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How To Find Real Estate Photography Clients

Published: 04/06/2007
By: larry

In the last week I've explained how to find real estate photography clients to several people so there are probably others out there that need to know the same thing.Since your primary clients are Realtors you need to understand that all Realtors specialize in either working with buyers (buyers agents) or sellers (listing agents). As a Realtor it takes a while in the business to build up a customer base of sellers so most Realtors that are starting out in the business work with buyers and as a general rule listing agents are Realtors that have been in the business for quite a while. So as a real estate photographer you are going to want to find and get to know listing agents. And if you have a choice you want to what to work with Realtors that list upper-end homes. Upper-end is different in every location; it's just the more expensive homes. Upper-end listing agents are more likely to retain your services as a photographer because upper-end sellers demand top notch, professional marketing. So how to you find Realtors that specialize in listing upper-end homes?A good place to start is (click on the image above). This is a national real estate listing web site where you can find most all of the homes for sale in the US.

  1. On the home page click on the blue link that says "Find a Realtor".
  2. Fill in the city and state in which you are looking for Realtor and click search.
  3. Bam! you have a list of Realtors in your particular city that have listings and have subscribed to's services. Mind you, this is not ALL the listing agents in this city but it's the ones that are promoting their listing nation wide.
  4. You'll notice that across from each Realtor there is a "View my listings" button and a "Got to My site" button. If you click on "view my listings" it will show how many listing they have and how much they are selling for AND you can see what kind of photography they use to promote their listings.
  5. Then if you click on "Go to my site" button it will take you to their web site where you will always find their phone number, e-mail address and buy law, their office address (where you can mail them a post card!).

Use this process to research who the listing agents are in your area are and what offices they work at. Once you find what office agent work at you can usually find their brokers web site that will almost always list all the agents that work in that office.So what do you do with all the Realtors names and addresses that you have in your potential client database? You send them a snazzy post card every three months or so until they give you a call to say, "I need a photographer". I like like jumbo (5.5x8.5") laminated post cards that have color on both sides. On the front of the post card put the best shot you have, full bleed (the image goes right off the edge) with catchy text floating over the image that makes it is clear that you are asking for their real estate photography business. Then on the back side you give all the details. The idea is to dazzle them with the large glossy image and get them to look at the back for more information. Be sure to put the URL of your web site that has more examples of your work and your phone number... Realtors are phone oriented. Realtors will appreciate a good marketing piece.

4 comments on “How To Find Real Estate Photography Clients”

  1. I find new agents by calling them and setting up a meeting, Once you are in front of them its much easier to sell your services. I try to get them to tell me their needs by asking them lots of questions.

    I also come prepaired with a sales folder that I leave with them and some times i will go through it with them. My sales folder is a nicely printed presentation folder containing my company profile and service summary, my price list and an account application.

    At the end of the day its about relationships, If they like you and they get on well with you then they will use your services.

    It is also important to not come accross to pushy, Sometimes I wont even talk about bussines, I will get them chatting about anything but bussiness, I also find common ground such as sport, cars or family. This tends to help them drop their gaurd.

    My background is in sales so I am very confident in cold calling and making sales calls.

    My advice to anyone starting out, is to try and read a some sales books such as "how to win friends and influince others" and "Selling to win" all of these books have some great tips.

    There is a lot more to it, but thats it in a nutshell

    And remember, The only thing better than getting work is getting paid!

  2. Vince,
    You are right-on. Face to face is the MOST effective marketing. That's why I recommend going to Realtor sales meetings and talking to all the Realtors in an office at once. I brought up the direct mail part of marketing because we've been talking about post cards.

    The benefit of direct mail is that you can market 100s of agents all at the same time. Also, not everyone is good at "cold calling".

  3. Ditto on what Vince said, for new offices I usually set up a meeting when they 're all there, make a little presentation of my services, ask and answer questions, usually after that there's a small group wanting to chat a bit more, than u just follow up next week or so, visit the office, talk about whatever, make them like you, don't talk too much business, they will call when the time comes, for my current agents I set up a one2one meeting, show them some new work, again, chat about everything.
    Matt Stec Photography -

  4. I have changed my presentation from "Virtual Tours" to "How to take GREAT Real Estate Photographs", which allows me to give many more presentations. Since 90% of the agents in the meeting wanted to take their own photos, I thought I would give them tips on taking GREAT photos and then market a Slideshow/DVD creating and hosting service. I figured I would also be presenting to the top producers who would see examples of my work and my expertise. I hoped to make sales to the "top producers" and "bottom feeders". I can offer Realtors who take their own photos a good price on the slideshow since travel and labor expenses are cut to a minimum.

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