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The Render Flames tool in Photoshop is a very powerful and dynamic tool that lets you add fire in just a few steps where there otherwise wasn't one in your photo. In this video, I demonstrate step by step how you can have Photoshop render a fire into a ...



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Published: 03/11/2008
By: larry

I'd like to welcome and introduce a new PFRE advertiser: provides single-property websites and will be offering a two for the price of one discount special for PFRE readers all through the month of November. Just mention the PFRE blog to the sales staff when you e-mail or call iPropertyWebsites to take advantage of this offer.

In addition, to the discount offer above, will be a November sponsor of the PFRE Idol contest and will give the PFRE Idol named at the end of November 5 free iPropertyWebsites, a value of $245.

Single-Property Websites are a popular marketing tool for real estate professionals and continue to grow in popularity as users understand all their features and added benefits.

Often confused as Virtual Tours with a custom domain, Single Property Websites are really in a class of their own. They offer many more features and customization options than a traditional virtual tour. They offer the ability to:

  • Create custom pages
  • Manage menus/links, syndicate to real estate search engines
  • Manage meta-tags for SEO
  • Submit to search engines
  • Manage property documents is one of the original companies to offer a web-based platform that enabled users to effortlessly create a website dedicated entirely to advertising one property. No HTML or programming experience is required. With the application you can create a website in 10-15 minutes that looks like it took you hours to put together. (sample: It's free to try. There are no monthly subscriptions. You simply pay one flat fee to activate a website which includes a top-level domain and hosting for a year. recently introduced a number of partnership opportunities for Real Estate Photographers interested in offering this technology to their clients. It is a great way to supplement your photography service and open a new stream of residual income without a whole lot of effort. Partnership opportunities include affiliate accounts, reseller accounts, custom branding options and a complete private label solution.

9 comments on “Introducing”

  1. Thanks for the introduction, Larry! It is our pleasure to sponsor the PFRE Idol contest and extend the buy one, get one free offer to your readers.

    If anyone has any questions about or how single property websites can fit into your business model, I would be happy to answer them here on the PFRE Blog.


    Nathan Bednarik
    President, Founder, LLC

  2. Nathan, As a person in the process of setting up a re photography/marketing service for realtors, can I use this and set it up for all my realtor clients? I got a little confused by your pricing as there is a price for single website, 5 and 10 package website.

    Those of you with an established clientele, do you think your clients would find this exciting, or something they can do on their own?



  3. Oh, and are the flyer templates more customizable, I would think if I am working for 4 different real estate companies, they would want their flyers to look different from each other- I live in a very small town!

  4. Hi Debra,

    Thanks for the questions.

    1) Yes, our affiliate/partner accounts allow you, as a photographer, to set up unlimited "sub-accounts" for each of your clients. With that sub-account you can create websites for a client and then hand them off (allowing the client to make minor updates such as price changes, descriptions, etc.) or you can create and maintain the website for them (they contact you anytime they need a change). It all depends on how involved you want to be.

    Note: If that client ever did bypass you and purchase a site on their on their own, you would still earn a commission on it. You'd be amazed how quickly this can add up and turn into a nice residual income.

    The pricing is set up so you can purchase single websites or "packs" of sites (5, 10, 25, etc.) at discounted rates. The credits/licenses never expire and can be used anytime.

    The photographers we work with now typically buy 5 or 10 at a time to get the discount and then pass along the costs, including a set-up and/or maintenance fee, to their clients.

    2) The automatically generated flyer's (PDF & Text) are not customizable at this time. To be honest, they are not really meant to replace professionally designed/printed flyers that you would place in a flyer box (although they can be used this way). They are typically printed off by online house-hunters as a quick reference.

    I hope this helps. Please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail if I can answer any additional questions.

    877-947-2447 x 3
    nathan (at) ipropertywebsites dot com

  5. This sounds really interesting. This could be an added service to offer some of the brokers and agents. I have run into a few that just don't know how to handle ANYTHING online....

    Thanks for the info Larry and Nathan!!

  6. In my experience 5 out 10 agents still get flustered with technology. Even the ones that are tech-savvy still often prefer to outsource so they can focus on selling houses and following leads. If they are already hiring you to shoot photos then it's usually an easy sale.

  7. Has anyone not noticed that these sites and services are almost exactly like and their property websites??? Look at the templates, they are the same. I have been using agencylogic for 2 years now and have sold a ton of these websites to agents. They have vendor packages and can be customized and branded to whatever you would like. I would call them before I call this company. They have been doing what this ipropertywebsites company has been doing far longer.

    I'm not to keen on this company so far with me using the exact same service including look and feel from someone else for the past 2 years...

  8. Chad,

    You are right that many of our features and most of our templates are identical. We are all part of a large network of companies offering nearly the same product/software.

    We have been in business for a little over 4 years now and are members of the Better Business Bureau. We offer many partnership opportunities including affiliate accounts, reseller accounts, custom branding and private label solutions.

    In your case it probably does not make sense to switch over but I'm glad to hear you've had success with the single property websites in general. I think it will be encouraging for other Photographers that are thinking about offering it to their clients.

    Thanks for your feedback. If you'd ever like to earn a better commission on your sales, give me a call.

    Nathan Bednarik
    877-947-2447 x 3

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