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Holiday Gifts for Real Estate Photography Clients

Published: 12/11/2018

Peter in California says:

I wonder if our crew would like to chip in on ideas of what to give their clients for holiday gifts, if at all. I am hopeless. If they like wine, I get them a nice bottle. If they don't, I am at a complete loss. We have given some a gift basket of edible goodies that don't go off with nuts, dates from Hadley's, cookies, etc. A few years ago, I sent a box from Harry & David, the delivery was late and arrived the day before Christmas when they were all gone to regions far off and the fruit and cheeses were all squishy and moldy awaiting their return. Not the message I meant to send! I would welcome ideas.

Personally, I am very partial to Amazon gift cards because you can give them to anyone and they can get themselves anything they want and you don't have any of the problems you list. While you can get Amazon gift cards at most grocery stores, what's even better is you can buy gift cards on Amazon and send them via e-mail or print a custom card on your printer. All very painless for the giver and people get exactly what they want!

What are some other ideas?

Larry Lohrman

8 comments on “Holiday Gifts for Real Estate Photography Clients”

  1. A local baker here in Sydney, Australia, makes Gingerbread and Honeybread Houses. I bought a bunch of them for my real estate clients a few years back. A huge one for one the big agency office. They loved it because of the thought that went in to it.

  2. You might consider a book of the best photos you have done for them over the last year. They can use it to show off their marketing and gain new listing for the coming year. You could also make a poster of the best image you have done for them that they can hang on the wall of their office. If you have graphics skill, you can create something really nice. A book or poster also reminds them of how you are part of the team.

    Wine is ok unless it turns out your customer doesn't drink. Dave & Busters gift certificates?

    Think of several levels of gifts and what sort of budget you want to put on your gifts. Customers that do lots of business with you can get something really special and those that do a little bit get something basic but nice. I had one customer that used to give everybody chocolate covered macadamia nuts every year. They must have spent a fortune.

  3. @Ken- Awesome idea!! I'm going to start on a Blurb book right now through Lightroom. As an additional idea, you might want to consider giving your clients something that only YOU can give them- a free shoot. It doesn't have to be RE either. I think most of us have other photo skills besides RE, so a free headshot or maybe a print of one of your landscapes or other images. That's what I've been doing for the past couple of years anyway. Merry Christmas!

  4. We have for the past three years done outside Christmas family photos at a historical site in our region for our REALTORS and their families or significant others along with their pets! We have Christmas props, hot coffee, coco and cookies for them while they wait their time slot. They Love it and also have fun meeting our other REALTORS that most of them know each other already but have a fun time chatting! We deliver their photo gallery via Pixiset for them to download and use as they like. Since it's a historical site we do have to get permits for photographing but it's worth it and they look forward to it every year and ask when this years date is!

  5. We actually cook up cookies and deliver a Christmas basket to each office. It's a way of keeping our name in front of the agent and saying thank you.

  6. One of my favorite ideas is to give a calendar with some cool scenic photos from your area. This is a very personal and local gift, they don't tend to cost too much per calendar to produce if you have a printer do a bunch (50 to 100), they don't spoil, they are very appropriate to the time of year, and if they hang it up someplace you get some good branding value out of it for a whole year.

    Ideally, you capture scenes from notable locations in your area each every season, and use photos that depict the feel of each month.

  7. @Ron Castle, I use Miller's Lab but there are also a few others that I can't remember off the top of my head that I have used in the past that do good work for books. I haven't tried Blurb. The LR interface is pretty cool, but most labs have some sort of creation tool. If I can get to the next WPPI show, I'm sure I will find more vendors.

    @Cindy, That's gives me a good idea. I work with a former student doing portraits and events and we have a "photos with Santa" booth at the city's holiday village. Maybe I should contact my RE customers and have them come in for holiday photos on the set. We have a couple of time slots where Santa won't be in.

  8. I get Starbucks cards imprinted with my logo. Typically buy 50 $10 cards. I hand them, in person, from about now until Dec 15, and drop the ones at offices for Realtors that I haven't seen in a while.

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