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Here is What Real Estate Video Should Look Like

Published: 02/06/2008
By: larry

KristineLemannI've been accused of being negative about using video for real estate. That's a bad rap, I just have high standards!

Recently someone asked me to show an example of good use of video for real estate. Well, here it is. This video is done by Propvid, an Australian company based in Sydney, Melborne, The Gold Coast and Brisbane. My favorite video from the Propvid examples is linked to the photo on the right. Click on the "this weeks top vids" link on to see more sample videos. Note that these load a little slow because they are big, Hi-Def files and the latency for US viewers loading from Australian servers doesn't help the load time. But trust me, they are worth the wait.

This is the best real estate video I've seen. The reason is, of coarse, this is Hollywood level equipment, production and editing quality. My inside sources tell me the video linked to the photo above cost roughly $8,800 to produce. Not in your average Realtor's advertising budget but, hey we are not talking your average starter home here. This is being used to market a 463 sq meter Penthouse on the Australian Gold Coast. A few thousand dollars for a knock-out video is not that unreasonable.

Oh, one other thing, if you listen carefully, the lady in video is not a professional model; She is Kristine Lehmann, the listing agent for The Penthouse, Reflection Tower Two at Coolangatta, QLD. Can this lady sell, or what?

Update: I was just googling around and noticed that this same video is on youtube but doesn't look as good as the on the link above but it loads much faster. According to Kristine's site, the property in this video is listed for between $762 and $1.135 M AUD. So compared to what I'm use to seeing in the Northwest, this is not a ultra-high-end property.

30 comments on “Here is What Real Estate Video Should Look Like”

  1. That's an incredible video tour...I'm surprised it was only $8K to produce. It helps to have a hot host and a decent script, too.

    The video had an HDR-ish feel to it...bright, luminescent, seductively over-the-top. Any ideas how that is achieved in high-def vid?

  2. @Ron - I don't have any info on the the production or editing details. I do know that one of the owners of has background in Hollywood and was a camera man for a major motion picture... can't remember the name of the film.

  3. You've hit the nail on the head. When people see a property video, they instinctively compare it to high-end TV real estate productions and corporate videos that cost thousands to produce, so they're likely to be disappointed.
    The video you showed was great, so thanks for posting it, but it took for ever to download on my connection and I don't think many would be patient enough to wait for each property they wanted to view at that sort of quality setting.

  4. Magnificent!! wow!
    One thing though it does drag on a bit.I cant imagine wanting to go through all that for each house I see.I think it would be very useful for large developments and very glitzy pads.

  5. They definitely did not use a consumer grade camcorder, but looks great. I love the line about Belinda Carlisle, that heaven is a place on earth but she just didn't mention the address (cheez city)

  6. All of their vids are really really good! There website has come along way and so has their business! Hats of to these guys! Adam (aerial view) you would be right in your comfort zone working with these guys!
    Im a stills guy, But those videos are really strong markerting tools that have me thinking there is def a place in RE for video.

  7. wow, I viewed about 5 videos, range from 90 seconds to nearly 4 minutes. Broadcast quality 3ccd cam, I'd guess they spent 1-3 days on location for most of those shoots. (Unless that's stock footage of the animals/city..) We've trying to start a TV show of our own...

  8. Very attractive Realtor, however I found myself distracted looking at her. I feel they should have used more of her as a voice over and less of her in front of the camera. It was almost as if she was auditioning for a spokes model gig. They should have also shown more of the interior of the home as well.

  9. @Paul - Excellent point. This is clearly a case where there is an attractive property in an attractive setting being presented by and attractive Realtor. And in some sense she pulls attention away from the property. However, isn't this the essence of good marketing? You experience the presentation as a whole an its the whole feeling you take away so if the presenter can add style and class to the presentation as a whole that's a plus for the seller. As a buyer, I have to pay attention to what's going on.

    If I was the marketing manager of Neicon Development I want Kristine Lehmann as my sales agent. As a seller I want to use every means a my disposal to present my property.

    By the way this video won an award for one the top real estate videos in Australia.

  10. Larry,

    "If I was the marketing manager of Neicon Development I want Kristine Lehmann as my sales agent. As a seller I want to use every means a my disposal to present my property.""

    I completely concur with this, however as a potential buyer for this or other properties I would like to see a little less of her and a little more of the property. In a social setting, that's a different story : )

  11. You know I thought I saw George Clooney in there somewhere.

    Larry are you for real?? "Hollywood",he left Hollywood to produce Real Estate videos????
    Nice Job

  12. It didn't take me long to download the video. I am very impressed with what $8800 can produce. $762 and $1.135 M AUD is not that expensive compared to the median home price is around $800K here in Silicon Valley. However, I don't see Realtors who have listings around that price range who would spend $400 to hire a pro photographer to shoot the still photos not to mention $8800 for a video. They might spend $5000 for staging and take the photos themselves.

  13. I thought the quaity of the video was great, the sound was even and crisp (not muddy like even our local cable stations commercials have...), but the scene switching so rapidly was driving me nuts!!! I think not dropping in so many drastic scene changes would make it a lot better, but as far as I have seen this is pretty much the best of them!

  14. @Sabrina - Yes, I was very surprised to find that this property was just barely $1M USD. I don't see agents in the Seattle area spending this kind of money marketing $5M properties! I've talked to agents in Australia that find our real estate marketing and photography here in the US as very backward.

  15. Did you saw the barrel distortion? Nobody here would accept that 😉

    It looks great, but for 30 times the cost of a decent photo tour, I think the ROI isn't that great with video. How many people will see the video, and how many will see photos in multiple places? Will it close a deal? Not more.

  16. Hello, If you enjoyed Kristine Lehmann's work you may enjoy viewing Brett's latest work (link to follow):-

    I'm Pony, the Director's wife. Brett in is Brisbane shooting at the moment and asked me to share the following information with you.

    (Dear John, I did spend five years in Hollywood. Please give me a call and I will let you know what I did, who I worked for, what I achieved, and why I came home / home sick).

    All thanks to the Agents on the Gold Coast who believe in this sort of marketing. And thanks to Eric for showing Larry the website in the first place. If you need something shot please contact Brett's Producers, Sarah Estela ( and Daniella Atkinson (

    Feel free to touch base with us anytime. Pony

  17. @Marc - Yes, I did see the barrel distortion and my guess is that this is just something one has to live with in even high-end video unless you spend mega-bucks for camera and lens. We can mitigate the problem with stills by removing it with software but in video the only option you have is to throw money at the problem.

    I think the purpose of this video is not just to sell one particular property. The movie is selling a life-style at this Neicon Development project called Tower Two... This project probably has 10 or 30 units. So they are probably not cost justifying the cost of this video on a single unit. This is promoting the whole project.

  18. @Linda & Brett,
    Thanks for saving my credibility! I understand totally... I'd rather live in AU and shoot real estate video on the Gold Coast too. Hollywood is a good place to be from.

  19. Hi Larry, as the Queensland slogan says 'beautiful one day, perfect the next'. We are very, very lucky. Great to see there is such an honest forum with your Blog. Hope it is a great day where you are today!

  20. I am ready to pack my bags and head for a vacation or buy a second home. This was a great video. Seems as though a great deal of thought, effort, time, and money went into producing it!

  21. Not sure what the busty blonde and Euro-trance Oakenfold look brings to a 50-something buyer, maybe the spirit of youth I guess. My rich Aunt ain't gonna move there but they want the rich nightlife crowd I gather.

    Did anyone get the "Neicon - sounds like Nikon" thing - funny.

    Thats some great video - nice to see some Realtors spend some marketing dollars but rightly so - quite sure the Realtor isn't footing the bill here I imagine the developer would be as its selling the entire building.

  22. Good work, well thought out, well done.
    Can we see the Hollywood titles worked on...
    John if you call can we all get to know?

    we all want to know.Thats the idea of the open forum.

    Dont we??
    It doesnt detract from the work its just interesting stuff.

  23. Hi everybody.
    Just got off a shoot and heard about this thread via Blackberry, which isn't that good for web site interactivity but now I am back on cable, I wanted to respond.
    Larry. Thanks a million for providing this forum. Every comment was read, and is valid. Yep. Kristine kicks as a Presenter. But Kristine is also a working real estate agent on the Gold Coast. Kristine works for The Professionals Bonifont Group. We shot a vid for her on a property called Aurora, and Neicon liked it so much they contracted her to represent The Penthouse Tower II. As an Agent. And as a Presenter. Sales and marketing is one in the same. Barreling. Yep. Guilty as charged. I shot some scenes using the Letus Extreme, on a Nikon 35mm prime lens. It was my first time out with this rig and it was ugly. But I also like some 'filmic' problems as they soften the edge of video. I have improved on the use of the Extreme in later videos. I still have a long way to go. Propvid, four years in, is still a start-up in need of an investor to realize our big dreams. Barrel distortion? I believe 'virtual tours' using the fisheye angle is FAR, FAR more deceiving than a standard SONY wide angle, bolted to the Fujionin. Streaming problems. We use a global serving company called Gateway and stream 'compressed' HD video. By that, I mean we take a 360 meg file and compress it down to 12 or 18 megs. So, the fact it is shot in HD should not be a factor in the stream.
    I'd love to stream full HD, but the only site I know where we can do this is If anybody has a download or streaming problem, that's something I need to know asap as Agents, with the pressure they are already under, don't need that drama and any problems you encounter need to be reported.
    In closing, I lived in the US for five years. I love your country and I absolutely ADORE your people. The only reason I came home, was I was home sick.
    If there is anything can do for you, please email or They're a helluva lot better looking than me.
    So. Thanks for reading this far. And Larry. Once again. Thanks a million.
    Ain't it great your site is viewed Down Under.
    With Passion. Brett. And Pony. And Propvid Queensland.
    "Where else but".

  24. @Brett - Thanks for all the inside details. Keep up the awesome work! Your vids make me want to come down and spend more time on the Gold coast.

  25. Nice work.
    Larry there is a chance for you to go into partnership.
    I would check the major motion movies worked on though.Ha

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