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If You Are Going To Do Video Post It In A Way Everyone Can See It

Published: 11/08/2011
By: larry

In the last two weeks I've run across several people that are hosting video on their sites with QuickTime.

Bad idea! Here is the problem with using QuickTime for anything on the web:

  1. QuickTime is an old Apple technology that never caught on on PCs so Windows machines can't display movies in QuickTime format without downloading the QuickTime player from the Apple site.
  2. The download of the QuickTime time player for Windows users is ugly and time consuming. No one is going to do it just to see your video!
  3. So when a Windows user comes across your QuickTime video, the chances are very high they are not going to bother to do what it takes to install the QuickTime player... You've just lost over half of your potential viewers!
How do you post video so everyone can see it? There are several options:
  1. Use YouTube: It takes care of the technical aspects of being seen on all platforms. There are some downsides, It's not all that pretty or elegant but it's free and it works. The new Vimeo may be as good but it's not free.
  2. Use Easy HTML5 Video: This is a way you can host video on your own site in a way that it can be seen my almost everyone. This is a new approach that is just being launched. It's an application (~$49USD) that you run to create all the video and HTML code you need to post on you own web site to serve video so everyone can see it. I'm trying this product out to see if it has any downsides.
  3. Use a service like iPlayerHD: that takes care of all the technical aspects of serving video to any platform. This is probably the best solution but it starts at $30/month, but worth it if you are serious about delivering video to everyone.

12 comments on “If You Are Going To Do Video Post It In A Way Everyone Can See It”

  1. Not sure what the point of "Easy HTML5 Video" is? You have always been able to host your own mp4 video and just use the coding of a player that shows it in both flash and falls back to html5. Players like video JS and JW player have done this for more than a year now.

    A bigger problem than offering HTML 5 is to make sure you are offering it in multiple bitrates, one for mobile, one for slower internet connections and one for higher connections (that can handle HD).

    This is why you should be using a service like Youtube, Vimeo pro or IplayerHD as they all take care of the multiple bitrates. They take your one rendered file and make the multiple bitrates out of that source file. If you host your own video you have to render each movie 3 different times to get the bitrates...which becomes a pain.

    Having a HTML5 player for apple users to be able to watch means nothing if the bitrate is too high for iphone (or any mobile device for that matter) to play smooth.

  2. What a bunch of BS! Quicktime as and is an awesome format! WMV is absolute crap, real player is nonsense, Flash sucks, youtube is youtube and not a format! HTML5 is a way to post any video so that it just plays on a page! The only reason quicktime didn't conquer the world is because MS refused to support it. MS even created ActiveX to combat the growing popularity of QuickTime. I remember the absolute nonsense involved and the instant incompatibilities when MS switched to ActiveX controls!!! Websites everywhere can to a screeching halt!!

    Now it's MP4 H.264 for best quality and guess what player plays it..... Apple Quicktime Player!!!!

    Instead of supporting MS and all the tragic useless crap they've inflicted on the world over the years, why not support the worlds most valuable company and all the incredible innovation they've brought? Apple is directly responsible for AOL... Steve Case started AOL after a contract with Apple to develop a social network system. Firewire was an Apple invention and patent. Quicktime was the first movie or frame player... remember hypercard stacks? Apple was years ahead of anything else and still is! Windows is like a fake fiberglass sports car body on a VW!!!
    The underlying structure is still MS-DOS... GEEZ!!!!!!

    The high level of productivity that photographers, and everyone else enjoys, and that enables us to actually produce any work at all, is due to the Apple OS. When IBM and MS had orange displays against black (think airline terminals) Apple had graphics displays, fonts, raster based graphics, and they even commissioned a small start up named Adobe to design and create their fonts!!!!!!!! Ever heard of Illustrator or Photoshop???

    Again... the only reason QT did not take over the world is because of the absolute evil of Bill Gates and MS!

    With the massive relevance of Apple products and systems used in the movie industry and ALL graphics production, if they developed and released QT today it would swallow all others whole!!!!

    The disrespect and innaccurate portrayal of QT is what pisses me off about this posting and speaks volumes about the mentality of the @$$hole that posted it!!!

  3. No offense Larry, but if I seem a bit pissed off about this, it's because instead of putting down QT, you should be encouraging people to use it and help re-establish the best movie format ever! There were so many developer tools for production, Sorenson 3 compressor and all parameters were accessible. "Reference movies" was the absolute best feature!!! Sprites, Key Frames, Poster Movies, the ability to add tracks and titles and graphics, active web links, etc... it was fully customizable and you could cut and paste and save any QT Movie right in the Player and it worked!!! QT was and still is absolutely awesome!

    The only problem is that it was developed and released before Apple became the world power it is today. Back when MS had control and some small relevance. If it were to be released today... add one more success story to the Apple collection of killer products!!!

    Q: What's the Highest Quality Standard for the Movie Industry? You guessed it!
    A: CHECK OUT THE APPLE MOVIE TRAILERS site... Insane quality and they're all QT Movies!!! (not flash, not wmv not Vimeo and not vivo... remember that horror?!)

  4. @Pete- Take it easy man, getting that worked up is not good for you body!

    For those that market properties online there is only one measure to judge online players with: Can every viewer of your marketing piece see your marketing? It doesn't matter if QuickTime is technically the highest quality video player ever invented... if over half of the people viewing can't see the marketing piece case is closed. Are you going to tell your clients (Realtors) to only market properties to Mac users? Get serious!

    I may be the biggest Apple fan-boy here but I'm here to tell you QuickTime for web use is dead. It was dead for web use 9 years ago. I quit using it for 360s in 2003 because all my clients with PCs couldn't see the tours I made for their home.

  5. I love QT. Back in the good old days (6 years ago) I used to encode in QT, WMV and Flash, because I despised the quality of Flash and WMV. Video never looked as good as it did in QT and I wanted to make sure that people had an option to see the video in high quality.

    HOWEVER.... 1) Most viewers (aka home buyers) can't tell the difference at all - like it or not, that's the truth, 2) You have to cater to the majority if you're in business. It's that simple. To only encode in QT is ridiculous in this day and age, even though it is a superior format. Why turn off customers unnecessarily? Why make someone jump through hoops to view your ADVERTISEMENT? It's ridiculous.

    In this business, you have to cater to THE CUSTOMER. Period. Quick Time is dead. Flash is becoming dead. Times change. Move on.

  6. @Pete sorry dear, couldnt get through your comments, too negative and aggressive.

    HTML5 is certainly the way to go if you would prefer to reach a wider audience; these can be seen on mobile devices, etc. There are opensource (FREE) software out there, ie Longtail, just look up on google 'openoffice software html5'. These are used for slideshows also, to replace the flash.

  7. @Susan

    Longtail video is only free for non commercial use....I would guess anyone reading this blog is selling their video work to an agent(s).

    Not sure where you are getting ‘openoffice software html5?? Openoffice is a free open source microsoft office replacement and has nothing to do with HTML 5 or the playing of videos.

  8. @Keith- I've been on vacation down at Lake Tahoe for the last couple of weeks and just got home so I haven't had time to spend any time checking it out yet. I'll be doing a post in a week or so when I get some time to check it out.

    CJ who made a comment above is right, for really professional delivery of video on all platforms adapting your bit rate to the viewing device is important and Easy HTML5 does NOT do this. is the best choice for really professional level video delivery. Easy HTML5 will be a quick and dirty and cheap way to deliver video to all plat forms.

  9. Ah... ok thanks, I'm just starting to scratch the surface of video and just using it for introduction type slideshows. Currently I'm using YouTube and that seems to work ok for online use, but I was also looking for a offline use for tours on CD, if I could find a solution that would work for both that would be great. Seems like I may have to use a slightly different method for each for now.

  10. Wow, what great feedback.
    I asked Larry about video for real estate, and he gave me this blog site. It is great to see so many passionate people voicing opinions. I am a former industrial photographer looking to transition from stills to video for real estate, which has my head spinning. I am trying to learn about equipment, shooting, processing and uploading to the internet here in Sarasota FL.
    Fred Light is correct about catering to the masses. I find most Realtors wonderful to work with, but if their tour is not up and running, shortly after the shoot, they can be your worst nightmare (like Hannibel Lector inviting you to dinner). I wasn’t sure if you tube was the place to host a video. But, many agents have asked if I could upload to you tube, which I think is becoming a standard place to see video.
    It is great to see such passionate feelings about a subject. As an industrial photograper, I too was passionate about shooting only4x5 (my portable format of choice), and if you didn’t agree with me, you were just an anoying amature. Now, some of the high end point and shoot cameras blow my 4x5 images away. With the technoilogy changing hourly, it is hard to know what to do.
    So please keep the pasion alive, but at a technical level that is undestandable by most.

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