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Hot Topics In Real Estate Photography For 2010

Published: 29/12/2010

I thought it would be interesting to see what the top 10 most popular posts were in 2010. Of the posts on PFRE in 2010 following were the most popular:

  1. Aperture vs Lightroom - Is there a Best Choice for Real Estate Photography?
  2. What Should I Charge For A Shoot?
  3. Shooting Brackets For Exposure Fusion Part 1
  4. Shooting Brackets For Exposure Fusion Part 2
  5. How NOT to Shoot 360s
  6. Choosing a Entry Level Camera For Real Estate Photography
  7. Observations On 360s In Real Estate Photography
  8. A Wonderful Demonstration of Creating Interior Photographs
  9. Is Post Processing For Real Estate Photography a Business Opportunity?

Number 1 suggests that Mac users are becoming a significant proportion of PFRE readers. Yep that's right. Checking the PFRE Google analytics, shows the between 2007 and the end of 2010 the percentage of Mac users visiting the PFRE blog has tippled. As of now PFRE readers are 53% Windows and 40% Mac OS. This generally tracks the success that Apple has been having in the market place. Apples stock price has also tripled in the same time frame. 

Number 2 confirms that pricing is another obvious subject of interest. I probably get more questions from readers on pricing than any other subject. Undoubtedly this is related to the financial stress the lower 95% of agents are under these days.

Number 3 & 4 confirms the anecdotal observations I've made that the majority of real estate photographers that used to shoot HDR a few years ago are moving to Exposure Fusion. Getting realistic HDR takes a lot of time in post-processing.

I think as interesting as what's on this top ten list is what's NOT on the list. Even though I post a lot about video, it's not on the top ten list. In fact you have to go down to about number 20 to find the first post that has anything to do with video. I know what you are thinking, many wish that I'd just shut up about video. I'm just doing what your mother would do if she were writing this blog.

Larry Lohrman

7 comments on “Hot Topics In Real Estate Photography For 2010”

  1. Creating good video takes a different skill set than with still photography. It's also just plain hard to create good video. I'm not going to say video won't become more common place, but I do think its adoption will be slow.

  2. Coming from a background of still photography and broadcast video production, I believe that video is another excellent tool in the proverbial arsenal that we have at our disposal to help RE agents market their properties. Just like learning how to shoot stills, shooting and producing a quality video takes a certain skill and talent to be done right. It may not be an option for every home on the market, but I believe it IS effective on (or even a viable option) for higher end properties. Larry, please do NOT stop highlighting video for real estate on your blog. To me it seems those who would not even consider video are like those who turned their noses up at digital still technology when digital was still in its infancy. If done right, video could be a profitable niche for anyone who has the skills and business acumen to market this type of service to real estate agents.

  3. I posted this in the other section above but thought i would again based on your comments above about apple stock rising.....

    Interesting article about the Apple selling 65 million iPads in 2011. Making sure your website is “apple friendly” is a must (also having a html5 player to fallback to when doing video, slideshows etc) or you will absolutely lose business as apple sales continue to rise.

    While some might think this is not important, it would be a shame when your client comes to you after THEIR client has complained that they cant see the multimedia for their house….because its in flash and they are using an iPad. Telling them that they will have to use a PC or anything else but an Apple product wont go over too well if I was a betting man……

    I have been coming to this site for years for advice from Larry, and to be honest I was totally against this whole “apple friendly” idea when he brought it up, even commented against it in his blogs. In the end I made sure I had a backup plan just in case apple continued their “no flash” route and thank god (and of course Larry) I did.

    here is a link to the article:

  4. Christian, I'm seeing just the opposite with Apple. iOS seems to be losing the mobile OS battle and appears will soon be overtaken by Blackberry. Android is also looking pretty good right now. I think people are dissatisfied that they are unable to view Flash on their idevices. Maybe I'm wrong, but you can see for yourself:

    I wouldn't buy too much Apple stock until this Flash issue is resolved..

  5. @Bob,

    Nothing can touch the iPad to date, it has something like 80% of the tablet market and the competition doesnt look to be touching that anytime soon. I agree with you on the mobile platform because android has emerged and people are starting to take a liking to it.

    A revent survey posted on cnet says Survey: 80% of tablet buyers will choose iPad.

    Read more:

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