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High Volume Real Estate Photographers Should Consider Outsourcing Their Post-Processing

Published: 17/04/2018

Marlize in Perth, Western Australia says:

I am a real estate photographer in Perth, Western Australia.
I have been using Cross Digital for quite some time now for all of my shoots. They do my processing as well as my virtual staging. Their turn-around time is well within the 24-hour time-frame (more like 12 hours in most cases) and their virtual staging is usually ready within 24 hours; though they have a time limit of 48 hours. They are always happy to make amendments that I request.

I like the consistency of their work and the attention to detail that they give. (They have a quality control procedure which means that the work has been checked at least once before it arrives back in my Dropbox.) I usually give them bracketed shots, with a combination of flash and ambient exposure.

I can highly recommend them for photo editing purposes. They have made my life so much easier--and saved me time.

In the past few months, I've had a remarkable number of high volume real estate photographers tell me that outsourcing their post-processing has given them their lives back (as in time with their families in the evenings). Also, many have told me that the way to approach outsourcing is to take the time to train the outsourcing people what you want and how you want your final work to look so they understand what you expect.

If you are looking for an outsourcing processor see our outsourcing page.

Larry Lohrman

9 comments on “High Volume Real Estate Photographers Should Consider Outsourcing Their Post-Processing”

  1. I'm interested in providing this service plus video editing. Also interested in knowing the general range per image. I can see that some photographers work would be easier than others. Also that a quick turnaround is critical.

    Doug Bailey.

  2. Just chiming-in from the "poor side of town".... I have looked at the outsourcing options and, while beyond reasonably low priced (I don't know how they do quality work so cheaply), I could NEVER build their pricing into mine. My small town marketplace would not tolerate my adding (and obviously passing on the cost of) the services, and I would surely be out of business quickly.

    In my little town, we have perhaps three - sometime four - individual photographers in friendly competition and we all work in similar price ranges and even have similar workflows. Our pricing ranges generally from 70USD to perhaps 90USD for a moderate sized. I suspect that range is similar to most 30,000 population towns in middle America. The clincher is that we each start out with, say 120 files out of the camera, then parce those down to perhaps 50-60 images on the computer, THEN do Lightroom, THEN compress the finished images into a multiple listing service size and upload to to Drive or Dropbox. I figure most small photo companies across the world do something pretty similar?

    So.....even at only 1 dollar per image, outsourcing would kill the deal here. Now, Perth has an extremely high cost of living as does Sydney, West Coast America, NY City, Miami and many other places, and that may explain where the greater latitude of pricing is allowed.

    Point is, these services are really great in all respects, but only the more affluent markets will allow them. Just sayin'.

  3. I sent a price inquiry off to Cross Digital and they came back with AUD$1.25 per image which is pretty steep. I have a guy in Serbia who does photos in under 12 hours for 25c a photo with all of the same services Cross Digital offer. He has over 20 years experience and much better English than his Indian and Asian competitors. I found him on It's a real mixed bunch on that site and you have to wade through some really bad editors. But an effective way to find a good one is to add some samples in your job post and see how the applicants work with your image. It will still take a week or two to fine tune your images so they are delivered how you want them. You shouldn't need to pay more than 50 cents an image though.

  4. I feel like I'm giving away a major competitive secret here. But these folks have been so incredible to me it would be wrong not to. In 2 years they have *never* missed an overnight delivery, their service is almost make-believe good. Communication is lightening fast, practically 24 hours a day. I've worked many 7 day weeks and they've never skipped a beat with that, not even once. The best part is their skill and interpretation of what I personally want. During almost 6 months of shopping for a processor I shotgunned the raw files to so many different people I was 'interviewing' that some shoots were practically break-even (a calculated expense). I like not hearing the 'we're the best' BS - and their mantra is 'we're getting better every day'. So to say I recommend them highly, would be an understatement:

  5. I absolutely agree with Larry regarding taking the time to "train" the outsourcing staff. I've been using Imagtor for the last year, and initially, the quality was all over the map. Still, I could never go back to editing the "bread-n-butter" gigs myself - those were some long nights. My biggest fear was whether the agents would realize the drop - if ever so slightly - in quality. None of them did. Yet...

  6. The biggest thing to overcome in outsourcing is getting the photos back the way you want them but in an efficient manner and without any communication issues. We are US. Owned as well as communications for support. We dont hide pricing, its on our home page.

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