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Is Anyone Using the SL-360 StreakLight for Real Estate Photography?

Published: 05/07/2017

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Steven in South Jersey asks:

I am looking at a Flashpoint 360 and wondered if any other readers use one for real estate? I will soon be shooting with a Sony A7 Mark III and continue to use my Nikon with the latest SB flash can I get the Nikon to function as a slave off the Flashpoint. If I am off camera how do I trigger the Flashpoint? Will my existing radio triggers work? Lastly do they work well in a real estate environment?

I don't have any direct experience with the Flashpoint 360 but a little research on the Flashpoint shows the following:

  1. The Flashpoint 360 is triggered at least with the Flashpoint triggers. Since radio triggers frequently work across different brands for these manual flashes it's likely that some other brands of radio triggers will trigger it too.
  2. Depending on what model Nikon flash you have if it has an optical triggering capability (many Nikon flashes do) you would be able to trigger your Nikon flash optically.
  3. Your existing radio triggers may well work the Flashpoint but it's impossible to even research without knowing specifically what triggers you have.
  4. Rich Baum did a nice little review a few months ago of his experiences using Flashpoint EVOLV 200 and 360 for real estate. So yes, Flashpoint flashes work well for real estate.

Here is a review of the Flashpoint 360 from several years ago. Is anyone using a Flashpoint 360?

Larry Lohrman

10 comments on “Is Anyone Using the SL-360 StreakLight for Real Estate Photography?”

  1. Hi Steven,
    Yes, I've used the 360 {2 of them} for a high profile job, where I needed a lot of light to light up an interior that was about 20x20 feet. The job was photographing an interior space during high noon, to balance the interior with the exterior and to freeze the action of models walking through a lobby space. I bounced two 360's off the ceiling at full power and they were able to light up the entire lobby. They worked perfectly for me in manual mode. I've also had them in a Westcott XXL Rapid Box / 48" softboxes in TTL and Manual mode and they work flawlessly in that situation too. The amazing thing about them besides being spot on with the light output / power is the batteries seem to last forever. I've also used them on high-end product shoots and they performed like champs. All this info is coming from someone that has used ProFoto for over a decade and sees no difference in moving to the Godox line of lighting tools. As a matter of fact, I've been selling off all my ProFoto and have 2-360's, 1-AD600 and 1-AD200.

  2. Triggering optically sounds great in theory. But when you get on an actual job, you can't go five shots without the optically triggered flash not being able to see the original flash. Whatever your solution, make sure every light has an actual trigger. This is so easy nowadays, as many lights have triggers built right in. My opinion on the 360 is, you know what's better than 360 watt seconds? 600 watt seconds.

  3. My standard RE kit consists of 4 TT850s. I too have a 360 that only comes out when I need the extra output to fill a large space. It is just a bit cumbersome to take into every residence since it requires it's own case. All of my other gear including camera is in one case on wheels. I love the battery life on the TT850 lithium packs. I have been using these since they first came out. Way better than double A's. I am in the process of setting up a studio for product work and will use the Godox X1 triggers to connect AD600s, the 360 and all of the TT850s. In short I think there is no better quality/cost system out there. In addition, no power cables to deal with and you have the ability to manage output on all flash units from the camera. Perhaps Profoto or Broncolor are in my future but at this time I don't have a 20K budget.

  4. I use them on every job, condo or mansion!!! I love them. They have an umbrella adapter too that works very well for times you need an umbrella. It is best to use it with an Flashpoint R2 Bridge Receiver for Non-R2 Streaklights (XTR16) and then buy the really great Flashpoint Zoom Lion flash as your additional slaves. They are cheap and work every time. No optical. You put them on stands with no other receivers - just by themselves because they are R2 radio, make them groups B, C, or D. And flash away.

    I used another Zoom Lion flash on my Nikon as to control my flashes, but then I discovered the Flashpoint R2 E-TTL transmitter for Nikon and now I use that on my camera which freed up another flash. I like it better than the flash to control things because you can roll the dial instead of selecting the groups on the flash where if you pass the group you want you have to toggle all the way back. The transmitter is much nicer because you can just roll that little dial back and forth to select your groups. It does say it is TTL, but I'm always using manual flash. The manual flashpoint Zoom Lion flashes saves you $50! They are $149 and work on all camera makes. If you do want TTL you have to buy them for the model camera and they are $199. Just use manual and save $$'s.

    Note that when you plug in the Flashpoint R2 Bridge Receiver for Non-R2 Streaklights (XTR16) to the Streetlight USB (on the side of the Streetlight) - you need to put all the channel sliders down and then control the channel on the Streetlight and the additional Flashpoint slaves. I've only used channel 1 on everything but change the groups how I need them.

    I highly recommend the whole shebang!!! 2 360's, and 3-4 flashpoint Zoom Lions, 2 R2 bridge receivers for the 360's and the transmitter for your camera!!

  5. These are brilliant flashes. I have six of them and could not be happier.

    They have replaced my Alien Bees and other studio strobes that I would bring to large properties for large scale exterior lighting.
    Their small size, high power and endless battery life make for a winning combination.
    I bought the Godox version with the XT-16 433mhz trigger and the receiver that attaches via a USB plug and uses the flash for power source.
    I later added the Flashpoint with built -in radio and TTL and the R2. They are 2.4 Ghz but I just added extra 2.4GHZ receivers to my old units and voila!Instant upgrade.

    The triggers are very reliable and have a very long range. TTL and HSS do actually work but I shoot almost exclusively on manual.
    Ironically, I also infrequently adjust the power with the trigger as I have so many flashes I forget which one is which in my haste and find it easier to just walk over and change it manually.
    The new 2.4 Ghz TTL versions have a far more complicated menu though they permit a lot of configurations. For my work, manual setting with no auto anything works just fine.

    Cannot tell you how nice it is to have a kit that no weighs only a fraction of what I had before yet with equal power and far longer battery life.
    The Flashpoint units go on sale with some regularity so keep your eyes open and you can score a great bargain.

  6. We use them (we have spares for spares). The new battery will allow up to 2400 shots. We have monopods with feet and a bracket to mount the battery on. They are great and the bulbs put out a great light, more in line with studio lighting. It is all we use for Real Estate.

  7. We use them. We have spares for spares. More in line of studio lighting. They are great. The new batteries allow up to 2400 shots per charge. We have them mounted monopods.

  8. I sold all my Canon and Paul Buff lighting gear and purchased 3 Flashpoint Evolv 200's, 2 Flashpoint Xplor 600's, and the R2 trigger. Couldn't be happier with the system. The evolv 200 seems much preferable to the streaklight, similar power but smaller package.

  9. I use two of the Streak Light 360s. I have had excellent performance. I suggest having at least one back up flash tube as I have blown one. The charge on the batteries really last. Two thumbs up from me.

  10. - the power of 2 to 3 speed lights
    - external battery allows smaller flash unit for tight spots
    - 1/128th power still allows hints of light
    - battery pack is cumbersome so use a belt and hand hold the flash
    - works well on light stand or monopod with battery bracket
    - very even light compared to speed light
    - excellent spread for compositing
    - not enough power? battery pack has two plugs, add another flash and use 720 watts.
    - very long life on battery
    I’ve shot six houses so far, exclusively with one of these flashes. Battery still shows full charge. Excellent quality of light. I’m sold. Ordering a second unit today.

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