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Sponsored Post Saturday: Introducing Show & Tour // Software For Real Estate Photographers // Discount for PFRE Readers

Published: 04/10/2019

[vimeo 363704079 w=640 h=360]

(Having trouble viewing the video? View it here.)

What Is Show & Tour?

Show & Tour is a cloud-based software (currently in beta) built for real estate photographers, videographers, and virtual tour providers. The purpose? To help you deliver projects in a more professional and client-friendly way, as well as help your clients get the full value out of your services.


About the Founders

Hey community, I’m Josh Mais, owner of Sherpa Media in Kansas City. Like many of you, I’m a photographer, videographer, and virtual tour provider. While I am an industrial engineer by education, I have been an entrepreneur and photographer for most of my life. I’m passionate about creating products and services to help others achieve success in their business… which is what led me to create Show & Tour.

Brian Schwabauer is my partner in crime and a coding wizard. Most developers only care about making functional buttons and knobs, but not Brian. He is obsessed with creating beautiful and speedy websites and apps that fundamentally change the game for users. His degree in Electronic Arts combined with his years of experience as a developer has helped craft Show & Tour into a tool we hope is useful and beneficial for your business.


5 Reasons Why Show & Tour Will Help Your Business Thrive

  1. Look more professional. Show & Tour is designed to promote your brand and make it the central focus, building your client’s trust and confidence in your services.
  2. Provide a better customer experience. The interface is clean and simple, ensuring your clients can easily find what they need (because I too have received calls at 10pm on a Thursday night from a frustrated agent trying to find the Google Drive download button).
  3. Make your life a little easier. I’m always looking for ways to streamline processes and eliminate unneeded tasks. With Show & Tour, you can eliminate day-to-day frustrations and hassles such as: invoice reminders, late payments, the need to export multiple file sizes; inconvenient customer service calls, compiling long emails, and using multiple platforms for delivery, payments, property websites, storage, and streaming.
  4. Become more valuable to your clients. By providing property websites, flyer templates, and social media tools, you help your client get the full value out of your services.
  5. Become harder to replace. With all of these tools, you become more than a photographer. You become a marketing partner and trusted adviser. 


Top 10 Features (so far)

  1. Easy & Professional Project Delivery. Provide a better client experience by making payment, image downloads, and link/embed sharing a breeze. It will look really good too!
  2. Visual Drag & Drop Property Website Builder. Endless layout possibilities for property websites. No need to be locked down to a few themes.
  3. Revolutionary Media Player. This unique tool combines many different forms of media (photos, video, virtual tours) into one single player to embed on any website. 
  4. Fully White Labeled. We think your brand should always come first. Integrate your own domain name, logo, and brand colors. 
  5. Pay before Download & Recurring Payments. Never get paid late again. Easily charge recurring payments for domain names, hosting, etc. Hello recurring revenue!
  6. Custom Domain Names at Cost. That’s right; no up-charges for custom domain names!
  7. Unlimited Property Websites, Unlimited Projects Delivered, and Unlimited Clients. We don’t think it’s right to charge for every project, property website, or client.
  8. Integrate Any Virtual Tour or Video. YouTube, Vimeo, iPlayerHD, Matterport, iGuide, NodelView, Zillow, RoundMe… to name a few.
  9. Security & Password Protection. Every property website and project delivery page you create is secured with an SSL certificate and has the option to be password protected.
  10. Intuitive Project and Client Management style="font-weight: 400">. Clean and simple dashboard makes it easy to find and create new projects and clients.


We Are Currently in Beta and Know that We Have Things to Fix.

That’s why we welcome and request your help! We’d love your feedback, ideas, and constructive criticism.

We sincerely want to make this platform as feature-rich as possible while keeping it clean, simple, and user friendly. As fellow photographers, we know this will not be possible without your active input regarding things that need to be fixed, improved, or added. We want to hear from the community!


Pricing and Discount Offer for the First 100 Beta Testers

You may be asking, how much!? Well, we are still working this out and plan to announce pricing once we get out of beta and hear everyone's feedback. The plan is to launch in time for the PFRE Conference in November, which I am excited to be attending (both as a photographer and as a vendor).

We will be offering a lifetime discount of 25% off your future subscription to the first 100 photographers who sign up for beta, create at least 3 projects, and provide feedback regarding your experience with the platform. 


>> Sign Up for Beta (Click Here)

We invite you to sign up for the beta version of Show & Tour. Please feel free to use the platform as much as you like. It will be free for as long as we are in beta. Once we are ready to launch, you will be invited to sign up for a paid account.

When you go to sign up, please remember this is a pre-release product. We know it’s not fully baked, but wanted to get it in your hands (or screens) to ensure we are on the right track. 


I appreciate you taking the time to read this post!

Josh Mais

Show & Tour


Brandon Cooper

16 comments on “Sponsored Post Saturday: Introducing Show & Tour // Software For Real Estate Photographers // Discount for PFRE Readers”

  1. Hi Gene,

    Sorry it is not working for you. I will personally email you the beta invite to your email on your website.


  2. Sounds Interesting. I signed up so I could check it out. What about businesses that have two websites?
    I've had for many years and recently created as my son
    now works with me and wanted a website that isn't just my name - he currently does my editing but is starting to
    shoot (we are in different cities). I'm not going to close my named account as it covers a wider range of work (although
    both are temporarily slim on content as I've been redoing/updating them).

    I'm assuming your software/platform will allow only one domain per person - if so and if we like your platform we could only use
    for it as most of the focus will be RE/developers/architecture and business portraits.

    Good luck on your new business

  3. Would also like to sign up, but nothing happening. Have use another product for the past almost 5 years now and would like to see how yours differs and also the advantages of your new platform.

  4. @Crissy Ball: @Brian Roberts: Thank you for signing up! I'm looking forward to your thoughts and feedback as you use the system.

    @shane: You will only be allowed to add one domain name for your brand (where the system dashboard is hosted and where your links would go when a user clicks on your logo). You can however add in as many custom domain names as you want for individual projects. Hopefully that will work for you and your son.

    @Cindy James: I show that an email did go out to your email. So please check your spam folder. I will also resend the invitation to you now.

  5. Show and Tour is a no show. They emphasize the aesthetic quality and speed of their websites but do not actually demonstrate these qualities. Thus, this announcement is premature.

  6. @David Eichler: Thanks for your feedback and highlighting some areas we can improve. We would still love for you to consider signing up, testing it out for yourself, and help us make it something you see as exceptional.

  7. Hi Josh, sounds good. I signed up, not sure what's next or how I know if it went through. There isn't an option to log into anything...



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