to either help generate new clients, or an addion to a photo or video package to sweeten the deal.

  4. @Larry and @Matt

    Interesting and helpful to here. Sounds like the iris360 will fill a need for readers of PFRE such as @Matt.

    How does NCTech's iris360 Camera compare to the Matterport Pro 3D Camera and platform?

    I started a discussion in the Matterport User Group Forum for Pros that:

    1. switched to Matterport from 360º spherical photography
    2. offer both solutions
    3. are considering adding the iris360 Camera to their services

    Here's the MUG Forum thread on this topic ...



  5. I have always loved 360 spherical tours but made the switch to video several years ago after I watched one of our clients view their million dollar listing and try to figure out how to use their mouse to navigate around a 360 tour of their home. Since making the switch to video, viewer engagement went up substantially. Everyone knows how to hit the play button!
    With that said, I am still intrigued by the 360 tour concept especially now that we have mobile-friendly options and this camera looks like it can cut down on production workflow. I think there is some potential to work in a few 360 spins on our listing pages where we have video and still photos linked to our listings as virtual tours. Here is an example of what we are doing now. Adding a 360 spin section would be easy.

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